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The Inevitable Farm-To-Table Restaurants Of Victoria

It would not get more farm-to-table anywhere else in the world than in Victoria. You can book cheap flights to Victoria if you want to enjoy fresh farm-to-table menus in midst of truly stunning atmosphere. Here we are listing some of the best restaurants of Victoria that are renowned for serving delicious food prepared with farm fresh ingredients:

1. 10 Acres Bistro Bar

This organic bistro bar at the Saanich Peninsula sources best of fresh ingredients from its farm. It uses luscious seasonal produces, grass-fed animal meat, freshest eggs and vegetables. From their fish tacos to pork balls and quinoa fritters, everything is served directly from farm-to-table. You can dine at the patio of the restaurant and you can also book a table beside the outdoor fireplace for a cozy time.

2. Brasserie L’Ecole

If you are a complete foodie, book cheap flights to Victoria and straightaway reach for Brasserie L’Ecole French restaurant. It is an intimate place which is very popular amongst both – tourists and local residents. It has very impressive wine options to be enjoyed with fresh classic menu. You may order fresh steak fritters or moules. If you are here, do not miss their signature dish – Brasserie burger and for dessert, order their dreamy-creamy crème Brule. You may need to reach here early to avoid long wait to get your table.

3. Part & Parcel

It is a casual type of a restaurant that is popular for its no-fuss food and cooking. The best thing about this restaurant is that they change their menu almost daily as they use seasonal ingredients available fresh in the market. If you need a change, look for new menu or else you can always try their regulars such as cheddar sandwiches, grilled roast beef and home-made gnocchi. For seafood lovers, there are incredible options in the menu. The retro décor and friendly staff with fresh local food would definitely compel you to visit this place more often.

4. OLO

OLO is a place to relax and share food and good times with your friends and family. You can have a family meal here that is prepared with freshest ingredients. At OLO, you can even get to order craft cocktails such as Modern Sangaree and Chilliwak Blossom late in the night. Located at Chinatown, this farm-to-table restaurant is an ideal place to visit with your family.

5. Camille’s

Located underground at the Victoria’s downtown Bastion Square, this restaurant is like a hidden gem. If you are in Victoria with your partner, Camille’s is an ideal place for a romantic dinner. This restaurant is also a perfect place to enjoy best of fresh local produces and west coast treats such as Gooseneck Barnacles from Vancouver Island and grass fed beef. The menu is very expansive for people who want more than just one entrée.

This is just a list of our top picks of best Victoria restaurants that serve fresh farm-to-table food; there of course are many other restaurants that serve delectable fresh food items. To enjoy all this and more, book cheap flights to Victoria right here.

The Best & The Busiest Airports Of Canada

As Canada embraces loads of natural beauty, there also are many attractive things to see and to do. Within a very short span of time, Canada has developed to be the most popular destination not only for tourism but also for education, business and immigration. Featuring here are the best 5 airports of Canada that also are the busiest ones. Discover about various facilities that earn them a place in the list:

1. Pearson International Airport – Toronto

Your international cheap flights to Toronto would land you at the Pearson International Airport that handles as much as 400,000 flights every year. Over 38.6 million passengers come and go across this airport which also is the busiest and the largest airport in whole of Canada.

Architecturally brilliant, this airport features a world class travel lounge for its passengers along with a number of restaurants and stores. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport and you can also see two dinosaurs in the terminals. It also has interfaith centers at terminal one and three that offer services to passengers of all religions.

2. Vancouver International Airport

This international airport saw about 19.36 million passengers last year. The Vancouver International Airport has flights flying to a number of destinations like Asia, Europe, United States and many others. The airport has been awarded with many prestigious awards and apparently, it is one of the most loved airports among the travelers.

With stunning interiors and several facilities of dining and shopping, this airport also features a huge play area for children plus an interfaith chapel at the international terminal.

3. Calgary International Airport

It is at number three in the list of busiest airports of Canada. This airport receives about 14.3 million passengers every year and it serves as a hub for WestJet and Air Canada. As your cheap flights to Calgary land you at this airport, you are welcomed with a number of quality stores and restaurants. Along with interfaith chapel and lavish lounges, there also is an entertainment and education facility called SpacePort at the Calgary International Airport.

4. Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport – Montreal

The Montreal International Airport that also serves Greater Montreal areas along with certain cities of United States is at the fourth position. It is also the busiest airport in the Quebec province and serves millions of passengers every year. The airport amenities include several duty free shopping centers, free Wi-Fi, cafes and restaurants. It also has multi-faith prayer centre.

5. Edmonton International Airport

Your international cheap flights to Edmonton will land you here at the fifth busiest airports of Canada. It handles flights to all the major cities of the world such as London, Chicago and Los Angeles etc. The unique thing about this airport is that you can treat yourself here with live entertainment. There also are great shopping stores and restaurants to enjoy good times.

Other than these, there are a few more airports in Canada that keep busy throughout the year, like, Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, Ottawa McDonald-Cartier International airport and Halifax Stanfield International Airport. You can book flight tickets to any of these Canadian airports at best rates at

The Southern Paradise – Vancouver Island

From North to South, the Southern Vancouver Island expands about 460 kilometers in length. With more than 3400 square kilometers of pristine coastline, the Southern Vancouver Island is nothing less than a paradise.

As you plan and book cheap flights to Vancouver for a vacation, do not miss visiting this popular tourist place which is awarded as one of the top island in North America. It has everything to delight everyone – from lush green rain forests, snow capped mountains, clear beaches, sparkling river to throbbing surf and best weather conditions in whole of the Canada.

The Climate

Spring starts to make its mark on the Southern Vancouver Island by the end of December with beautiful blooms of cherry blossom. Spring lasts by May and summer remains till October. Overall, you can book cheap flights to Vancouver to enjoy the amazing Southern Island at any time of the year.

Activities For Outdoor Adventurists

If you enjoy outdoor adventures, there is a lot to do in this island – like you can enjoy sailing in one of the most protected place. Other things to try here include world class experience of scuba diving, sea or white water kayaking, hiking, cycling, whale watching and lots more.

In your leisure, go for a game at one of the groomed golf courses or simply enjoy laid back fishing during any time of the year or take an exploring eco-tour. No matter what you do here, you are always in midst of best natural panorama in the entire world.

Indoor Activities

If the adventurous outdoor activities are not something you utterly enjoy, your options for entertainment are pretty splendid. There are many wonderful gardens throughout this island where you can spend great times with family.

You may also explore the decent art galleries, craft shops, artisan shops or simply enjoy a fine dinner at the world renowned restaurants or enjoy live theatre and opera symphony. If you want, you can try your luck at one of the many casinos or spend a day exploring the world class museums; the list is expansive.

What To Do In Southern Vancouver Island

Although the Southern Vancouver Island covers a very small area, there still are many things to make your holiday an incredible experience. When you are here, do not miss visiting the Botanical Beach at Port Renfrew; you may enjoy the marine trail across Juan de Fuca plate. There also is a massive tide pool at the beach.

You can also take an excursion tour into the wilderness of the island for best fishing experience. Between Port Renfrew and the magnificent Sooke district, there are many fantastic beaches that are worth visiting for their own distinct reasons but they all have something common – they are all very enticing.

Sooke community is also very popular for its pothole park where you can freely swim in the naturally formed small pools of the Sooke River. There also are many historical sites, waterfalls, cycling and hiking trails for your enjoyment.

If you are booking cheap flights to Vancouver just for a short trip, you might not enjoy all activities that Southern Vancouver Island has to offer. So, why not plan a long family trip especially when flight tickets can conveniently be booked right now.

Cheap & Fun Things To Do In Toronto During Winters

When your cheap flights to Toronto land you in the city during winters, it’s all snowy. It doesn’t matter if you snow terrifies or pleasures you; there would essentially be something interesting to do for everyone.

As you book cheap flights to Toronto to make most of the wonderful winters, you have all the adventurous, artistic, sporty, culinary and most trendy options to enjoy your vacation. Here are our best picks:

1. Choose A Rink For Skating

There are more than 50 city run artificial outdoor skating rinks that offer free surfaces for skating. There also is an indoor skating rink at the Greenwood Park. These rinks deliver great fun for entire family at absolutely no cost. Just pack your best winter wear and enjoy free skating in Toronto.

2. Be At The Winterfolk Music Festival

Even during chilling winters, people of Toronto know it well how to keep themselves entertained. This year, Toronto celebrates winter with Annual Winterfolk Music festival. It would also have ticketed as well as free roots and blues concerts between 12th and 14th February. There also would be some amazing events, musical workshops and award ceremonies. So, if music is your way to celebrate, you have got lots to handle in Toronto.

Also, the Canadian Opera free concert series run throughout the winters till May and it features everything from jazz to piano and even world music shows.

3. Enjoy The Live Hockey Match

Are you a sports lunatic? Well, you can enjoy local sport events at the Ryerson Ram’s home of games in February. The thing that makes it all special is that these sport events can be attended at a thrown back price. You can also enjoy various sport events at the Mattamy Athletic center that nests inside the Maple Leaf Gardens.

4. Admire The ice sculptures

The visual art forms of Toronto turn a lot more interesting during winters. You can witness the Toronto Design Offsite Festival. With this festival in End of January, the public places of the city turn into amazing exhibition locations with great ice sculptures. On 20th and 21st February, you can be at the IceFest that features intricate ice figurines and sculptures. You can also participate in the ice carving contests.

5. Be At The city Museum Events

The Toronto museums embrace winters with full enthusiasm. The Todmodern Mills have a naturalist-led tour that features its Wildflower preserves. You can explore how do birds live and how do plants survive the harsh winter season. After the event you can even enjoy mulled cider at cheap rates. The Colborne Lodge at the High Park also organizes Winter Fun Day that has a lot of exciting activities for people of all ages. There is free taffy pulling, throw back games, marshmallow roasting and soothing warm cider.

So, if you want to extend the New Year celebrations a little longer, just be in Toronto. Book your cheap flights to Toronto right now, right here to enjoy cheap or almost free fun in winters.

The Amazing landforms Of Winnipeg

Winnipeg is home to many interesting landforms and some of them are more than thousands of years old. There also are some newer (couple of centuries old) landforms in Winnipeg along with older ones but most of them are water related landforms that form City’s shape and have very important role in its history. These land forms now attract a lot of tourists coming from different parts of world via cheap flights to Winnipeg.

If you have your cheap flights to Winnipeg booked for a family vacation, do not miss visiting following amazing landforms of this city.

1. Lake Agassiz

This 11,500 years old glacial lake on which the flat plains of Winnipeg sit, covers most of the areas of northeastern Ontario, Manitoba and some parts of Saskatchewan, Minnesota and North Dakota. It is the largest glacial lake of North America. Remnants of this lake include Campbell Beach Ridge and Lake Winnipeg.

2. The Forks

The Forks is an important geographical site of Canada with great historical significance. It is situated at the center of Winnipeg where the Assiniboine and Red rivers meet. It was a great meeting place for people for more than 6000 years. And even today a lot of local residents and tourists gather here to meet and talk to each other. It also was a major site for fur trade route in the past. Over four million tourists come to this place every year for visiting nearby markets, museums and other historical sites.

3. Assiniboine River

This river crosses the borders of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. It is the main tributary to the Red river. These two rivers meet at the center of the Winnipeg at the Forks. This river carried a great importance for fur trade; and today, a lot of visitors gather here to explore the beautiful waterways by canoes. You can also take a guided tour to the river to discover the past along your sail.

4. The Red River

The original name of this lake is “Miscousipi” which means – Red Water River. One of the largest Francophone communities of Winnipeg is on the Eastern Bank of this river which is also popular as French Quarter. It is a lazily slow current of water ideal for spending good time together with family or closed group of friends.

Exploring The Waterways Of Winnipeg

As you board your cheap flights to Winnipeg, you would know that this city is bisected by two major rivers – The Red River and The Assiniboine River. There are a great number of guided tours operated in Winnipeg that highlight the water tours along with visit to the historical sites of the city. Such tours operate all over the year but special tours can be availed from May till September when the weather is pleasant. The water tours would generally take 2-3 hours.

If you have never explored the waterways, Winnipeg offers an amazing experience that appeal to people of all ages. Book flights to Winnipeg for your family right now and you all would have an unforgettable vacation.