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Celebrate This Christmas In Canada

Christmas not only brings merriest festivities but it also is the perfect time to enjoy a week long holiday in Canada. With winter season eminently showering its glory all over the place, Christmas and the New Year’s beginning transforms Canada and its cities, big or small, into an enjoyable destination. Here is what you may want to know about celebrating Christmas in Canada:

Christmas Celebrations In Canada

December 25 or the Christmas day in Canada is celebrated pretty much the same way as in other Western countries but with little extra zeal and fun. People generally hunk down at homes, have party, eat the feasts and open presents.

Almost everything is closed on the Christmas day; so, Christmas Eve is your last chance to shop for required things. In case your cheap flights to Montreal land in city on the Christmas day itself make sure you have got pretty much everything you need to enjoy Christmas with family. However, December 26 is the biggest sale day in most of the malls here and you could shop till you drop.

What Not To Miss

Most Canadian cities burst up with lively events and parties during Christmas and New Year’s Day. But there certainly are some great events that must not be missed when you are already in Canada.

The Santa Claus Parades: A number of Santa Claus parades are held in November with a few pouring in December too. You can be the part of biggest parade in Toronto in November but if you miss that, you can still be a part of smaller ones during the holidays.

The Light Festivals: On Christmas, a lot of Canadian cities aglow with dazzling light festivals to be enjoyed by whole family. Some of the spectacularly popular light festivals are;

·         Toronto Cavalcade Of Lights

·         Winter Festivals Of Light, Niagara Falls

·         Vancouver Festivals Of Light at VanDusen Botanical Garden

·         Christmas Lights Across Canada, Ottawa

·         Airdire Festivals Of Lights, 22 miles away from Calgary

The Boxing Day Sales: December 26 or Boxing Day is a statutory holiday in most of the Canadian cities like Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick etcetera. Just like huge sales day after thanksgiving in US, the Boxing Day in Canada comes with biggest sale following Christmas.

Weather Guide

When you plan your Christmas holidays in Canada, come prepared for the winters. Although the weather may vary as you travel from West to East Canada, Vancouver and British Columbian region are still milder.

Popular Canadian holiday destinations like Toronto, Ontario, Montreal and other Quebec destinations can see dramatic snowfall during Christmas and New Year. Be sure of what you are wearing and be cautious while driving in snow.

If you wish to celebrate Christmas at a milder place in Canada, take cheap flights to Vancouver where you can also enjoy Rogers Santa Claus Parade.

So, just get your cheap flights to Toronto or your favorite Canadian destination booked and have the most cheerful Christmas of your life. To avoid end hour rush, get your flights booked early. Christmas in Canada is just going to be spectacular.

How Travel Makes You Totally Awesome

Do you believe that traveling can change you? If not, read this article and know how traveling can make you an absolutely awesome person.

No, it’s not that the cheap flights to Edmonton have started new in-flight grooming services, it is the entire travel experience that makes you a better and cool person that everybody wants to be around. Traveling changes you in more than one ways; let’s count:

Travel Makes You More Social

Especially when you travel alone, you learn to make friends with strangers. You start feeling comfortable to talk to new people. And even when you are traveling in a group of friends or family, you will happily be making new friends with people sitting on your next seat or with people staying in the same hotel as yours. Thus, traveling makes you more social and open to a new world.

You Get Better At Conversing With People

Traveling does not only make you very comfortable to talk to strangers, but, it also makes you quite better at it. You start asking casual questions to your fellow travelers about their journey, their destination, where they are staying etc. Such questions basically, make you better at making small but interesting talks.

Travel Makes You More Confident

You have traveled the world, you have dined at the most sophisticated restaurants and at the roadside too; you have been to most popular spots and explored the unknown ones as well; you have conquered your fears and have discovered your capabilities too. After being achieved so much, you feel way more confident than you ever did before.

You Become Adaptable & Easy Going

While traveling, you might have missed your cheap flights to Kelowna, might have taken wrong routes and handled many odd situations. After some time, you learn to adapt with things. You do not get mad at small things. Eventually, all these mistakes make you more relaxed and easy-going as a person. You learn to go with the flow without taking much stress. You accept things as they are.

You Become More Adventurous

As you become more confident, you feel ready to do anything. You do not get afraid to jump out of your comfort zone. You would not be scared to taste a super spicy dish and you would even not be afraid to try new things in life. So, you become practically being more adventurous.

Traveling Makes You Smarter & Happier

Not just flying in the cheap flights to Calgary but traveling to different places in whole will teach you a lot about life and the world. You will know about different people, culture, history, food and many interesting facts. You will have better idea about how people behave and how things work that probably cannot be learned from any book.

And above all, traveling teaches you to be happy. When you are relaxed, confident, adaptable, adventurous, social and full of life, world seem brighter and you remain happy.

So, while traveling, you are also learning much more about the world and its people. You explore new things, become more open, outgoing and an amazing person. So, stop being boring, get traveling and become awesome!

Be A Better Passenger: Know The Flying Etiquettes (Part 2)

In the previous part of this article, you got to know about some basic flight etiquettes. This part of the article will let you learn some more etiquette to be followed when you are in your cheap flights to Toronto or any other destination. So, read on…

5. The Child Drill

Most of the parents on flight are really good with their children; but with kids on flight, there always are chances of a deep drill. Children running up and down the aisle, pulling passenger’s hair or screaming could just be horrible to experience in flights.

So, if kids are flying with you on cheap flights to Edmonton and other places, make sure you have packed a number of activities for them to keep busy and be less a trouble to the fellow passengers. Get small toys, video games, story books or other such things to keep your child entertained.

Keep an eye on kids. Make sure they do not fall over the aisle or other passengers. If you are worried about other people’s children bothering you on flight, consult the flight attendant calmly and report the matter before you directly jump and handle the situation all by yourself.

No matter how bad the situations are, just remember that it will last as long as you are in the flight and avoid building a scene. And lastly, look that your children are not unceasingly kicking the seats in front of them.

6. The Food & Trash Bash

It is absolutely fine to bring your own food to the flights. Since the food and dining options in the flights are really limited, you can bring your food unless it is not very smelly like canned tuna. Just get rid of the garbage when it is appropriate. Make sure that you do not thrust your trash on to other passengers travelling in cheap flights to Kelowna and other places.

7. Reclining Your Seats

This could be a tricky issue to deal with. Plane seats are wonderfully designed to recline but as the airline companies tend to maximize their profits with more seats, the leg room is decreasing. You could use the knee defenders that stop the seat in front of you to recline but there also are less aggressive options to try – look around before reclining. If people sitting behind you are feeling uncomfortable, gently ask them if they would allow you to recline.

8. Conversing With Other Passengers

Chatting with your fellow passengers is absolutely fine. Just ensure that the person you are talking to is interested in interacting with you. If the passenger next to you has his/her headphones on or is reading something, it is clearly indicated that they like to be with themselves – avoid disturbing them.

On the other hand, if the person next to you is chattering continuously, politely apologize and tell them that you want to read something or need to take a quick nap. When the cellphone services are made available, do not make long calls and resist talking too loudly.

9. Coming Out Of The Flight  

While exiting the flight, be in a line. Pay attention to the announcements and let the people with connections exit the flight first. Extend courtesy to all people traveling with you as well as the crew members. If you are rude to them, they could become your temporary enemies to completely spoil your travel experience.

For more such interesting flying tips and easy flight bookings, visit

Be A Better Passenger: Know The Flying Etiquettes (Part 1)

You are on your cheap flights to Montreal seated on a middle seat and the lady on the window seat is snoring uncontrollably while her kid on the aisle seat is wearing his headphones with his head steadily nodding into your space. You try to take a short nap and stretch your seat back to realize that the passenger behind you is working on a gadget that stops your seat from reclining.

Isn’t that a very common scene during flights? What would you do?

Flying can really put you in stress. And the shrinking flight seats just add up to the whole strain. Crowded flights especially can be quite annoying but that certainly should not bring out the worst face of you.

While flying into cheap flights to Victoria or other destinations, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the journey is pleasant for you as well as for your fellow passengers. And to ensure that, here are some of the very important flying etiquettes you must learn and follow. These will help you become a better passenger and your flying would always be enjoyable:

1. The Luggage Snag

As you board your flight, keep your luggage in the nearest compartment to your seat. Be aware of other people in the aisle and try not to block their influx whilst you stow your luggage. Avoid carrying overweighed bags.

You may want to pack everything in your carry-on bags to dodge away the baggage fee but do remember that you will have to hoist these heavy bags up to the overhead luggage compartments. Most of the airlines restrict flight attendants to handle their passenger’s luggage for avoiding liability and injuries; so, make sure you can easily handle your luggage by your own.

2. The Arm Rest Rustle

The middle seat of any flight is undoubtedly the worst seat of all. The passengers of the window seat can easily rest their head and arm on the window while the passenger in the aisle seat always has an extra room to lean. But the mid seat passenger is stuck in the limited, restricted space. Next time, be considerate enough to cede the inner arm rest for the person sitting in the middle. And if you are on the middle seat, politely ask your fellow passengers to let you use some space.

3. The Hygiene Regime   

Each flight has close quarters. Avoid wearing flip flops while flying and never take off your shoes. Make sure that you always wear a pleasant deodorant that is not over boarded. Wear comfortable but full clothing (prefer pants over shorts).

4. The Headphone Hangs

If you want to listen to music, watch a movie or play games, keep in mind that headphones with full volume become mini speakers that could trouble passengers sitting next to you and even sitting on the next row. It is an easy to forget rule; so, do not ignore this.

Other than these, there are some more flying etiquette as well to know about that we would cover in the next part of the article. So whether you are boarding cheap flights to Calgary or anywhere else, be a better passenger with our tips. For easy flight bookings, visit

6 Restaurants In Ottawa To Visit With Family

Taking cheap flights to Ottawa and then finding a perfect place to stay could be hectic. But it could be more hectic to find a family friendly restaurant to eat out and relax after a tiring day. So, here we list 6 restaurants we have found especially for you:

1. ZaZaZa Pizza

This is not just any ordinary pizza joint; it is rather a fun adventure with food. You get to choose your own type of crust and toppings from an expansive range of choices such as avocado, grilled eggplant, BBQ sauce or curry or mushroom.

Your picky kids would be happy eating here as they could also order their old favorite sauce and cheese pizza. Order a dessert pizza with toppings like choco chips, nutella or marshmeelow to end a frantic day quite merrily.

2. The Flying Banzini

Here, once again, you are allowed to pick your choices. Pick your filler, the sauce, the bread and just wait a few minutes to enjoy your selected dinner delight. After a long travel in cheap flights to Ottawa, if you feel lazy to select options, you can order their perfectly delicious roast chicken with bacon paninis. You can either dine or take away the food parcels.

3. The Newport Restaurant

You would absolutely love this restaurant for two reasons – one, it is kids-friendly and two, their “ask & we would do it for you” kind of an attitude. You can ask for additional plates, milk in the kid’s sipper or even a cloth; they try everything to be made available for your comfort. The food is excellent with generous portion and the menu is huge to choose from.

4. The Elgin Street Diner

This restaurant is famous as one of the top restaurants in Ottawa. It is specifically popular for its brunch and delectable poutine. It even has entertainment options for the kids so that you can peacefully enjoy your meals.

5. The Works

They have excellent burgers and they have 7 locations in the city. No wonder, it is the most popular place in Ottawa to eat. It is not just a regular burger place; the extensive menu will blow your mind. Try everyone’s favorite tower-o-ring burger and the sexy burger with pineapple, cream cheese and peppers. Kids can have their favorite burger with peanut butter, bacon and cheese.

6. Spud’s Potato Bar & Poutinerie

Just visit this place when you want to eat food that is fast and absolutely fun. They serve potato based meals in a cool atmosphere and their menu is sure to please kids and adults alike. Get your kids delighted with classic mac and cheese poutine while you enjoy your favorites from a vast menu. It is a very informal kind of a place where they do not mind loud noises and kid’s choir.

Choose your own fav from our list to have a fantastic food experience when you fly to Ottawa . Why take cheap flights to Montreal or other popular Canadian cities to enjoy great food when you have amazing options right here in Ottawa.