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5 Things to do in Calgary

Planning for your vacation at Calgary? Do remember to check out our fabulous five recommendations about things to do at Calgary and you never regret for the choice that you made. Basic need of a tourist, visiting a holiday spot would well be to make his time and money worth with fun and entertainment either with his family or friends. Those fun factors when not met, makes the trip good for nothing.

On your visit to Calgary, you will never be kept away from being entertained. Here are the 5 things from Calgary that will enthrall you to the core:

5. The Calgary tower:

On the Observation Deck of the Calgary tower, you'll overcome an impressive 360° view of the city which is full of life, the majestic Rocky Mountains, the foothills, and the grasslands. Would recommend you to experience a stand on the amazing glass floor of the tower for a birds-eye view of the city streets below.  “Get rid of your acrophobia and experience the thrillJ

4. The Minhas Micro Brewery:

This spot will always be on your itinerary if you are a beer lover. This spot is a 9KM drive from the Calgary international airport. A tour of the brew house is always on the cards for all beer lovers and they live to their dreams at Minhas Micro Brewery. They can also get certified in Beer-ology and grab a bite to eat at Pizza Brew where award-winning pizzas and fresh appetizers (some with a beery taste) are served together with a selection of 60 different ales and lagers. “Grab yourself a drink directly from the factoryJ

3. Inglewood Bird Sanctuary:

Choosing a location to get yourselves clicked can be a hectic task at times. With a lot of spots on your itinerary popping out, you can’t spend time looking for a spot to have your photo-shoot hosted. This Bird Sanctuary is put up on the list to serve your need for photographical locations and also for a peace and calm walk. Inglewood bird sanctuary is a definite hideaway from the chaos of the city. “It is definitely going to ease your head of the pressure the your bosses give at workJ

2. Calaway Park:

Amusement as per dictionary is Enjoyment/Fun and this park is rightly named as Calaway Amusement Park. Roller coaster rides and other enthralling rides will add thrill pages to your book. Calaway Live shows, street performers, jugglers and what not. This makes the Calaway park a must visit spot for all families around the west of Calgary. “Get ready to drop yourselves from heightsJ

1. Heritage Park Historical Village:

On any itinerary, there would be a small portion of history. To add some historical spot to the itinerary of Calgary, I suggest you the Heritage Park Historical Village. This park is divided into 4 parts which will take you through 4 different cultures of the country, namely Western Canadian history depicting the late 1860’s, the Pre-Railway Settlement Village, circa 1880, the Railway Prairie Town, circa 1910; and the newly opened (2009) Heritage Town Square, depicting the 1920s to 1950s. “Knowing about a country is not a bad choice at allJ


So, let’s take our flights to Calgary to get ourselves chilled and enjoy the nature. Book your flights right away and enjoy your trip without being concerned about the worthiness of the trip. We assure you the best of your trips to Calgary.