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Cool Coffee Destinations In Montreal

A cup of coffee is what you need after your cheap flights to Montreal to kick on your trip with right mood. Luckily, Montreal houses some of the best coffee destinations to rejuvenate you instantly.

Here is our list of perfect independently owned coffee paradises serving expertly brewed cups especially for you:

1. Café Myraide

This café is scattered all over Montreal with three posh branches at Mackay Street, West Sainte-Catherine Street and West Saint-Viateur Street. It is easy to find a branch right after your cheap flights to Montreal lands you here.

Café Myraide is very popular amongst the local coffee aficionados and it is also a beloved spot for instagrammers for its inspiring décor. But, what makes this place top our list is their fine coffee grains that are sourced from top roasters in Vancouver.

2. Café Odessa

Café Odessa at East Beaubien Street is a small cozy place with only 10 seats to enjoy your perfect cup of java in absolute solace. No matter if you like hot or cold coffee - Café Odessa serves you the best shot. Here, you could choose among different types of brews like drip coffee, cold brew, espressos or lattes.

3. Le Carlet

Located at the heart of the Old-Montreal city, this Café at McGill Street is a gourmet coffee shop and a restaurant. This bistro and boutique is popular for serving best lunches in the city and it is much loved by local residents and tourists because of its brilliant décor and excellent service. So, when you need a refreshing java-fix, you know where to go.

4. Pikolo Espresso Bar

Pikolo Espresso Bar at Du Parc Avenue is a favorite coffee stop for students as it is conveniently located between two busy universities – UQAM & McGill. On your visit, you will find this café to be the most picturesque one with stunning interiors and fine accessories. It has two levels and it is much known for its kicking 3-ounce miniature lattes that are made with single origin coffee beans sourced straight from Roasters in Portland.

5. Moustache Café

Located at East Beaubein Street, this café is preserved by local and they are not willing to let this secret spot be shared as it may get spoiled. But this is the place that has cozy ambiance and inviting aromas of coffee that is brewed with Synchro espresso machine. You must also try their vegan smoothies for a little twist.

6. Laure & Fils

Laure & Fils with its 2 locations at East De Castelnau Street and East Jarry Street initially started as a solo venture at Villeray but now it is double venture at most idyllic locations. With prime locations, this café is also proud to be serving Montreal-brewed coffee. During summertime, you could also catch their vintage blue truck in the streets of Montreal serving refreshing cups of coffee with snacks.

There are some more coffee paradises that are less famous but worth-an-explore in Montreal, for example, Tunnel Espresso that serves independently brewed coffee with amazing macadamia nut cookies and Replika for serving strong yet flavorsome espressos and lattes along with delicious snacks.

If you are a true coffee lover, these incredible cafés in Montreal invite you to book your cheap flights to Montreal immediately and taste their java shots.

Explore The Offbeat Ottawa

Ottawa generally is mistaken to be full of dreary government buildings and traditional restaurants but unlike the general conception, Ottawa has much to discover; your exploration could start right from the moment your cheap flights to Ottawa land you in this wondrous Canadian capital city.

If you have got bored of visiting common tourist places, Ottawa will surprise you as a fun-filled place with many off-beat things to do. We are listing here some of such off-beat things that must not be missed:

Inspire Yourself At Parliament Hill

Ottawa offers a unique opportunity to get refreshed with some healthy exercises. Hundreds of fellows come together for a free, an hour long yoga class on the beautiful green lawn right in front of the huge parliament buildings. This could be the best way to relax and fill you with positive power to enjoy your Ottawa trip to fullest. The classes are organized weekly in summers and it is recommended to check the days and time with local residents.

Experience A Twist In The Art

If normal art galleries bore you, visit the most unusual art gallery in Ottawa city – the living room of artist Brenda Gale Warner. The artist has an old wood frame home of late 1870 which was once a catholic convent. The first floor of her home houses a wonderful art space where she has displayed her amazing photographs and paintings along with other inspiring work from local Canadians and international artists. This one will change your perception towards art.

Enjoy The Annual Lawyer Play

Have you ever laughed at a lawyer or a justice? Ottawa has a deal for you if you ever wanted to do that. Local lawyers, Supreme Court justices and several Member of Parliament step up the stage for an annual Lawyer Play that is organized by Great Canadian Theatre Company to raise funds. Plus you can also enjoy a whole season of contemporary Canadian theatre performances from September to June.

Satisfy Your Fashionista Core

If you love craft works and there’s a fashionista that breathes inside you, do not miss visiting the Sister Flock Boutique at Workshop Studios & Boutique. Here you can see the stunning eclectic stocks styled by Canadian designers. You can also participate in short workshops for knitting, crocheting or sewing. Fashion fans can get inspired here for best DIY projects.

Be In The Jail

What? You did not board your cheap flights to Ottawa to be in jail! Fret not… in Ottawa, you do not need to be arrested to be in a jail. You can spend a night at the HI-Ottawa Hostel to sleep behind the bars in former Carleton County Gaol. If that does not thrill you enough, you can even go for a haunted walk in the 19th century building to know why Ottawa was once considered one of the most dangerous places in North America.

There is much more to experience in Ottawa from cold war movie watching in a vintage bunker to enjoying the most happening Karaoke Fest in Chinatown. Above off-beat things will certainly push you enough to book your cheap flights to Ottawa right now and enjoy a fun filled family holiday.

`Travelling Without Stress

It could be highly stressing to travel by air especially if you are a frequent flyer. Although cheap flights to Winnipeg and other Canadian cities make sure that your flight period is comfortable and stress-free but there still are many things associated to travelling that could give you chills. We are pulling up here few tips to help reduce travel stress.

Time Is The Key

Even if you had your cheap flights to Winnipeg booked one month before your actual departure date, unless you reach airport on time, you cannot board your flight unstressed. By reaching the airport a little early, you will get plenty of time to reach to the gate after clearing the security checks. Do not forget that each airline may have different guidelines for check-in but ideally, you should be at the airport about 90 minutes before your flight time.

It is important to note here that the time taken to complete all the airport formalities may vary depending on your destination. For example, if you are boarding cheap flights to Winnipeg via Air Canada, you only need 90 minutes whereas, if you are flying to Mexico or to any other international location, you will need at least 180 minutes to finish with regular formalities at the airport. So, stress-free travel begins with you reaching the airport on time.

Learn In Advance

Always check in advance the cut-off and check-in policies of the airline you are flying with and also be known that delay in flights can occur.

Another thing that can give you a lot of stress is the lack of knowledge about what you can pack and what not. Make sure you only carry the allowed things in your carry-on baggage. For Air Canada, carrying gels, liquids, medications and personal grooming tools etc are prohibited. You should completely be familiarized with all the rules and regulations before arriving at the airport. Ensuring that you have only packed the permitted items in your bags will not only save a lot of time but it will also keep you away from unwanted stress.

Check Your Documents

Ensuring that you have all the necessary travel documents safely tucked with you will also save you from unnecessary problems. Rushing to get important documents at the end moment is the last thing you will ever want to do while heading for a relaxed holiday or critical business meet. So, make sure that you check all your documents in advance.

If you are traveling with your family, make sure that you have proper identification documents (including age proof) for each family member as it is necessary to pass through the entrance and transit.

It is highly recommended to check the airline’s website to get detailed information about traveler’s guideline. It is also beneficial to get in touch with an entrenched Travel Company who can get you familiar with all the regulations and restrictions to endow you a stress-free travel experience. If you will keep all the above points in mind as you move ahead to your trip, you are sure to start with right step.

All About Edmonton

Besides being the capital to the Alberta Province of Canada, Edmonton is a cool and laid back city. Cheap flights to Edmonton connect rest of the world with this beautiful city that is very serious about its artistic and cultural legacy.  The marvelous museums with many art galleries offer great options for daytime escapades while the entertainment theatres and music venues provide exciting night fun. The city also offers green band of lush parks and impressive shopping scenes. Here are the most useful travel tips so that you make most of your trip to Edmonton:

Best Time To Visit Edmonton

Since cheap flights to Edmonton are easily available, you can practically plan a trip at any time of the year; however, the best time to be in Edmonton is during summers. The summer season revamps the Edmonton city from June to August. It can really be warm in Edmonton during this time but it is not at all unpleasant.

Summer is the time when outdoor markets are bulged up with fresh produces and open air theatres and concerts can be enjoyed. A great line of festivals such as Folk Music Festivals and Fringe Theatre Festival can also be enjoyed during summers. If in case you are visiting Edmonton during winter, do not forget to bring woolens to warm you up however this city is not as chilling as other Canadian cities. During winters, you can rejoice many winter & snow sports.

What Not To Miss

The Art Gallery Of Alberta showcases thousands of spectacular historical and contemporary art works that should not be missed. The West Edmonton Mall will offer indulging experience for all the shoppers and fashion lovers. And the designer jewelry and technology will charm you instantly.

For nature lovers, there is much to explore in river valley parks that also provide hiking, camping, biking and canoeing facilities.

Edmonton Cuisine

The food scene of Edmonton is exceptionally vibrant and offer multi-cuisine choices. Local food has a strong existence of Italian cooking and the best restaurant to taste Italian food in Edmonton is certainly The Little Italy. The Edmonton food also has an influence of Neapolitan cuisine. Whyte Avenue is the place where you can head to try bold dishes with an undertone of Indonesian and Thai cooking. And head straight to Downtown for delicious dishes at classic steakhouse and Chinatown to enjoy cheap takeouts and snacks.

Local Etiquettes

If you are not travelling by cheap flights to Edmonton, it could be difficult to travel by road in Edmonton during winter months; so, you need to be absolutely informed about the city’s weather. Sudden snow storms and icy roads can make driving risky. Edmonton is a very clean city and local residents value their idyllic green space; so, while camping out or hiking, make sure that you take your litter with you or else you could be fined.

The Edmonton International Airport is located 10 Kilometers south from the main city. You could easily get inexpensive and safe taxis from the airport to get around the city. All this information will come handy while you enjoy your Edmonton tour; so, just pack and go!

5 Reasons Why You Will Keep Coming Back To Kelowna

Kelowna is the best multicultural site in British Columbia with plenty of recreational attractions for tourists who land here via cheap flights to Kelowna every year. Kelowna is an energetic city to make your tour extraordinarily special whether you are coming here with your family or someone special.

Although there is much to see, do and experience in Kelowna, we are listing here top 5 things that will entice you enough to keep coming back here when you need a thrilling adventure, breathtaking beauty, fantastic food and exceptional outdoors in a single bundle:

The Cultural Panorama

Many museums, libraries and studios of Kelowna echo its true spirit that is culturally rich and profound to be experienced. The downtown cultural district has the Okanagan Regional Library and the Rotary Centre Of Arts along with Kelowna Art Gallery and Kelowna Community Theatre which is the best spot to listen to the live Okanagan Symphony orchestra. You can also see ballet performances here.

The old Paramount Theatre is an old-fashioned theatre that will take you back into the time while it plays some independence movies with usual Hollywood mainstream movies. At these places, local communities come together and this is the best opportunity to explore more about local lifestyle and culture.

Photography Opportunities

Being nestled in the beautiful Okanagan valley, Kelowna has much splendor to offer to all the professional and casual photographers who love to capture the nature through their cameras. Kelowna is best known for its vineyards, mountains, orchards and Ponderosa pines. All this and more offer you endless possibilities of clicking a perfect photo.

The popular photographic locations of Kelowna include knox Mountain, Mission Creek Greenway and Gyro Beach. The natural beauty of these places gets enhanced enormously during sunsets and sunrise.

Wine & Dine Options

There are over 20 fine wineries in Kelowna and a lot of tourists travel via cheap flights to Kelowna only to participate in the famous vineyard tours. A lot of wineries also have outdoor lounges for food and wine tasting events in the midst of beautiful Okanagan sceneries.

There also are many fine dine restaurants that offer multi-cuisine food with extensive wine pairing options. You can even plan to dine while cruising on the Okanagan in a houseboat or in a yacht.


Kelowna is the home for many exciting and special festivals. These festivals fill up the valley with happy celebrations throughout. Many musicians, local artists and entertainers take part in these fests to make them memorable for you. Festivals are the best time to relish local food, art and culture. Some of the popular festivals are Fat Cat children’s festival, Okanagan Wine Festival and Mardi Gras Street Festival to name a few.

Pleasant Neighborhood

An adventurous walking tour along the Mill Creek at the South of the downtown offers great opportunity to explore the small neighborhood that echoes the character and history of Kelowna. You can also take a walking tour that follows Okanagan Lake. There also are many parks, some secluded beaches and more attractions to rejuvenate you with fresh energies in Kelowna.

Above things will offer something interesting for people of every group and age. Cheap flights to Kelowna are easily available, so, pack and fly to Kelowna for your best ever holiday!