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Surviving Long Canadian Winter

Winters in Canada are long and brutal. Despite that, a lot of people (more than you can imagine) book cheap flight tickets to Canadian cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Quebec to enjoy Canadian winters.

In January, Canada is of course colder than you think but it also is double the fun visiting Canada during winters. If you too are booking cheap flights to Canada this winter for a holiday, here are our practical advices to survive harsh cold:

Check Temperature Before You Leave Home

It makes sense to research the temperature of your destination city before leaving. This way you would know what to expect – below 0 degree, rain or -30 degrees. Temperature in Canada can vary every year; so, do check weather report.

Get Proper Winter Clothing

If you are on a budget, you can buy second hand stuff available at any thrift store. However, it is worth spending some bucks on that chic new jacket displayed at the window. You will realize its worth when it will protect you for many days in minus 30 degrees. If you really want to save money, prioritize a few important items to buy new and rest could be compromised a bit. Such important clothing will make you feel comfortable in Canada.

Don’t Forget The Winter Socks

A good pair of winter socks is quintessential in Canada. Spending some extra dollars on winter socks may sound strange to many but soon you will realize that it is worth an investment when they are dry even after a day of snowboarding. Trust us, good quality winter socks can entirely change your experience in Canada.

Be Prepared For Frozen Eyes

It may feel weird but it happens in Canada. Eyes exposed to cold waves will start watering and then it will freeze over the eyelashes. The only way to deal with it is to start walking quickly.

Be Active

Canada has a plethora of activities like hiking, ice skating, tubing and tobogganing etc to get involved into. Staying active is the best way to beat Canadian chills.

Be Careful On The Ice

Injuries can happen during extreme winter sports. So, you need to be careful. Even while walking to the nearby shop, watch your steps as there could be about 5 inches of ice on the sidewalks.

Make Friends & Sip On Soup Or Try Fireball Whiskey

Make friends and stay close to them as sharing body temperatures will make you feel comfortable. Sipping on soup will help you survive long Canadian winter. If you like, try the local cinnamon whiskey to keep warm.

Think The Right Perspective & Enjoy Hockey

You are in Canada to enjoy winter and everything after this would surely feel much warmer. Just appreciate the beauty of Canadian winters and watch winter hockey games as they are truly addictive.  

If you rightly follow our advices, you would get the best experience of Canadian winter and you just wouldn’t be able to wait for next winters to book cheap tickets & flights for Canada. To start of your Canadian winter excursion, book cheap ticket to Vancouver right here.

Top Winter Activities To Enjoy In Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park offers never ending outdoor adventures amid majestic mountain peaks, picturesque wilderness and profuse wildlife. Jasper National Park is great to visit any time of the year but it is totally worth booking cheap flights and visiting this park in winter.

If you visit Jasper during January, you can not only experience the vibrant Winterstruck Festival but can also avail great discount deals on hotel bookings and enormous activities. Here are our recommendations of top winter activities to be enjoyed at Jasper National Park:


Who hikes on snow covered mountains? – You may ask; but, it is absolutely amazing to hike at Jasper during winter. You would surely love the views of frozen waterfalls and glacier walks with stunning sights on the backdrop. For a fun filled hike at Jasper, consider Old Fort Point trail, Athabasca Falls, Athabasca Glacier, Trail 7 or Sunwapta Falls.

Skiing Or Snowboarding At Marmot Basin

There is an International airport close to the marmot Basin and that is why this mountain is usually crowded. Book cheap tickets & flights to Edmonton airport which is just 3 or 4 hours drive away. Be prepared for soft powdery snow here. You can easily get a shuttle from any of the hotels at Jasper to reach the base of the mountain. During January, you may also get some discount on chairlift tickets. From the top of the mountain, ski or snowboard a long run down to the mountain base.

Dog Sledding

It is great fun to glide through pristine beauty of Canadian Rockies on a dog led sledge. A short ride of dog sledding on the Pyramid Lake would be an exciting idea to entertain entire family. There also are some tours and overnight excursions that you can book at Jasper National Park.

Wildlife Viewing

Jasper National Park has abundant opportunities for viewing wildlife in their natural habitat. During winter, you may not get to see bears but, goats, deer, elk, osprey, moose, wolves and coyote would be pretty amazing to watch at. Take a wildlife discovery tour to explore more about the animals like how do they survive harsh winters or what is their contribution in maintaining the diversity of the place.

Fat Biking

With really wide and low pressure tires, fat biking is an ultimate adventure not to be missed at the Jasper National Park. The valley has plenty of snow packed trails for fat biking. You can easily get bikes on rent and if you are a fitness freak, fat biking would give you enough exercise in chilling cold.

Ice Climbing

Climbing up a frozen waterfall is a unique winter activity offered at the Jasper National Park. You can try ice climbing at Maligne Canyon and other beautiful locations. You do not need any prior climbing experience to enjoy ice climbing here.

If this inspires you to immediately book cheap flight tickets to be at Jasper National Park, Nanak Flights is ready with cheapest flights and price drop guarantee. Simply visit and set out for an adventurous winter trip.

Celebrate New Year In Best Of Vancouver Nightclubs!

New Year is a time to celebrate and there could be no better celebration than to book cheap flight tickets to Vancouver and party till you drop in city’s best nightclubs.

Canada is an awesome country with very affable atmosphere. Since Vancouver is Canada’s all time favorite party destinations, it is home to some of the most happening nightclubs in whole Canada. If you have booked cheap tickets & flights to Vancouver for celebrating New Year in a nightclub, here are our recommendations:

Red Room Ultra Bar & Nightclub

Located at Richard’s Street, Red Room is a well known party destination in Vancouver. This club organizes seasonal parties along with cancun parties every Friday and trance music night every Thursday. No matter which time of the year it is, you are sure to have a good time at this bar cum nightclub. Spending New Years Eve here would be absolutely amazing especially with all the thumping music and beats.

Cabana Lounge

Present at the Granville Street, Cabana Lounge has a Miami-chic feel with an intimate experience that is only possible at this incredible bar/lounge. It has an Acacia tree growing inside the lounge which gives it a lively feel and it is totally amazing experience to sip on a cocktail around it. Inspired by the South beach experiences, Cabana Lounge is for relaxed people who would like to welcome New Year in style.

 Prive Nightclub

Located at Pacific Blvd, Prive is the hottest of all the party spots in Vancouver. If you love live music and performances, this is the place where you should be on the New Year Eve. Come here with your pals or special ones, you would definitely have an incredible party.

Playhouse Nightclub

This offers very intimate and exclusive nightclub experience in Vancouver. As you enter this nightclub, you would know that it is like no other nightclubs in the city. With an open air patio and first class services, it is a not-to-miss venue for New Year celebrations. You will truly be impressed by the friendly staff and mind blowing décor.

Au Bar Nightclub

This is comparatively a new nightclub but it is quickly becoming most preferred party venue for both – local residents and tourists. The best thing about Au Bar is that they have amazing cocktails to be enjoyed amid music played by entrenched DJs. It even has three separate areas to be chosen for customizable parties. You can even book their VIP area for a unique party experience in the town.

Vancouver has endless nightclub and partying options; all you need is a company of like-minded people. Even if you don’t have friends in Vancouver, just enter a nightclub and you will automatically make friends to give you great company.

There always is a latent party animal residing in everybody and above best nightclubs of Vancouver are all set to bring it out and please it everlastingly. So, switch your party mode on and book cheap flights to Vancouver right now to have a wonderful beginning of the year.

Best Chocolate Experiences In Montreal

Everyone is fond of chocolates. The amazing taste of chocolate is capable of winning hearts and filling you with immense pleasure. Anytime is good to have chocolate but there couldn’t be any better time than Christmas and new year to enjoy chocolate treats.

While chocolate is considered good for health, fortunately, people of Montreal have plentiful supply of chocolate. Montreal has such brilliant chocolatiers that people from rest of the world should book cheap flights to Montreal for enjoying the incredible deliciousness. If you are visiting Montreal and want to enjoy best chocolate, here are our suggestions:

Cacao 70

Present at two great locations – St-Catherine O and St-Catherine E, Cacao 70 is an ideal place to enjoy a fab desert after dinner. Cacao 70 has an impressive menu for chocolate lovers including crepes, waffles and cakes covered with ample of chocolate. They even have personal-sized fondue sets to make you drool but their hot chocolate menu is not to be missed; it has 15 amazing flavors from all across the globe.

Suite 88

It is a wonderful chocolate lounge locals love to spend time at. The best thing about Suite 88 is that they make small batches of hot chocolate so that it’s always fresh. Another thing that is great about Suite 88 is their usage of fine products straight from France, Belgium and Switzerland. Their expansive menu consists of hot chocolate, biscotti fondue, gelato and many other delicious deserts.

Juliette Et Chocolat

Located at St-Catherine O, St-Denis and Leduc, Juliette Et Chocolat has endless chocolate dishes in its menu. It has a sit and relax kind of an atmosphere with a chocolate bar. The bar has a laid out menu along with a list of place of origin. It is an absolute delight to enjoy a cup of melted chocolate here.


If you have booked cheap tickets & flights to Montreal for impressing your special lady, Leonidas is a perfect place to go to. It offers a great range of chocolate flavors. It serves everything from classic hot chocolate to orangettes and personally sized pre-made chocolate boxes to be carried away for self help when needed.

Divine Chocolatier

It is a wonderful place to visit in any season because it sells both – hot chocolate and ice creams. It has a great menu but what you should never miss here is their dark chocolate truffle.

Cocoa Locale

It is a small chocolate bakery at Parc, Montreal. They bring their chocolate directly from France. You get some of the tastiest chocolate treats here and no wonder it is a favorite chocolate destination for locals. Order some chocolate brownies, cake or pastries, they are all sure to be super delicious. They sell out really quick; so, make sure you reach here early.

Whether it is for treating yourself or impressing someone special, the chocolate shops in Montreal are truly incredible. A lot of chocolatey goodness awaits you in Montreal this festive season, just book cheap flight tickets to Montreal right now and indulge yourself in the gooey God’s nectar.

Best Places To Ski In Vancouver

When you book cheap flights to Vancouver during winters, you get to breathe in fresh mountain air and see stupendous mountains covered with white snow powder surrounding you. If skiing is an activity you want to enjoy, a trip to Vancouver must be on your radar.

Vancouver city is known for its mega amounts of snow. There also are many top class skiing resorts in Vancouver for great family fun. And you have endless options of snowboarding, skiing and winter sports. Here are our suggestions:

Grouse Mountain

This mountain is closest to the city where you can enjoy snowboarding with family. It even has a super convenient aerial cart to take you up to 4 thousand feet. Grouse Mountain offers a unique flora and ice skating experience through trees.

It has 33 downhill snowboard runs along with four chairlifts. Indulge into snowshoeing, snowboarding or mountain ice skating here amid beautiful surroundings. Even if you are on a business trip to Vancouver, you can enjoy night skiing with twinkling lights after a working day. Avail 5 or 10 days package o save big money here.

Cypress Mountain

It would just take a 30 minute drive from downtown to reach Cypress Mountain. With three highlighted peaks, this mountain offers endless excitement for entire family. Cypress Mountain was also the official Olympic Winter Games venue in 2010. The three peaks, namely – Mt. Strachan, Hollyburn Mountain and Black Mountain look pretty spectacular and no wonder a lot of tourists from all across the globe book cheap flight tickets for Vancouver during winter.

There are 53 ski runs and total 6 chair lifts for your convenience. At Cypress Mountain, you can even enjoy flat walking through the snow besides hitting your way down the snow tubing mountain.

Mount Seymour

Located at the North shore range, Mount Seymour is an ideal place for snow adventurers at just half an hour drive from Vancouver. With 40 different trails, many terrain parks and five chairlifts, this is a perfect spot for families. Fun activities available at this mountain include – snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, snow tubing, tobogganing and much more.


Whistler or Blackcomb is the largest ski resort in North America and it is a great place for winter fun. You can reach this place in just two hours from Vancouver. Moreover, it has been claimed as the best resort to be at in 2017 by several magazines.

It has about 9000 acres of beautiful mountain slope and snow covered terrain to entertain you endlessly. Test your adventure thrust and love for speed on a skeleton slide or bobsleigh. The moonlit views of the mountain are incredible. Get on a snowmobile to explore entire terrain or get over a bridge for bunjee jumping, thrill never ends here. And when you are tired, relax at one of the many restaurants, cafes and bars in the nearby village.

Vancouver is one must-go destination in winters. Apart from great snow adventure, there isn’t anything bad about Vancouver city that one can really mention. So, book cheap tickets & flights to Vancouver right now before it’s too late and winter is gone.

Tips For Better Travel With family -2

Traveling is fun but traveling with family can be little clumsy if you do not plan it well. This series of articles is especially created for you to enjoy better traveling experience with family.

While we shared some great tips in the previous part of this series, here are some more pointers to help you plan best travel with family and kids. So, here we go…

Protect Your Family With Travel Insurance

While booking cheap flights for family holiday, most people take travel insurance as an unwanted and unnecessary expense. But, proper travel insurance is mandatory when you are traveling with family especially kids.

If your toddler gets some infection in a foreign country or if you meet an unpleasant accident, these aren’t the times you should be thinking of saving money. Unfortunate events can happen without any alarm; so, never travel without proper travel insurance.

Choose Your Holiday Destination Sensibly

Choosing the right holiday destination is the most important thing to decide even before you book cheap flight tickets. You must think of your family’s need and also about what they would be interested in.

Most popular holiday destinations have family friendly attractions and amusement parks for kids. But, it is equally important to look for some activities for adults too. Long traveling can be extremely tiring for kids. So, it’s better to choose destinations that have direct flights. Also, choose a centrally located hotel so that it is easier to navigate within the city. Make sure to count these factors while choosing a destination.

Stuff Your Phone Or Tab Aptly

A tablet or phone is now an essential item no one travels without. If you use your phone while flying, make sure that your tablet is loaded with stuff for kids such as movies, cartoons and jingles etc. having kids enjoying their favorite show on a tab during long flights can be a life savior.

You can also stuff your tablet with interactive programs like coloring sheets and white noise. Soothing white noises like sound of waves or rain can also help your child fall asleep even in other growling sounds that can potentially disturb them otherwise.

Be Ready With Small Surprises & Treats

It’s a good idea to bring some small surprises or presents to reward your children when they behave well. You can give them puzzles, small toys or coloring sheets as reward. This will not only keep them busy but will also encourage them to behave throughout the trip.

Let your kid pick up small souvenir from the place you visited as a memento. Every time they see that memento, they would remember the happy time spent at the trip.

Don’t Stress Too Much

There can be many instances with your kids that bring you to your breaking point. You obviously would not like to disturb your co-passengers on the plane.  Don’t freak out and do not be an angry mom or dad. Most passengers may be parents themselves and might have been into the same situations. So, stop thinking about what others are thinking. Just smile and ask for help if needed.

These entire tips will help you enjoy your family trip like never before. So, no more excuses for traveling alone because of kids; take your family along and book cheap tickets & flights for them at

Tips For Better Travel With family -1

No matter how good you are at traveling or how frequently you travel, traveling with kids is totally a different experience than couple or solo traveling. As you book cheap flights and plan a travel with family, many questions might come across your mind; such as – how to get a passport for the baby or what to do if baby falls ill abroad and what all do you need to pack?

As inexperienced traveling parents, there are many things you could go wrong with. So, we are sharing some valuable tips here for better raveling with family, especially kids. You can always refer to these tips before booking cheap flight tickets for hassle free travel experience:

Get The Accommodation With Separate Sleeping Area

If you are planning a trip with kids, it’s worth spending some money in 1 or 2 bedroom suite rather than standard hotel room. For a successful family trip, good sleep is the first requirement.

A 2 bedroom suit will be best for situations when you want to enjoy a movie or some drinks at night but don’t want your kid’s participation. Or even when you want to sleep but kids want to play with their newly bought toys.

No matter which holiday destination you have booked your cheap flight tickets for, it takes some research to find a hotel with 2 or more bedroom suits. Look for such suits online and while you do so, do not completely disregard rental apartments and hostels. They offer homely comfort that can immensely enhance family travel experience.

Do Not Step Out Without Reservations

Before kids, you hardly ever needed reservations. Setting out on a trip to explore the unexplored was more like your idea of traveling. But, with family, especially kids, having reservations in advance is a safe play.

While traveling with kids, you need to consider their verge of being tired, bored or uncomfortable. Advance reservations can save you from a lot unwanted mess and frustrations. Like, your family would certainly not like wandering through streets to search a perfect hotel or waiting outside the airport for taxi.

While you make reservations do check the availability of basic family requirements such as a high chair or a crib for the baby.

Consider Renting Equipments Rather Than Carrying The Load

If you search a bit, popular holiday destinations do have rental services for basic family facilities such as strollers, baby car seats, cribs, baby bikes and high chairs etc.

Availability of such family items may however depend upon time of the year, your location and time period you want to use that item for. So, it’s best to check online for such services or look in the local business directory to find a solution.

Traveling with kids is different, you just cannot let the moment guide you; it needs everything to be well planned. Our goal is to guide you through this series of articles for a successful family travel. Next part would take you further into the topic. Meanwhile, for booking cheap tickets & flights for an ideal family holiday, visit Nanak Flights.

Why Do Flight Prices Fluctuate?

Everyone looks for cheap flight tickets. There are many tips and tricks that people use to grab best deals on cheap tickets & flights but ticket pricing is seriously a complicated subject.

Many factors such as less competition, less flights and high capacity etc can make flight charges to go up and down. The interesting thing is - no one can appropriately predict when the prices would go down. Only the airlines decide when to lower down the prices.

As a frequent traveler, the ever fluctuating flight prices can be a matter of concern to you. Here, we discuss why flight prices fluctuate:

The Major Factors

There majorly are following four factors responsible for fluctuating flight prices:

·         Demand

·         Supply

·         Competition

·         Oil prices

Out of these, oil prices and tight competition can really affect the flight charges to go up and down. All the above things together determine the load factor. This calculation basically is the percentage of seats booked on a flight. Airlines want this number to be as high as possible. Airlines obviously want to earn maximum profit and they want their flights to fly full; airlines calculate load factor in order to fulfill their goals of profit and flight occupancy.

Airlines constantly try to manage this load factor by varying ticket prices to fill a flight. If both – demand and load factor is low, the airlines will throw on the cheap fare tickets and if the load factor and demand is high, they will raise the price. So, availability of cheap tickets & flights depend majorly on the load factor and demand.

What Type Of Passenger Are You?

Broadly, passengers are of two types – business and leisure. Business travelers usually are quite flexible on the prices because it’s their company paying for the trip but they have fixed dates to fly on. Leisure travelers on the other hand, can change travel dates but may not be that flexible for prices.

Airlines constantly try to maintain a balance between these two types of passengers to earn profit. The simple logic is – why would they fly with cheap fare seats when there are people ready to pay more?

People at airlines are smart. They know that a lot of travelers would book tickets in advance if a cheap price is offered. And they also are smart enough to hold back certain number of seats on a flight for business travelers who will be ready to pay more for a last minute booking.


Concluding that, price of the flight tickets fluctuate according to the demand and type of passengers. Airlines now even have advanced computer systems that can track sales history in the past for a quick comparison. If tickets are selling faster than in the past, the fare is increased. Moreover, if they see their competition raising the price, they would raise it too.

After all this calculation and understanding, it is not impossible to find cheap flights. With a little flexibility in your traveling plan, you can hit the cheap deals. Nanak flights always has lowest priced flights available to help you avoid paying into the airlines’ pocket. So, whenever you need to fly, book at Nanak Flights.

What Not To Do While Traveling

You have your passport ready and cheap flights booked for an exciting trip… what you normally look for is about things you should do while traveling. It’s all about what to do and where to go. But, have you ever thought the other way? – About things you should not do while on travel?

There are many mistakes travelers generally make which lead them to either a ruined trip or wasted money and time. While it’s good to know what to do, it is wise to know what not to do. Here are some of the common mistakes to be avoided in order to travel smart:

Do Not Exchange Currency At The Airport

We recommend not exchanging cash at the airport as it would have worst exchange rates. You can of course use ATMs and credit cards to get the best rates. This would ensure that you won’t get ripped off in a foreign city.

If there is no emergency to exchange money at the airport, do it at a bank but using your cards as much as possible is the best option.

Do Not Eat Near A Popular Tourist Spot

Usually the food near major tourist attractions or at popular food stands is double in price than elsewhere. Tourists generally don’t know much about the places to enjoy best local food; so, they eat whatever is easily available near the tourist places.

Explore the city and eat where locals love to eat. Walk a few block further and you may find better and cheaper food.

Do Not Avoid Hostels Totally

Most people think that hostels are only meant for poor students and that it has smelly rooms. But that was a thing of past. Most hostel rooms are now cleaner than any hotel room with all the modern facilities such as Wi-Fi network, laundry services and free computer access etc.

Modern day hostels are cheaper and are ideal for backpackers and travelers who love the company of like-minded people.

Do Not Use Taxis

Taxis are generally overpriced in most of the countries and so it is a good idea to drop them. Only if you have to reach somewhere late at night or when you have other people sharing the fare, you can think of using taxi services, otherwise, public transports are good.

Do Not Book Your Tickets Too Early

It may sound very convenient and exciting to book cheap tickets & flights as early as you decide the trip. But, if you book too early, you would end up paying more than everybody else.

When it comes to booking flights, it’s better to control your eagerness and wait for best deals. For flights, booking 3 or 4 months in advance is good. Especially when Nanak Flights is always ready with cheapest flight prices and price drop guarantee, you never need to look anywhere else.

Just get your cheap flight tickets booked with us to enjoy a stress free trip because now you know what not to do while traveling.

Travelling Toronto On A Budget

Toronto is an important Canadian city. It may not be as charismatic as Montreal and it is not as laid back as Vancouver; but it has a character of its own - full of endless charm that will impose you to book cheap flights and experience it yourself.

Living cost in Canada is quite high and traveling Canadian cities like Toronto should be fun; not expensive. Here is our guide to help you experience Toronto on a budget because money matters:

Getting Around In Toronto

Once you board cheap flights to Toronto, getting around in the city is very simple via Toronto Transit Commission. You can either take street cars, buses or subways to travel within the city. Subways are divided into yellow, blue, green and maroon lines leading to different routes of the city. Streetcars have 11 routes whereas buses run on 140 routes.

These commutation services run from early morning till late in the night and TTC services are even available by 1:30 am. So, getting around in Toronto is not only easy but inexpensive too.

Staying Options

Like commutation, Toronto has multiple options for accommodation too.

·        Hostels

Hostels are your cheapest option to stay in Toronto. On sharing, you can get a hostel room for CAD 20 or 30 per night but if you look for a private hostel room, it would charge about 60 or 70 CAD per night. A number of hostels can be found near the island airport, downtown and major entry points of the city. Make sure your hostel has breakfast and kitchen facilities to help further savings.

·        Motels & Hotels

If you need an instant booking, even the cheapest hotel may cost between 40 and 80 CAD in area near downtown. There of course are many upscale hotels that will cost you heavily but if you are in the city to explore it, most of your time would be spent outdoor; so, why waste money on lavish rooms?

Toronto is a large city and it is recommended to find an accommodation near central Toronto as it would be easier to move around. You can also explore alternative accommodations offered by different websites. Such accommodations are fairly cheap and offer great facilities.

Luxury Apartments in Toronto

If you are looking to stay in a luxury apartment in Toronto, check out the list of top luxury apartments in Toronto

Entertainment Options

Toronto has many options offering cheap or free entertainment. It is home to a number of parks to please every single member in the family. If watching animals in the zoo is fun for your family, you can visit the enormous High Park that also has beautiful gardens, sports facilities and long walking trails besides the zoo.

Some other parks worth visiting in Toronto are Allan Gardens Conservatory and Queen’s Park. If you want to experience history, plan a visit to the St. James Cathedral that will charm you with its colorful stain glass painted windows and stunning architecture. There also are several art galleries, museums and theatres to be explored on your visit to Toronto.

Food Options

The food scene of Toronto is quite versatile. If you are really low on your budget, explore the local grocery stores, buy your stuff and cook your own meal otherwise the restaurants and the food joints of Toronto would not disappoint you.

Do not miss tasting jerk chicken, falafel, chips and waffles in Toronto. A meal from street or food truck may cost around 5 or 8 CAD whereas a meal at an average restaurant will cost about 12 to 20 CAD depending upon the caliber of the restaurant.

If all this exciting information about Toronto excites you, just click here to book cheap flights to Toronto right away.