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Discovering The Cultural Side Of Victoria

Victoria is a vibrant capital city of British Columbia perched on the tip of the Southern Vancouver Island. This city is home of several well maintained gardens, historical sites, art galleries, large and small museums. Cheap flights to Victoria are booked all round the year by many people to experience the cultural wealth of this place.

Let’s discover best of Victoria’s cultural side:

The Inner Harbor Of Victoria

Victoria’s inner harbor has everything to charm you whether you want to stroll along the causeway or watch the interesting acts of street entertainers. On your trip o Victoria, when you need a break from city hustle, just enjoy watching whales at the harbor or watch the boats coming and going against the beautiful backdrop of 19th century architecture.

Enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride in your leisure or shop at the independent eclectic shops with century old front décor to get the real taste of Victoria’s rich culture.

Royal BC Museum

It is a spectacular museum that preserves natural and human history of British Columbia. Victoria’s vivid culture is preserved in their realistically immersive galleries and museums like this.

Get thrilled to see the giant mammoth straight from the ice age come alive in the natural history gallery.

Visit Totems Pole

For about 75 years, the Thunderbird Park has nestled the collection of totem poles of Royal BC Museum. Although the original totem poles have been shifted indoor to protect the heritage but you can view the replicas of the poles currently set for outdoor display at the park.

These replicas have been carved at the onsite carving studio under the supervision of master carver Mungo Martin.

Experience the Old World Charm Of Victtoria’s Architecture

Victoria has an inimitable charm of old world. This beloved sense of old time pushes a lot of people to book cheap flight tickets to Victoria every year. You will immediately get charmed by the rich historical architecture that has been well preserved by the locales throughout the city.

The best of period architecture can be seen in the famous buildings like the parliament building and the Fairmont Empress Hotel both present at the inner harbor. Other than these, there also are few other must-see buildings like cathedral churches, historic mansions and several castles. To experience a good cultural example, visit Canada’s oldest china town in Victoria.

A whole bunch of museums and art galleries of Victoria are also a great source to learn more about this city’s cultural scene.

Go watching birds or join a whale watching tour or simply take a tour through this spectacular city appreciating the amazing architecture dated back to the 19th century - Victoria has something to charm everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to visit Victoria single, with family or with a group of friends, Victoria has a lot to be revealed. If you love discovering culture and history associated with a place, Victoria is the best city to explore. The good thing is that you can easily book cheap tickets and flights right here.  

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