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Best Wedding Venues In Vancouver

Vancouver wedding venues do an amazing job to help all your wedding dreams come true. No wonder, a lot of people catch flights to Vancouver for best wedding events. Here is our recommended list of best wedding venues in Vancouver:

The Vancouver Club

This (one of the oldest wedding venues) is worth booking cheap flight to Vancouver and enjoy a beautiful wedding. Over many years, the Vancouver Club has not lost its charm and it still is a sophisticated wedding venue. If you would love your wedding arranged in a huge ballroom with exclusive and elite club, this is the right place for you. This club would definitely please your guests with its old-world character, elegance and multiple facilities like cocktail hour, indoor ceremonies and more.

Marriott Pinnacle Hotel

This is a perfect wedding venue if you like to have an open wedding. Another good thing about this venue is that it is surrounded with beautiful photographic locations like Stanley Park, Coal Harbor, Marine Building, Canada Palace and much more. When you book a wedding at the Marriott Pinnacle Hotel, you also get reward points that could be used for staying at Marriott International Hotels.

Four Seasons Hotel

This is an exquisite wedding venue in Vancouver. It is located right in the heart of the city at a short distance from Robson Square. It offers best quality wedding services and food. There are many reception rooms and a roof deck if you want to have an outdoor wedding.

Rosewood Hotel

This hotel again is one of the oldest but stunning wedding venues in downtown Vancouver. With eminent design of 1920s, it has a modern décor to create timeless appeal. There also are nearby locations for urbane wedding photographs.

Cecil Green House

This private heritage mansion offers exclusive views of the mountains and water. Situated on the UBC endowment lands, the Cecil Green House has large open space for grand wedding ceremonies, intimate dining room, separate bridal room and extra rooms for dancing and other events. Your guests will be delighted to watch sunset from the large porch.

Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

It is an upscale Vancouver wedding venue with fantastic food and modern décor. This hotel has made its existence in the list of best luxury hotel of Canada by the Travel & Leisure magazine. Your guests will never forget the evening spent here and would always rave about it. There are indoor as well as outdoor locations for amazing photos.

Hotel Vancouver

It is one of the iconic hotels of Vancouver and it is popular for its opulence and magnificent history. It has both – small and large ballrooms with quality food and services. It has decent arrangements to conduct indoor ceremonies and wedding receptions. If you are planning to have a small wedding party, you may use their gold rooms that are intimate and serve as ideal venue.

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Take Better Travel Photographs

A lot of photographs are taken during travel only to be dumped in some storage device. Unless it is a case of hard drive cash, these photos may never meet your eyes again. But some of the precious photographs like of a special person, place or thing have a different fate simply because they are a bit different and better shot.

This article will help you take better travel photographs even with a simple smartphone so that they become a keeper and not a throw-away. Here are some of the best non-tech tips:

Think Of People, Things And Places

Your flights to Vancouver can drop you in a beautiful city but capturing a perfect shot entirely depends on your creativity. For example, if you want to take a picture of a beautiful church in rain, you can easily pull on a decent shot. But if you take your kids (special people) in the shot holding an umbrella while the church just sneaks under the umbrella rim, it becomes a memorable shot.

Stay Closer

Get closer to your subject and you will be able to capture better details and thus an interesting photograph. You may simply walk closer to the subject or use the telephoto zoom option of the camera to get compelling image. It is an effective technique for amazing results.

Consider Light

The cheap flights to Vancouver definitely land you in a beautiful city that has wonderful views all around to be captured; but while taking a shot, consider the light because what you see from your eyes may not be the same what your camera will reproduce. When you face the sun, you may see colors and people clearly but your camera will mostly give you shadows. Similarly, when you shoot in shadow, your camera will only give you dark images.

Know the position of the sun and make the subject face the sun or take the picture of the sunny side of the stationary subjects. Also consider time of the day. Sunsets and especially sunrises can give you stunning images.

Fill The Frame

The intended subject should start at the left corner of the viewfinder and should end at the right corner so that it completely fills the frame with little details of the superfluous scenes. This will let the viewers focus directly on the intended subject and will let the image amplify your travel experience.

Emphasize Your Subject

When you are photographing a site that is frequently photographed such as Eiffel Tower, you may better buy a calendar. For such subjects, make the photograph a bit different and exciting by emphasizing on your companion or your pet or simply other people walking by.

Think Before You Click

Before you finally click a photograph, take a look at the surroundings and try to find out something interesting that might be going around. If you simply capture the picture of what you see through camera without planning, you will get a simple photograph but for an extraordinary picture think beyond what you usually see.

Vancouver indeed is an inspiring place for amazing travel photographs. For cheapest flights to Vancouver, simply click here.  

Some More Options For Active Vacation In Calgary

Our previous post suggested you some of the most liked outdoor activities in Calgary to help you have an active vacation. In this post, we will take you a step ahead to discover some of the trendiest Calgary outdoor activities to be tried out. The moment your flights to Calgary land you at the airport, you can feel the grandeur of unscathed nature; following list of outdoor activities will let you enjoy the natural beauty along with great active fun. Take a look:


If you think that tumbling upside down in a giant rubber ball will give you a good time, zorbing is your thing to try in Calgary. You will be strapped inside 3.3 meter wide ball to tumble down a 600 meter long trench. You can try zorbing at Canada Olympic Park.

As you roll and bounce inside the ball, you will experience the ultimate rush of adrenaline within your nerves. During this 30 second thrill ride, you are tamed by over 300 elastic and rubber shock absorbers inside the inner sphere of the ball while the outer sphere touches the ground.


As you travel via flights to Calgary Alberta, you can dream about floating in your beloved boat from the city limits. Even if you are a beginner in canoeing, it is easy to find short lessons in Calgary. If you are a beginner, you may start at the Fish creek Provincial Park which is near Lake Sikome and it ends at the southeast of the city in Carseland.

Your canoeing trip may last up to 2 days with about 5 to 6 hours of floating each day. The water currents are relatively slow so that you can enjoy the magical sceneries along your way. Children and elderly persons accompanying you on the trip would utterly enjoy it.


When you talk about bouldering, it is just a rock and you passing through hard places. Unlike the dizzying heights common to rock climbing, bouldering is done at a height not more than 3 to 7 meters above the ground level. It basically involves the climber taking intense physical moves on the rock which are commonly known as “problems”. The ultimate challenge is to set out a difficult path and finding a solution on-the-spot.

Calgary has perfect spots for bouldering. Just head about 90 kms West of Calgary towards White Buddha; the limestone cliff facing south gets you plenty of bouldering opportunities. The best thing about this place is that beginners and experts can climb together as it has big holds for beginners and trickier problems for the experts. Plus, you would only need a good pair of climbing shoes that you can comfortably rent right on the spot.

So, Calgary is a wonderful place to step out and be active. Apart from this, there are plenty other things to try such as biking, paragliding, hiking, whitewater rafting, fishing and much more. To enjoy all this, you can book cheapest flights to Calgary, right here.

Have An Active Vacation In Calgary

If you have flights to Calgary booked for a vacation, don’t let it go waste; indulge into splendid outdoor activities for an absolute active vacation. Especially in a place like Calgary that has so much of inspiring surroundings, no one can resist enjoying great outdoors and plentiful of activities. Here are our best suggestions for an active vacation in Calgary:

Go Hiking

As you book flights to Calgary Alberta, be known that hiking is in the blood of people in Calgary. With rocky Mountain just at the doorsteps, you get the best hiking experience here. In case you have never tried hiking before you can choose level of hiking to match your skills.

You can choose among the amazing hiking trails like the Grotto Canyon trail with a flat creek bed and limestone walls or the Larch Valley trail that starts with Moraine Lake followed with a steep climb over the rocky spires and more. The options for day hiking would never end in Calgary.

Go Kayaking

It is generally misunderstood that kayaking needs a deep knowledge of how to roll the kayak. As you paddle the kayak with your head out of the water, you just need to know the few basic techniques.

Kayaking can be much easier than you ever imagined. If you are trying your hands at sea kayaking for the very first time, you may start in the still waters. This way, even if you tip down your craft, it will be easier to get out. When you have learnt and practiced basic kayaking and you are confident enough, you can have a perfect roll in the whitewater kayak.

Try Caving

This sport will leave you worming through muddy, cold, wet and tight spots. It is a unique opportunity to discover the earth’s beauty hidden within the mysterious caves. When you have gained some basic training and experience, you are called a caver.

You would just not get enough of the amazing underground world that is sculpted over hundreds and thousands of years. You may get cave tours organized for the Rat’s Nest cave near Canmore to explore the caves with clear water fossilized animal bones and calcite formations. Before you go caving, make sure that you are physically fit for it.

Do Horseback Riding

Until you saddle up a Calgarian pedigree, you cannot completely claim to be a good rider. The very famous Griffin Valley Ranch has made its mark in the horse riding history with a glorious past of more than 50 years. This ranch provides a lot of courses to encourage local residents and visitors to get in the saddle.

If you are a newbie, first, take a guided trail ride. This ranch has more than 100 horses that can suit to riders of any level – new or experienced.

Try PaintBall

This spectacular game can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It just requires tactical shooting skills but without shedding any blood. The huge 118 acre playing field in west to the Cochrane has 19 courses with terrains that include forests and fields. The instructors are also available to give you quick lesson.

To enjoy all this and much, you can book cheapest flights to Calgary, right here.

New Reasons To Visit Calgary

Calgary is a very sophisticated city that perfectly balances the modern world with old world charms. Many travelers from across the world take cheap flights to Calgary to visit popular tourist attractions such as Calgary Tower, Calgary Fort and others. Amongst all these (and more) wonderful tourist attractions, now there also are few new attractions that are making a great buzz. Let’s take a look at them….

Calgary Aero Space Museum

You along with your kids can take a tour to this museum to explore the fascinating world of airplanes. Your kids can join the 2 day summer camp and learn more about air plane designs, flight theory and how air planes can stay up in the air.

Kids can also join the art and superhero camp to let their inner superhero take on them. Besides exploring air craft displayed in the museum, they also organize art based camps for small kids aged between 8 and 12.

Bow Habitat Station

It is a perfect place to discover the fun of fishing with your entire family. Your kids can enjoy catching and releasing fishes in the trout pond. The entire place is themed to inspire generation of anglers. You can enjoy the fish catching here even if you do not have your own fishing gears; you get fishing rods on rent. No matter how old you are or how experienced fisher you are, the whole experience will get you hooked.

Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo is now up with live Dinosaurs with animatronic dinosaur exhibition. Here, you can experience how Alberta might have been when dinosaurs were supreme. There also is a recently renovated prehistoric park that has 3 customized routes for travelers.

You can also discover interpretive centers along with daily programs and sharable photo opportunities. All this and more is especially designed to encourage the interest in paleontology. Catch the cheapest flights to Calgary and experience this wonderful world of dinosaurs in Calgary.

Historical Village

The Historical Village at the Heritage Park brings you a unique opportunity to feel the life of people of old times. Take ride round the village with your kids in the authentic steam train or make ice cream for self with prairie folks. You can also enjoy paddle boat sailing here that is not available anywhere else in whole Calgary. Make your own enchanting historic memories at the historical park with more than 180 historical exhibits spread across 127 acres of pristine area.

Telus Spark

There is a newest addition to play in the outdoor park of The Brainasium. Unlike everything else in the whole of Calgary, you have immense opportunities to climb and explore. This adventurous park will test your adrenaline with sky high swings where you can send your friends for a swing spin. There is plenty to challenge you and to live new experiences with every single activity. Spend this summer at The Brainasium for absolute fun experience.

To enjoy all these and more of new Calgary attractions, book flights to Calgary on best rates right here.  

Top Beach Accommodations Near Vancouver

Start of the golden summer is the perfect time to book cheap flights to Vancouver and enjoy at the best budget hotels near the pristine beaches of Vancouver. Here, we are listing some of the top beach hotels, hostels and comfy accommodations of Vancouver that would conveniently fit into your budget too. Take a look:

Pacific Sands Beach Resort

It is a beautiful family-run resort located at the edge of the Pacific Rim National Park. It was opened about 40 years ago and at that time it took around 6 hours drive over the trail full of dirt to reach this resort; but today, you can quickly reach this place conveniently by passing through the scenic drive ways.

This resort has plenty of activities to involve your entire family. Take a surfing lesson or simply just comb the sand and collect shells, everything takes you closer to nature and its grandeur. With fully equipped kitchens, cozy ambience and luxurious beach houses, the Pacific Sands Beach Resort is an inspiring place to spend your summer vacations.

HI Jericho Beach

This beach hostel is truly unique and second to none. The air force barracks of 1930 have now been converted into relaxed private rooms. Perfectly set along the beachside of Blackberry bushes, HI Jericho beach hotel is just 20 minutes drive away from the downtown Vancouver.

This hostel is frequently visited by travelers and students to enjoy an unperturbed stay and beach activities such as stand up paddle boarding and sailing.

Soule Creek Lodge

Soule Creek Lodge offer urban cabins and yurts at the ridge of the San Juan. This lodge is worth booking direct flights to Vancouver and little local traveling to enjoy best of locally sourced food in the best panoramic view of the surroundings.

It is owned by two chef brothers and hence it is a paradise for seafood lover who also enjoy natural world. From here, you can take a hike to explore the Red Creek Fir which also is the tallest Douglas fir in the world.

Mussel Beach Campground

This campground is little on the off-beat track of the Western Coast of Vancouver but it offers eco friendly facilities in the pure wilderness. The camping pitches are stretched along the miles long beach. Here, some special creatures like sea lions, swooping eagles or black bears may come to accompany you during your stay. You may go to explore the wondrous sea caves or just ideally sit around the beach to spot grey whales

The Beach Club Resort

This is a spectacular four star resort on the country’s warmest beach - Parksville beach. It is an incredible experience to enjoy a glass of wine while overlooking the expansive Parksville bay. You can enjoy family friendly swimming here while the tide is low. There also is a spa, beach facing patio and seaside pool to make your times even more fabulous.

These are the top but not all the accommodations near Vancouver beaches. There are plenty of other options to be tried. So, why waste the stunning summer sitting inside the dull hotel rooms? Go out to the beaches and enjoy the sun. To book cheapest flights to Vancouver, click here.

Vancouver Tour For Senior Citizens

It is difficult to find another place like Vancouver that reignites the feeling of adventure and exploration in senior citizens. No wonder, a lot of senior citizens book flights to Vancouver BC to tap their hearts with beauty and uniqueness of this destination.

Vancouver has a lot to offer for active senior citizens but here are our special picks that ensure finest time for them. Have a look:

Watch The Whales

This is one of the most popular activities in Vancouver that engages senior citizens. Not only it offers an awe-inspiring experience but they may also go on exploring the wildlife of the nearby region via an inflatable boat or vessel. Senior citizens can also take a comfortable whale watching tour for successful whale sightings.

Catch A Train

After a travel in the cheap flights to Vancouver BC, try exploring the classical Canadian experience via a train ride. Senior citizens can choose the Rocky Mountain rail track that will take them through the sparkling clear water and lush green forests of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. They just have to relax and enjoy the amazing views passing by their windows.

Go Golfing

Vancouver is a place where mountains meet the water to create ideal grounds for golfing. Senior citizens can spend splendid time golfing in the spectacular golf courses of Vancouver. There are many public courses to choose from and they all have beautiful surroundings as a bonus.

Take A Gondola Ride

The sky ride at the Grouse Mountain takes you about 1100 meters above the city. It offers spectacular view of the downtown Vancouver, Pacific Ocean and the Gulf Island. When you are at the top of the mountain, don’t forget to visit the popular grizzly bears at the famous refuge for endangered wildlife. You can also plan a dinner with senior citizens at The Observatory for a wonderful evening.

Visit Vancouver Lookout

If gondola ride is not something the senior citizens with you would like to go for, they still can enjoy the view of Vancouver city from up. Just go to Harbor Center and get up on the glass elevator. In just 40 seconds, you will reach the top of the Vancouver Lookout at a height of 430 feet. You will get a 360 degrees breathtaking view of the city. It doesn’t matter if you visit this place in day or in the evening in midst of twinkling lights, the views are always incredible.

Enjoy The Floatplane Sightseeing

If the senior citizens accompanying you are a bit adventurous, they can go for a floatplane ride. Get a bird’s eye view of the city as you soar above the city in a tiny engine. The exciting flight seeing tours are offered over the Vancouver’s top sights such as Canada Palace, Bowen Island, Stanley Park and others.

All the above activities for senior citizens in Vancouver will truly leave them feeling energized. Even if your trip is a small one, your parents or other senior citizens can enjoy best times of their lifetime in Vancouver. For quick and cheapest flights to Vancouver, click here.