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Exploring Fun Quotient In Montreal

If your cheap flights to Montreal have just landed you in this splendid city and you are in search of fun things to do, here are the suggestions.

See The World’s Tallest Inclined Tower

Structured at an angle of 45 degrees, it is a 574 foot giant structure – a part of the Olympic Park built for 1976 games. It is the tallest inclined tower in the whole world. Due to several delay and worker’s strike, the tower is still incomplete but you can take a ride to the top of the tower to get a stunning 360 degree view of the Montreal city.

See Brother Andre’s Heart Kept In A Jar

The heart of Brother Andre is kept in a jar at the 4th floor of the Saint Joseph’s Oratory. It is safe behind a locked gate and thick glass sheet. The body of Brother Andre rests peacefully in a tomb built beneath the Oratory. Saint Brother Andre is rightly credited with many miraculous healings and he was canonized in the year 2010.

You may want to see the heart for the reason that it was stolen for ransom in month of March, 1973 but on church refusal to pay the ransom amount, the heart was returned in the month of December, 1974. Since then, it is well protected in a jar.

Check Out The Fossils At Musee Redpath

The Musee Redpath in the McGill University Campus is a pretty good place to spend time and exploring dinosaurs, rocks, minerals and other sections on prehistoric Egypt. It is a lovely place to be in especially when kids are accompanying you. After their cheap flights to Montreal, they will surely enjoy special signage that features various dinosaurs. A smiling T- Rex will announce that the museum is now open while a weeping triceratops will announce that it is now closed. It is a free museum to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Visit The Oldest Bookstore

Archambault is the oldest bookstore in the Montreal city. The first of its outlet was opened in 1896 and now the Archambault’s headquarters with a seven storey building is located at 500 Rue Ste Catherine. At this bookstore, you will find many books in English and French languages. You can also buy CDs, records and DVDs here but the real catch is at the top floor of the building where amazing musical instruments are sold. You can buy pianos, drums or guitars or other musical instruments that are well displayed in separate rooms. Here, you may also catch up a recital sometimes.

Buy Maple Syrup                                            

There are many stores in Montreal that only sell local products. If you like maple syrup, you can buy your favorites from the wide variety of maple syrup produced in Quebec. You can also purchase maple candies and cookies, local made beer and jams to be taken back home for friends and family.

Eat & Eat

If you are a hardcore foodie, Montreal is the place to be in. There are a lot of restaurants and food joints that serve delicious treats from lobster pasta to smoked meat sandwich and from poutine to bon bons. Montreal is a foodie’s heaven to eat while you explore the beautiful city.

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Kelowna – A Little Piece Of Heaven In Canada

Kelowna is a beautiful and largest non-coastal city of British Columbia, Canada. Kelowna indisputably is a little piece of heaven in Canada with wonderful beach parks and lake side parks. If you are taking cheap flights to Kelowna, there are many things to see in here.

Kelowna is at a convenient drive of four hours from Vancouver and many cheap flights to Kelowna are easily available to connect this city from rest of the world. The Okanagan Valley (where Kelowna is situated) is popular for its organic farms and wine regions but there is something interesting to do for everyone. The diverse activities and picturesque surroundings keep you busy during your stay in Kelowna. Here are some suggestions:

Kids Activities

During summer or spring time, you can take your kids to have a wonderful time at the beaches of Okanagan Lake. Here, your family can enjoy playing volley ball or picnicking on the golden sand. If you want, you can also take your kids for swimming.

The lake is active with lot of boats, kayakers, jet skiers and paddle borders. You can take a ride or just enjoy watching their adventures.

Adventurous Activities

If you love adventure, for a required dose of adrenaline, you can go biking through the wineries. During winters, you can even go for horse riding, ice skating, snow skiing, hiking and snow shoeing. Many organizations also arrange adventure tours through the valley and winery regions, you can participate in them for a perfect holiday jaunt.

Relaxing Activities

Holidays of course are for relaxing and what could be better than to relax in the lovely heaven called Kelowna. There are about 30 exclusive wineries in Kelowna that produce impressive sparkling wines. You can take a tour to the wineries to experience the rich culture of wine making. If you are lucky, you may also get to taste few selective wines.

There also are fresh herb and lavender farms for you to take a walk through or just watch the beauty. You can also purchase some fine lavender products to take back home or to gift someone.  Visit the honey farms or beer brewing companies to witness the real natural crafts.

Visit The Farm Market

After you have soaked your eyes with lush green beauty of Okanagan Valley, it is time to take some of it to your home. The Hillcrest Farm Market on the Highway number 33 is a family operated market with spectacular views. You will definitely be amazed by the selection of fresh fruits and vegetables that are sold here. Fresh cherries are packed and shipped from here to all over the world. There also is a seasonal restaurant that serves delicious food prepared with freshest ingredients directly from the market. You may try some Indian inspired dishes here along with pizzas and a whole variety of breads.

It is also very easy to find budget friendly bed and breakfast accommodations in Kelowna. For a cheaper option, try to find out a family that agrees to offer you a stay with bed and breakfast. This could be the best way to enjoy local culture, lifestyle and flavors.  So, what is the wait for? Just book cheap flights to Kelowna, right now to experience the heaven on Earth.

Best Of Night Entertainment In Edmonton

If your day starts with the night and if you love your nights to be fun filled and entertaining, Edmonton is the place you should be in. Just book cheap flights to Edmonton and we will let you know which places to visit for best night entertainment in Edmonton.

Edmonton has live entertainment, performances and concert happening all around the year. Although the tickets to the big events are generally sold out very fast but you may still get tickets to the smaller events at the door. So, it is easy to plan a night out even in a dash. When your cheap flights to Edmonton land you here, check for following destinations for entertainment at night.

The Starlite Room

This is a popular “adults only” venue with a variety of local events, DJ and concerts. Practically, something interesting is happening here on every night of the week. You need a membership card to be a part of the events at The Starlite Room and that can be bought either at the door or online from the website.

The ARTrey

 If you are in a mood to view the local artworks, The ARTrey is the place for you. The ever changing world of local artwork is displayed here. If you are lucky, you can also get to enjoy some outstanding national and local musical acts.

The Common

This place is more popular for its innovative food that is served here at Gastro Mash Pub but there also are many weekly events. You may enjoy electronic hip-hop or house music act at The Common. Food and entertainment together is the way to an awesome experience.

Garneau Theatre

This is a momentous one-room movie theatre in Edmonton. Head straight away to Garneau Theatre when you just want to relax and enjoy some great metro cinema. It shows a variety of documentaries, local productions, blockbusters, indie films, film festival favorites and other films that are hard to be found and seen anywhere else on a big screen. There are monthly events that showcase cult classics and special film screenings.

The Comic Strip

When your family kids are accompanying you on the visit to Edmonton and you need to entertain them all, go to The Comic Strip. It is the best place to get some laughs. It is conveniently situated in the West Edmonton Mall to feature best of stand-up comedy from Wednesday to Sunday.

Citadel Theatre

This incredible theatre has six stages. A lot of professional performances are displayed every year. They also have nine annual plays including a variety of book adaptations, famous stage pieces, musicals and more. There also are theatre workshops and community performances on weekends.

There is no limit to the entertainment options for night in Edmonton. No matter what time of the year it is and no matter whom are you accompanied with, there is something interesting for everyone. As most of the mentioned venues only open when they have performances, it is recommended to check the event date and timing in advance or visit their website for more information.  We can even help you get cheap flights to Edmonton with best deals, click here.

Banff National Park – The Must Visit Destination In Calgary


Calgary is the best place to experience implausible Canadian wilderness. It is full of splendid mountains, lakes, rivers and stunning views. That gives you ample reasons to book cheap flights to Calgary this summer.


Although there are many incredible sites to visit in Calgary, we specifically recommend visiting Banff National Park present right at the heart of the Rockies. The park was announced the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 and it is amongst the top destinations for all the nature loving tourists.


The best part about the Banff National Park is that it offers great activities all around the year. You may hike the Alpine fields all shadowed with beautiful wild flowers in summer; or you can ski through best of the snow powder in entire North America. This park gives you great opportunities to explore pristine and deep valleys that are full of interesting wildlife escapades.


There are plenty of other reasons to visit Banff national Park other than what is already mentioned above. Here are few of them:


Relax & Rejuvenate


Banff national Park not only offers exuberant outdoor sports and adventure but there also are fantastic facilities. It has many top quality hotels where you can relax and rejuvenate after day activities. The comfortable commodities here let you revive your body and mind in the company of nature.


 If you are an art lover, you can also visit the art gallery to appreciate the masterpieces. Once you have your cheap flights to Calgary booked, the Banff National Park is just at 2 hours drive from West of Calgary.


Impressive Views


It is one of the oldest national parks in Canada that presently spreads over 6641 square kilometers. The natural beauty of the park extends through the jagged peaks of mountains. It is a true relish to watch mountain reflections in the crystal clear lakes while you drive along the spectacular parkways.


With everything so refreshing and rejoicing, outstanding views come complimentary. You may even take a helicopter ride to enjoy the amazing sights as you fly over the Mount Assiniboine which is also popular as Matterhorn Of The Canadian Rockies.


Ample Of Attractions & Activities


The biggest attractions here include the town of Lake Louise on the shores of emerald green lake. Another famous destination is the Sunshine Meadows that is covered with a dense carpet of lovely wild flowers.


There is no shortage of things to do in the Banff National Park. You can go for hiking if your adventurous inner self is not satisfied with the walks in the walking trails. You can also enjoy mountain climbing and rafting. If you are more of a nature lover, spend some time watching the busy birds or just capture the scenic beauty of the park, glaciers and frozen waterfalls into your camera as a cheerful memory forever.


So, no matter what time of the year it is, just take a break from your rushed life - book the cheap flights to Calgary and enjoy best times with nature. For best deals on air tickets to Calgary just click here.


Relax With Spa Treatments In Vancouver

Are you a frequent flyer of cheap flights to Vancouver who loves to travel but hate jet lags? Fret not! We are here with solution in Vancouver.

There is so much to see and experience in Vancouver but sometimes, jet lag can hold you back with its unwanted effects. We are listing here four popular body spas to rejuvenate you after a tiring flight. These places are guaranteed to melt away your stress to let you enjoy your visit.

1. Fairmont’s Willow Stream Spa

In the heart of Vancouver, this spa is a great urban heaven. With about 8,500 sq ft of area, the spa provides luxurious and relaxing treatments for men and women. With breathtaking city views, it is retreat for spa-goers to relish.

The spa lifts the theme – “locally authentic” to offer signature treatments that are specific to Vancouver and its conditions. Treatments can be chosen to match your lifestyle whether you are a local resident or a busy traveler. There also is a personal steam room to relax your body and release impurities. Van Active Body is a highly recommended treatment to boost your vitality with extremely soft skin.

2. Chi Spa At Shangri-La

This is the finest place to relieve your jet lag effects and experience the inner energy (ch’i). From the legends of Shangri-la, this exquisite spa is the place to achieve well being, enchantment and total peace.

This spa is popular because of its traditional Chinese philosophy. You may choose from a long list of treatments but for your fatigued traveler’s feet, Chi Flow Pedicure is the best treatment to try. It will magically enhance the ankle mobility by stimulating internal organs. The natural CHI oils are used to relieve swelling.

3. Wedgewood Hotel & Spa

This is an award winning spa to pamper you after your cheap flights to Vancouver. Huge selections of luxury spa treatments are available here. For an itchy feet traveler, men’s hand & foot recovery treatment is the best. You can relax in Eucalyptus steam room from where you will be taken to a heated bed to work on your fatigued feet and hands.

Various massages are also given here to enhance blood circulation in the organs and eliminate jet lag.

4. Sense Spa At Rosewood

Sense is a perfect spa to go when you seek much needed pampering after a travel in cheap flights to Vancouver. This spa is popular for stimulating your senses and restoring the balance between your body and mind.

It mixes touch therapy and aromatherapy to offer soothing treatments to the travel weary body. Go for Georgian revival massage for a heavenly experience. The sensational hot oil massage along with traditional Swedish massage movements helps in increasing your blood circulation, removing toxins, cleansing body and promoting relaxation. You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while sipping the herbal tea offered after the massage.

In case you do not have an urgent appointment to rush for, it’s worth taking a pause from your busy traveling and relaxing at one of the above mentioned spas. For stress free traveling book your flights at

Nanak Flights Offers Travel Insurance


The most important benefit of buying travel insurance from Nanak Flights when booking tickets is the assurance that should something go wrong while you are traveling, you will not have to worry about finding the resources to put it right.


Like you do when you purchase any insurance policy, it is important that you read the policy documents carefully to ensure your expectations and the coverage the policy offers match. Nanak Flights offers travel insurance provided by Travel Guard. Nanak Flights has added this option to the booking process for the benefit of the customers.


Following are the coverage benefits per person:


·         Trip Cancellation: 100% of Insured Trip Cost

·         Trip Interruption: 125% of Insured Trip Cost

·         Trip Delay: $100 per day up to maximum of $500

·         Missed Connection: $ 500

·         Baggage and Personal Effects: $ 500

·         Baggage Delay: $100 per day up to maximum of $300

·         Accidental Death and Dismemberment: $25000


What Is Travel Insurance?


The term travel insurance is commonly used to describe a few different types of insurance. It can be very confusing for new travelers to figure it all out. You should know what coverage a policy includes, because it may not include everything.


Travel Health Insurance is coverage for accidents, injuries, and hospital visits while you are away from home.


Medical Evacuation Insurance is coverage for transporting you to a major hospital for treatment.


Trip Cancelation Insurance is coverage for unexpected interruptions in your travel plans.


Baggage/Property Insurance is coverage for theft or damage to your gear while traveling.


Why should you buy travel insurance from Nanak Flights?


Customers sometimes think about the differences between buying an insurance policy direct from an insurance company compared to buying from Nanak Flights. Below are the advantages for buying from Nanak Flights:


Choice and Selection


It is very tricky for customers to choose the right travel insurance. Nanak Flights with all its experience has chosen the best policy that suits its customers.


Lower Cost


Since we sell bulk volumes of travel insurance packages to our customers, we are able to offer lower rates.


Representing the Client


Nanak Flights help you with many nuances of travel insurance when you are in situation that you have to claim it and you are clueless about it. Due to our ongoing working relationship with the insurance company, we make it easy for the customer.


Dealing with Problems


In many cases, clients do not have complete understanding of the insurance policies. This is where Nanak Flights can help you.


No Extra Cost


Many customers mistakenly believe that they will be charged extra by using Nanak Flights.  This, however, is not the case at all!  By law, insurance intermediaries are required to charge the exact same premium as insurance companies.


Please feel free to contact one of our friendly travel agents should you have any questions.