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Your Travel & Zika Virus

If you have booked flights to Calgary Alberta for a Canadian holiday or you are traveling to South America, you must have heard about Zika virus.

Zika is a virus that is spreading swiftly across South and Central America. It’s been a major topic of concern amongst traveler from all parts of the world. So, if you too are worried about this dreaded virus and your travel plans, here is all that you need to know:

What Is It?

ZIka is a virus that spreads through mosquito bites. This mosquito borne virus is now known to cause certain neurological disorders that may result in babies born with abnormal head size and brain development. Since it is a new virus, there are no vaccines available to prevent this. Moreover, there also are no medicines to treat the diseases caused by this virus. The chances of developing the symptoms of this virus disease are still quite low.

Who should Be Concerned?

Every passenger boarding on direct flights to Vancouver or any other city need not be terrified by this virus. However, pregnant ladies are at a huge risk of catching the virus. So, if you are currently pregnant or planning to have a baby, avoid going to places where Zika virus are currently known to be breaking.

Before you plan your travel, it is recommended to check online resources to check about the places and countries that are under the Zika virus outbreak.

Do Not Panic!

It has been observed that only 1 out of 5 people who have got Zika virus will show up its symptoms. These symptoms may include joint pain, headache, fever, rashes, muscle pain and reddening of eyes etc. Keep in mind that these symptoms may occur due to other health issues as well.

 The sickness occurring from Zika virus is generally not as stern as sicknesses arising from other mosquito borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, West Nile virus or yellow fever, but you still need to be careful. If you are not a pregnant lady and this virus catches you, do not panic. Typically, this virus will leave you in a week’s time and it should not be affecting your future babies.

What Precautions Can Be Taken

Apart from not traveling to the places with active Zika infestation, you need to strictly adhere to the mosquito bite protection measures to avoid this nasty virus. Do following:

·         Wear full sleeve shirts and pants

·         Make sure your staying place has air condition to block any entrance for mosquitoes or it has screens on doors and windows

·         Use mosquito nets in night

·         Use effective registered mosquito repellents

·         Use insect repellent over the sun screen lotions (if using during day)

·         Treat your gears and clothing with permethrin or only purchase permethrin treated items

·         Make sure that the arms and legs of your child are completely covered by clothes

Finally, you can buy travel insurance to cover the medical expenses during travel in case you are caught by Zika virus.

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Be Prepared For Common Things That Can Go Wrong On A Travel

If adventure is your game and you love to travel, you know that many things could possibly go wrong on your travel. Not only that you must be prepared to face such off-beam circumstances but you must also see that you and your fellow travelers enjoy your travel completely.

Here are most common things that can go wrong, take a look:

Flight Delays & Cancellations

No matter how early you book your cheap flights to Kelowna or some other of your favorite destinations, there still can be chances of flight delays and cancellations. It is always good for you to know about your rights as a traveler whether you have or don’t have travel insurance.

In certain flight cancelations cases, the airline services are liable to cover the food and hotel cost until a replacement flight is made available. Just make sure that you keep all your receipts handy.

Loss Of Luggage

It could be an inconvenient situation that your cheap flights to Fort McMurray have landed you in this beautiful city but your luggage has gone missing. Although this issue is being handled prudently by the airline services but there are chances that your bags go missing during transits.

Such conditions can leave you bag-less for couple of hours or may be a day. In worst scenario, you may even be forced to stay at your transit location until your luggage is found. So, make sure that you do not pack all the essentials in a single bag. Keep your things well organized.

When You Miss A Flight

Very often, travelers miss their flight or train etc due to several discreet reasons.  If you miss your cheap flights to Victoria due to some natural conditions such as weather, your travel insurance policy shall cover it. In such a case, do retain all the receipts.

Efficiently plan your travel in time so that you never miss your flight due to personal reasons.

Lost Your Passport

It can frustrate you to the limits when your passport is lost during travel. This situation can be easy or extremely difficult to handle depending on your location in the world because many countries have easy rules to get a replacement passport from your embassy.

It is a great idea to carry a photo stat or scanned copy of your passport as this will save a lot of time and hassles for the official to arrange for replacement passport.

Medical Issues

As your daily routine gets affected while traveling, it is very common to face some medical issues. Keep prescribed medicines handy with you. In some severe cases like an infection or accidents, you may even need to be hospitalized.

In such cases the money spent for travel insurance proves to be a smart investment. Good travel insurances cover unlimited medical attention required in emergency during travel. Again, you need to be very cautious about retaining all the receipts.

Other than these, there may be some other unexpected events of wrong; such as, natural disasters, political unrest or being mugged up at a crowded or public place. Never wear “it won’t happen to me” kind of an attitude while traveling. Be prepared for everything that possibly could go wrong. For more information, visit

How To Handle Jet Lag

No matter how comfortable your cheap flights to Toronto are, air travel can give you jet lag. Frequent flyers often face the affects of dreaded jet lag for a couple of days. If you are taking a long distance flight, you might have many questions related to jet lag. This post will help answer your questions and to suggest helpful tips to handle it efficiently.

What Is Jet Lag

Everyone has a built-in body clock that is tuned with day and night. The body clock is associated with the pattern of sleeping and even with blood pressure, hunger and moods.

Light or sunlight (to be more specific) regulates the body clock and our body normally takes about 24 hours or a day to shift one time zone of day and night. Now imagine the situation where you cross several time zones in a short period. It sure causes a state of perplexity.

Jet lags are essentially caused by the “brakes” inside our brains that signals body clock to stop responding to light. These brakes may be there to prevent our body from affects of the artificial or moon light and to preserve the stability of the body clock. Due to this, the process of adjusting to the new time zone may get slower after your cheap flights to Alberta or any other destination has taken you across many time zones.

Affects Of Jet Lag

Affects of jet lag can really be uncomforting. It doesn’t matter how comfortable you feel in your cheap flights to Montreal, if you are quickly crossing several time zones, you are a potential sufferer of jet lag.

Jet lag can cause confusion, lack of mental awareness and fatigue. Symptoms of jet lag may last for couple of days and you may struggle to make mental and emotional adjustments with the new surroundings. You may feel out of the normal rhythm.

You may tend to have sleep problems if you travel from West towards East because it is generally difficult to advance the sleep time than to delay it.

How To Beat Jet Lag

You would never want to experience the affects of jet lag since it is very discomforting. Here are some tips to help you beat jet lag:

·         Prepare yourself and try to adjust your sleep timings according to the destination sleep times before starting your journey.

·         Right at the moment when you board your flight, reset your watch time with the new time zone you are traveling to.

·         As you travel, try to control your sleep. Try not to take small naps.

·         Drink water or fluid as much as possible to keep away from dehydration because dehydration can make it very difficult for your body to adjust to the new time rhythm.

·         Try to limit your sleep to be not more than 2 hours after you arrive at your destination.

·         Since daylight can help tuning your body clock, taking an hour long morning walk at your destination might help fighting the symptoms of jet lag.

·         Do not take excessive alcohol, tobacco or caffeine. It is a myth that these things help in cases of jet lag.

·         Do not remain in social isolation.

·         Practice habits for a good sleep.

We hope that above information will help you beat jet lag successfully. For comfortable flights at affordable price, click here.