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Packing For A Trip To Vancouver

The city of Vancouver is a pleasant place to spend time with your family and loved ones. Packing for a trip is just as important as deciding the destination. Obviously, no one would like rain to ruin their trip; but if you were smart enough to know the weather in advance and pack the rain gear, you can continue your fun without any stress.

So, right after you book tickets online to Vancouver, start collecting information about its climatic conditions during the time of your trip so that you can pack all the necessary items. Following tips will come handy while packing essential things for a trip to Vancouver:

General Information On Weather

Vancouver weather can be pretty hot in summers ranging up to 30 degrees and it is cold in winters with a temperature near 10 degrees. In case you are planning to go up to the mountains, it could be colder there.

Vancouver is never humid but it could rain any time. The temperature in Vancouver can vary wildly so, it is important to pack a few essential things for your trip to Vancouver… here are some tips and packing list:

Packing List For Vancouver

1. Luggage/Baggage

Any bag or luggage to pack your items in will work but in case you are planning a day long sightseeing tour, a back pack will prove handy.  

2. Clothing

It is usually not too hot in Vancouver and you can discard jackets and sweat shirts from your list. Even if it is winter time, you can pack something light and thin to cover you. A layer of thin cotton, leather or suede will keep you comfortable in Vancouver.

As mentioned earlier, it could rain anytime in Vancouver so it is advisable to pack rain jackets with hoodies and foldable umbrellas, no matter what time of the year it is.

Vancouver is particularly not a place to be “dressy” all the time. You can wear what you like. Casual tees and a pair of jeans are best to go for an outing but you can pack some formal dresses if you plan to attend some fancy occasion or go to a fine dine restaurant.

3. Footwear

Pack a pair of good walking shoes for outings and sandals for strolling on the beaches. Make sure you only pack comfortable footwear for camping.

4. Toiletries & Other Medical Supplies

You can pack skin care products and cosmetics that you normally use. Vancouver has a good supply of toiletries and general use products; so it isn’t a big issue if you forgot something. You can take a bug spray along with you in case you are camping.

You only need to carry your prescription medication. Everything else for an emergency is easily available in Vancouver.

5. Stuff For Outing/Camping/At Beach

Vancouver has amazing backcountry and beaches to enjoy outdoor/beach activities. Summers can be enjoyed around beaches and winters are good to enjoy snowshoeing. You can additionally pack sun glasses, hats and sun block.

6. Photo Equipments

Any photo equipment is good unless you are planning to shoot under water. Do not forget to pack extra batteries if you are going on 1 or 2 day long camping as there may not be arrangements for charging the equipments.

Best travel agent in Vancouver can help you further to find local shops for buying essentials if you have forgot some. So, pack your suitcases and get on for a memorable holiday. Book your tickets to Vancouver, right here.

Quick Facts About Vancouver

Vancouver is a cosmopolitan coastal city with multicultural heritage. Vancouver is rapidly developing as one of the most visited tourist spots in Canada for its beautiful gardens and abundant sea line. No wonder, flight ticket agency Vancouver experiences great rush during vacations as everybody want discount tickets to Vancouver for a mesmerizing holiday.

If you too are planning to visit the city of Vancouver this holiday, here are some useful and quick facts about Vancouver to make your holiday way more comfortable and mess-free:

Vancouver Time Zone

Vancouver falls in Pacific Time Zone. The daylight savings time in Vancouver gets in effect from 2nd Sunday of March until 1st Sunday of November.

Languages Spoken In Vancouver

Federal Government Departments in Vancouver use English & French language for their official correspondence and communication but local population here speaks English as their primary or secondary language.

Since Vancouver is a multicultural city, a lot of unofficial languages are also spoken here. People of Vancouver are quite used to many languages such as German, Punjabi, French, Italian, Spanish and Filipino beyond just English and Chinese.

Population And People In Vancouver

Vancouver is not a densely populated city. Every community has enough freedom to flourish with best living and occupational opportunities. Since population of Vancouver is a beautiful mix of multicultural people, many people follow the traditions and cultures of their native lands while large groups of locals pursue Canadian culture. Vancouver city offers an interesting mix of diversity.

Currency Of Vancouver

Use of only Canadian currency is highly recommended when you are in Vancouver. You can exchange your currency at Canadian Foreign Exchange or at Canadian Chartered Banks, Credit Unions and Trust Companies. Many of the restaurants, hotels and other businesses may accept foreign currency at a pre-determined rate if in case you do not have Canadian currency.

One Dollar Canadian Coin equals to 100 cents and Canadian notes are found in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 1000.

Another quick and safe way to carry money in Vancouver is to have traveler’s cheque. These cheques are widely accepted and it can also be cashed at foreign exchange offices after producing your identity verification documents.

Working Days In Vancouver

Greater Vancouver city runs 7 days a week nonstop for 24 hours; this makes Vancouver an ideal city for people who want their holidays with active day fun and lively night adventures. Official workdays in Vancouver are from Mondays to Fridays but work hours may be different for different businesses.

Most of the stores in Vancouver are open between 9:30 in the morning and 6 in the evening while retails shops keep open all seven days of the week. On Thursdays and Fridays, stores keep open till 8 or 9 in the evening. Every hotel and many restaurants keep open for 24 hours.

Medical Facilities In Vancouver

Vancouver is a gay-friendly place and it is also a home to many world class hotels and state-of-the-art hospitals. It is easy to find desirable accommodation or medical assistance in emergencies in Vancouver.

With these facts handy, your trip to Vancouver is sure to be a relaxed and memorable experience. Now, as you book your discount flight tickets to Vancouver here , do not forget to pack your hottest outfits and comfortable foot gears to completely enjoy your holidays.

Saving For Your Dream Vacation

We all know how it feels when you desperately want to go for a much awaited dream family vacation but you fall short of budget. Planning and budgeting for a vacation gets even more daunting when you look at the price tags. So, does that mean you should stop thinking about the vacation? Absolutely not! We are here to offer you cheap flight tickets to your favorite destination.

But it’s not only about cheap flights; there are hundred other expenses that you will need to plan for. The best way out is to save in advance for your vacation. We are listing here most practical ways to help you save for your dream vacation:

Fix A Price

A vacation can never be successfully planned without money in mind. Honestly examine your finances and determine how much you can save in a fixed time realistically. For example, if you can save $60 per week, you will have $240 every month and $2880 in a year for your vacation. Once you have these figures in your mind and on paper, it is easy to plan without any stress.

If your dream destination will cost you more than what you can save, you will have a clear figure of how much extra you need to save for your dream vacation.

Research Extensively

Planning and budgeting for a vacation is completely pointless when you do not know your destination. So, do an extensive research not only for the destination but also about everything you could – from cab fare at that place to tipping customs etc. Your research will save you from any unpleasant surprises.

Include in your research the accommodation charges, food charges, air fare and cost of activities etc. Plus, also add in extra expenses of travel guides, health emergencies, mobile phone roaming recharges, baggage charges and several other logistic expenses.

Start Saving Right Now

Every dollar that you pay for petite things everyday without second thought actually takes you away from your dream vacations. Be mindful about your everyday expenses. If you look around there would always be a money saving alternative for everything; for example, instead of having a latte for $5, make a lovely cup of drip coffee at home or in place of paying $25 for gym, get involved in a free community event and drop the saved money into the pot for vacation.

The best way to save money is to stop using your credit and debit cards. Withdraw a fixed amount every Sunday from your account and use that amount to meet expenses of the week.

Have Fun Under Budget

While you are saving for your vacation, don’t be devoid of entertainment. Yes, from movie tickets to entrance to the pub, nothing is cheap but you can definitely find plenty of free entertainment options. Look for free events in local libraries, universities, and concert halls etc.

Every single penny that you save will allow you to have a luxurious vacation. It doesn’t hurt to save a little extra than what you had initially planned as you can use this money to have fun during your vacation. To get you started right away, just visit our website to get cheap tickets to your favorite destinations.

Best Shopping Destinations In Vancouver

Vancouver is a vibrant place always bustling with many tourists and locals. Vancouver is also a busy destination with plenty of shopping opportunities. So, just book flight tickets online to Vancouver and get soaked in best city for shopping.

No matter what you are looking for – designer clothing, local crafts or huge sale – Vancouver is shopper’s heaven with exuberant shopping options; let’s explore the best ones here:

The Robson Street

Robson Street is simply the best place to shop in downtown area of Vancouver. You may ask your flight ticket agency Vancouver to book a hotel for you near this street if you plan to shop at a destination that has everything from chic cosmetics to classy fashion and more. This street is easily accessible by Vancouver Sky Trains in case you are far away from it. This market is spread across several blocks situated at a short distance from Vancouver City Center.

The Pacific Center

In case you are more used to shop at a traditional shopping mall, head straight to The Pacific Center which is a huge shopping mall near Sky Train stop in City Center, Vancouver. This multi level mall has numerous stores with fashion options to fit into any budget. Here, you can get world renowned brands along with budget friendly fashion stuffs.

4Th Avenue

West 4th Avenue is the place that should be reached out if you are looking for unique shopping experience in Vancouver. This particular shopping district is lined with many diverse shops that are hard to be found anywhere else in the city. Don’t miss out visiting this place if you want to buy unique gifts, athletic products and local food items.

Commercial Drive

Commercial drive specifically features local designer shops. Most of the stuff here is handmade with highest quality material. This market is popular to be serving fashion for hippies; so, you may not find recognizable brands here but you can surely find some interesting products for your family and friends.


It is a seasonal market organized between March and October every year in the Creekside Community Recreation center. Weekends are the best times to buy some beautiful local artisans, fashion, jewelry and artworks. This market greatly supports the economies of local artists and designers residing in Vancouver.

Granville Island

Your shopping remains incomplete if you have not visited Granville Island in Vancouver at south side of the Grandville Street Bridge. It is a public market with freshest seafood and delectable chocolates, cheese and candies. If you are shopping with kids, this market will bring a huge smile on their faces as there are many toy shops and this market is famous as Kids Only Market. At Grandville Island, you can also enjoy most beautiful sunset in Vancouver that gets alive with many local performers, lights and shows in the evening.

With discount tickets to Vancouver easily available online through best online portal, shopping in Vancouver becomes even more economical and enjoyable. They say – dance till you drop; but in Vancouver, there’s all possibilities that you will drop tired of shopping and you would still have many shops left to saunter in

Buying Cheap Flight Tickets? – Avoid These Common Mistakes

Booking cheap flights is not as simple as visiting few websites and grabbing the best deals. It takes careful planning and whole lot of experience to get the desired air tickets at best price.

If this is your first time that you are trying to book flight tickets and you do not have the required experience of doing so, fret not! We have you completely covered to get you the best deals and saving your money from blowing away on expensive tickets.

Practically, there are many ways or tricks that can completely wreck your chances of buying cheapest air tickets. We are listing here some of the quickest and safest ways to get cheap air tickets for your journey:

Looking For Deals On Weekends

Everybody works hard throughout the week and it is only the weekend that is left free to pour yourself out over numerous travel websites looking for the best deal of air tickets. Well, that’s what weekends are for – finding air ticket deals and barbeque!

Over the weekends, you may get lucky with your barbeque but getting cheapest air ticket deals on weekend is a hard luck. If you simply want to blow your bucks, put them in the barbeque instead of tossing them over the costly air ticket deals on weekends.

So, which is the best day to shop for cheap air tickets? –Tuesday is the answer!

This is because traditionally, Monday is the day when most of the airlines and travel websites launch their fare sale offers. Thus, Tuesday is the best day when websites would have shown up with their best pricing to meet up the competition. Tuesday is the right day to hit the jackpot for cheap flight tickets to your favorite destination.

Flying On Friday Or Sunday

Airlines spend a huge amount of money just to know when majority of people do like to fly. Though it may feel convenient, Fridays and Sundays are the expense wise the worst days to fly.

Most people love to fly either on Fridays or Sundays to maximize their vacation time but if you are looking for cheapest airfare deals, you better fly on weekdays. Since airline companies know that you love to fly on Fridays & Sundays, flight companies charge you more on these days. It may be your best days to fly but you will be paying way more.

Thus, it is predictable that if you want to fly cheapest, fly on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Above were two of the most common mistakes that we make while booking flight tickets to our favorite destinations. The next part of this blog will reveal some more mistakes. Till then, you can book flight tickets at cheapest rates here and enjoy expedient services.

Unique Picnic Spots In Vancouver

Fruits, sunshine, cheese, sandwiches and good company; who doesn’t like to picnic. And trust us, there’s no better city for picnic than the city of Vancouver.

With no exaggeration, it would be a crime if you are in Vancouver and you do not take time to enjoy an old fashioned picnic at one of the most wonderful picnic spots. If you do not live in Vancouver, it just takes a little effort to plan a short trip and book flight tickets online to Vancouver; you are sure to have a memorable time.

There are many unique places in Vancouver to get together with your family and best picnic pals to have a happy time; sometimes, it is confusing to decide which one to visit, but we are enlisting here top five places to help your decision:

1. Stanley Park

Stanley Park is one of the most favorite picnic spot for locals as well as visitors. Even a kid can suggest you that best place to picnic in Vancouver is the Stanley Park. But finding the right spot in the park can be tricky.       

Practically, your picnic would be great at any spot in the Stanley Park whether it is on a bench at prospect point, on the seawall or at the greenest grass patch of the Rose Garden. We personally recommend exploring Ferguson point with lovely views of English Bay. You can either occupy one of the benches or just lay down a blanket on the grass for a memorable picnic.

2. Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Park

Adjacent to very popular Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden, this public park offers a great spot for picnickers with free of charge delightful views of Chinese Garden. You may sit under the weeping willow trees or you may sit on the rocks that line the path to the park or for a difference, you can take a tour of the park while enjoying flavors of Chinese tea and beauty of imported Chinese Garden.

3. Lonsdale Quay

You will need to take up a 15 minute ride on seabus from downtown’s Waterfront Station to reach this vibrant but quiet market. The shops here are great to pick and pack items for your picnic in the open Sea side atmosphere. You can enjoy several sea side activities with your family here for a refreshing picnic.

4. Granville Island

It is a famous public market in Vancouver to pick up fresh fruits, drinks, breads and other essentials for your picnic. You can sit on the benches to watch False Creek Ferries or you can reach the duck pond to lay back and relax on grass.

5. English Bay

Right on the beach of English Bay, there stands a beautiful statue of Inukshuk – the official symbol of Vancouver Olympic 2010. This is a wonderful place to soak up few hours watching mountains and pristine backgrounds. After all, picnics are to relax. You can also wait here to witness most stunning and romantic sunset.

To set you in great picnic mood, we have even got discount tickets to Vancouver. Simply click here to comfortably reach your favorite picnic spot.

Booking Travel Agent For Destination Wedding

Few years back, if anyone needed to travel, it just took talking to your travel agent and they would fix everything needed for your journey. But then the crazy thing – internet happened and everything changed forever.

Internet allows you to search online for flight tickets at best prices, read reviews and book a convenient trip. With this drastic change, the services of travel agents have also broadened. They can now help you to book hotel rooms and local conveyance etc well within your budget.

While the convenient services of online travel agents can be used for any type of big or small travel requirements; destination wedding is one such event for which online travel agents can prove to be a life saver.

Destination weddings are quite in trend but it could be highly stressful to manage travel requirements of many guests attending your wedding. Using the services of expert online travel agents is a safe bet. Let’s say for example, you are in Vancouver and planning your wedding at one of the most exotic beaches in North America with guest boarding from three different airports on different days. Coordinating with all the guests/family members and dealing with different flight days and schedules is pretty nerve-racking to be handled without the help of best travel agent.

So, if you are planning a destination wedding, be sure to plan and engage a flight ticket agency Vancouver as soon as you are sure of the wedding date. After all, peace of mind is something you utterly need to enjoy the most special moments of your life.

But before you mindlessly jump into the giant pool of internet with numerous online flight ticket agency Vancouver, following tips will come handy to select the best out of the lots:

Tip #1: Do your research to find out a travel agency who specializes in what you are specifically looking for. An agency that has an experience of managing traveling requirements of destination wedding would have better familiarity and solutions to the probable situations that could arise. Experienced travel agents can even suggest you budget friendly wedding destinations to perfectly match your anticipations. This helps a lot especially when you are not yet sure of where you want to get married.

Tip #2: If you are on a budget, you can even find some travel agents who do not charge additional fee or commission over the flight charges.  Moreover, it is always good to have someone on your side to take care of most traumatic part of any destination wedding – travelling. Look for a travel agent who is knowledgeable and takes account of everything needed to get you and your guests to your wedding destination.

Destination weddings are exciting and an expert travel agent can make it fuss-free and smooth so that you enjoy your wedding to fullest. If you are looking for an efficient travel agent to take up all your travel tensions, your search just ends right here.

Keep Saving On Cheap Flight Tickets

Everyone loves to go on a vacation but it is hard to find someone who truly loves planning for a vacation. It is most unloved job that requires planning of the travel dates, deciding budget friendly destination and toughest of all - arranging cheap flight tickets.

We here have pointed out a few practical advices to take the worry out of the vacation planning and help you keep saving on cheap tickets to your favorite vacation spot.

As you plan a vacation to one of the most visited place like Vancouver for example, following are the common (but critical) questions that might come to your mind while trying to book tickets online to Vancouver, let’s find the answers and saving opportunities in them:

Question #1 Which are the best days of the week to book tickets?

It is apparently considered that booking flight tickets in mid of the week (on Tuesday or Wednesday) get cheaper fair but in reality, it does not make a big difference what day you are booking your tickets. Some of the companies may announce special mid week discounts but then there also are companies that have unannounced sales on other days of the week. So practically, any day is just fine to find best deals on air tickets.

Question #2 Which are the best days to travel?

In case you are traveling through domestic flights Friday is good to depart and Monday is good to return. In case of an international flight, departures are usually cheaper on Tuesdays and Wednesdays while returns are good on Monday or Tuesday depending on specific flights you are using.

Saturdays and Sundays are not good for cheap travelers unless you have some emergency. During these days, the airfares are about 15% more than the average.

Question #3 How Early Should You Book?

According to the surveys, if it’s around holidays, it is better to book as early as possible; on other days, 7 weeks before your journey date is the ideal time to book tickets at a cheaper rate. Air fares are generally higher from 11 to 7 days before the departure date. However, the cheapest deals on international flights can be grabbed 11 weeks in advance to your departure date. So planning in advance is always favorable.

The time mentioned above by no means is a hard rule to follow. The price of the air tickets generally drop within this period before it increases dramatically as the actual departure date comes closer. You may need to check multiple times to get the best deal.

Question #4 What are the best months of the year to travel?

January, February and April are by far the cheapest months to book air tickets. If you are kind of a person who only gets time to get away in summers, consider travelling in August rather than in June or July when airfares are comparably higher.

In the past year, a lot of cities including Toronto, Vancouver, Los Cabos, Alaska, Mexico and many other Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad have seen a major drop in average airfare. You can apply above suggestions to book cheap flight tickets to these cities and many other wonderful vacation destinations right here.