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Rising Trends of Mini Stays and Short Vacations

Rising Trends of Mini Stays and Short Vacations

There is a significant shift in how people carry out their vacation plans – shorter trips are being preferred instead of longer ones. On an average, people used to take out 10 days from their busy routine and spend their days vacationing all at once.


The trend has seemingly change as people now prefer a 2 to 5-day break and opt to travel shorter distances. That is because shorter tips help them get cheap flights, budget stays, and the dates usually linger around the weekend. Here are some of the reasons why short vacations have become so popular:


1.   Cost

The foremost thing is definitely the cost because that is what can help you shape your travel plan. We always want to find ways to save on cost, and the longer trips will definitely need more money than the shorter ones. Many people cancel their plans or save up for a long time to have their dream vacation. However, people now usually want diversity and so they break their travel plans to have more and at a better cost.

Short trips are affordable and you can find more ways to save on each expense. You can look out for cheap flights, alternative transport options, affordable stays, eat local delights, and more.

Most weekend getaways have packages that help you save a little more on cost. You might have to book your hotels way ahead because getting cheap accommodations within a short span of time is usually tough. However, there are also accommodation providers who can give you discounts for 3-5 nights of your stay.

Things to note:

       You must look out for discounts and deals

       If you go out in a group, you should follow the group rates and plan accordingly. This saves money for all.

       Try to get promo codes or follow travel contests that can help you get provisions for a trip


2.   Time

Time definitely plays an important role and that’s not just in one way. You need to get your holidays approved, plan ahead to get good deals, know the climatic condition of the place you want to visit at that time, and more.

Full-time employees mostly depend on weekends and holidays that luckily are adjacent to the weekends for planning a trip. It is usually tough to take out long vacations for young professionals, so getaways are ideal for them. The average amount of holidays in a year is around 16 days. It could be lesser depending on the country you are from, and that’s why vacations are planned during festivals.

You need to give a lot of time and effort to plan your trip. As per research, travelers go through an average amount of 38 websites to book their accommodations, get cheap flights, and activities. Planning is equally important for a mini stay just as we will plan for our dream holiday. When we spend money, we want to utilize it to the fullest. It is better to plan ahead and from the comfort of your home, even if shorter trips don’t need much to plan for.

Things to note:

       You need to have an estimate of what you want to do to plan your trip out. This will let you save time and have a neat itinerary ready.

       Research online and see what all you have access to so that you can make prior bookings and not miss out or waste more money when you get there. Just as you will first look for cheap flights and confirm you’re traveling, you should also find activities and events to be a part of.

       Try out offline options that give you detailed and reliable information about things that you can do at your stay. The local agents can help you ease out your plans, which is sometimes difficult to expect from virtual assistants.


3.   Diversity

If you plan a big vacation once a year and spend a lot of money to just tour through one specific location, you could have had more within than. According to time and number of leaves, it is always easier to plan out weekend getaways and even get cheap flights for those, rather than booking cheap flights for a trip, six months ahead of time.

We all have our dream destination, but there is so much more in the world than just one place you want to go to. People who wish to see diversity within a specific state or a country can surely plan out a big holiday, but the amount of money that it’ll require will be huge.

When we travel, we tend to go in groups, and that means everyone has their own choices. If someone wants to be by the seas, someone else might like to stay at the foot of a mountain. You can only fulfill everyone’s demand when you all decide to take short trips. This lets one person have his way in one trip, while the next is booked for the other.

You could have been disappointed to not see one place in two different climates, but with mini vacations, you will always like to come over to a place you had once visited. Mini vacations never let you have the most of one place, and that’s why most people like coming back and over and over again.

Things to note:

       When you plan a vacation, mark out some of the things to do and some of the places to must see. This not only helps you pack your bags but also tells you what to expect and what not to.

       You need to attend to seasonal trends and plan. For instance, if you are from a warmer location, you might want to travel to a place when it’s cold.

       Be open to other’s decisions and plans to make a trip happy and satisfying for everyone in concern.


4.    Planning

There is a major difference between planning for a short and a long trip. When you cut down on days, you don’t just cut down on money, but you also cut down on all the other possible things. You have a lighter luggage to carry, you have lesser places to eat, you have lesser time to make everything work out and that in turn might make you return to the place again.

When you plan for a short trip, you tend to take it easy and things seem to get organized within a short span of time. You can search and book cheap flights within 10 minutes, and then move onto accommodations. Most apps and websites let you have all under one roof, and they tend to give you more ideas about what to do and when you travel.

Things to note:

       Planning ahead of time lets you make the most of your mini stay. You don't have to work things out on your way.

       It is not tough to plan a short trip if you follow a list. Write down or note down the basic requirements like having a holiday approved, getting cheap flights booked, choosing the right stay, knowing what to see and do.


It is time to pack your bags and have your boss let you go. If you don’t get a holiday, you can always rely on the weekends and take a leave. Make sure to look out for discounts and deals for cheap flights and stays.


Things To Remember When Boarding The Flight During Pregnancy

Things To Remember When Boarding The Flight During Pregnancy.

 Travelling while expecting a child can be a challenge to many. Ahead are a few tips and things to remember when boarding the aeroplane for pregnant flyers.

Pregnancy is a period which has a number of emotions involved at the same time. There is excitement since a new family member is awaited, there is anxiety if the child is receiving the proper nutrients from the mother’s body, there is nervousness of childbirth and also the anticipation of immense pain to speak of a few. Utmost care is given to the expecting mother and the child in her womb to ensure a healthy family life ahead without any complications or difficulties. Life goes on a usual during pregnancy, in the sense that the mother travels, goes to the word, exercises as recommended and also doesn’t ignore the household chores. A woman is an all-rounder, and this creator of life does wonders. However, one must be cautious while travelling by flights due to changes in air pressure, elevation, temperature and similar other aspects.

Ahead are a few tips to help you travel better and that you must remember while boarding the flight.

Second Trimester:

Well, that’s exactly when you must consider getting on an aircraft while flying. By this time, the morning sickness from the first trimester of 9 months has already reduced considerably, and the weariness of the third hasn’t started showing any signs yet. It is recommended that one mustn’t embark on a journey after 36 to 38 weeks of pregnancy. The best is to ask your doctor before making a move because he knows best since that’s his field of expertise. No point taking a chance and risking the baby’s life. It is also suggested that it is wise to already keep information of your airline’s policies for pregnant passengers, in order to avoid last minute harassment and chaos which can stress the mother and that is not okay either.


In The Country:

To explain it in one line, it is better to choose domestic destinations as travelling international may be more tiring and a long journey is a big no-no. No one can predict what may happen while once in the air. Proximity to home ensures less distance from relatives who can rush anytime as needed and less contamination or total change in the eating habits and lifestyle. The body too requires time to adapt to its surroundings, and it is uncertain if the delicate child has such an immune system. High altitudes must be avoided while beaches are appreciated for their soothing effects.


Prenatal Record:

Carrying them is no harm. Just like a little infant constantly needs care and affection, similar is the expecting mother’s condition who can need medical help at any time of the day or night. Keeping records handy ensure that they can be used as a reference by any local doctor too and not just the one who is handling the case. Keeping one’s health insurance in the bag is also spoken highly of. These documents are as essential as the passport and should not be treated lightly at any cost.


Do Not Pick Heavy Objects:

Do not rush to carry your luggage on your own just because you feel you can do all that a man is capable of doing or simply because you do not want others to work for you. It turns out; it’s okay sometimes to be the spoilt queen and not work. Let others help you while carrying the heavy bags and suitcases. Do not bend too much as it could result in an injury to the child which may also lead to a life-long regret on your part. Try avoiding those screeners since their rays have the potential on high long-term damage. Instead, request for a pat-down security check. Taking help is okay.

 Hydration And Snacks:

These are essential for the effective and efficient functioning of even those who are not pregnant. The re-circulated air in the plane can cause dryness and lack of moisture. Drinking ample water is very important to remain hydrated which also avoids a feeling of nausea, dizziness and complete blackout. Eight to twelve glasses of water must be consumed each day. Regular munching on dry snacks is equally significant. While salted products are to be avoided as they may cause retention of fluids and consequent swelling. Raisins, carrots, un-cut fruits and granola bars are endorsed.



Blood circulation is essential. Taking an aisle seat allows easy access to the washroom as well as provides space for walking up and down at frequent intervals, lest there is a high chance of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis which can have severe effects. Putting on warm socks is also a suggestion to keep the blood concentration proper for smooth flow without any obstruction. Being restful is the key. Do not shy away from stretching the legs and arms regularly. Others will either judge or not care, but that shouldn’t matter to you since your body and child must be your number one priority. Let the world assume what they want to.


Avoid The Vent:

 As per the rules, you will not be allowed to have a seat by the emergency exit. But also avoid a place which is directly under a vent that blows direct air. Expecting mothers are more prone to catch a cold than the rest. Thus, one should not be exposed to potential viruses. It is also proposed that a hand sanitizer should always be kept in the handbag.


“Prevention is better than cure” is one motto that every family member of the pregnant lady as well she and the others around her must live by. A small mistake could lead to eternal suffering for some other being. These points aim to answer a few frequently asked questions that arise in the mind while boarding the flight during pregnancy. This is a beautiful experience which must be cherished and enjoyed since not everyone is blessed to give birth to a child and rear it up. Travelling can be stressful at times and especially when one is about to have a child and is going through immense physical along with social changes.

Rest back, take a trip, be careful and do let us know how helpful this was.

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Garba during Navratri festival in Ahmedabad

Garba during Navratri festival in Ahmedabad.

The festival of Navratri is a religious celebration and one of the best ways to celebrate it is with Garba. It is a traditional form of dance which originated in the Indian state of Gujarat. The spiral or circular movements of Garba are performed around either a clay lamp or a picture of Hindu goddess Shakti.

Garba events are hosted during nights for all nine days of the festival. The songs played at these gatherings usually revolve around Lord Krishna and the nine Hindu goddesses. Being a Gujarati folk dance the best place to visit for an authentic experience of Garba is the city of Ahmedabad. One can also find cheap flights to Ahmedabad through various online booking portals. 

Preparation for Garba

Ahmedabad also has numerous dance classes that people can visit to learn about Garba. These classes start almost a month in advance so that they can teach you various dance routines. In case you want to know which are the best dance classes in Ahmedabad, then the answer is Dancing Street and Manali Dance Academy.


Shopping for Garba

Garba events are also about the elaborate costumes and jewelry. Some of the best places that you can visit for buying them are either Law Garden or Manik Chowk. These markets also offer great discounts. That is why it is important to book your cheap flights to Ahmedabad today.


Events locations

Travelers can find various Garba events throughout the city of Ahmedabad. These events can either be public or private gatherings. Some of the most popular events are held in Bandra Fort, Teen Darwaza, and GMDC Grounds. The events last throughout the night and also have live Gujarati bands playing to make the celebration even more joyful.


To book your cheap flights to Ahmedabad visit our online travel portal today and make the most of the festive discounts available.


Durga Pooja in Mumbai, Maharashtra India

Durga Pooja in Mumbai, Maharashtra India

Durga Pooja is a Bengali Hindu festival which starts on the sixth day of Navratri. It is celebrated all across the country, but you will especially find beautiful pandals in West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Orissa.  The festivities stretch over a period of five days and are dedicated to the Hindu goddess Durga.

One of the best places that travelers can visit to discover the joy of Durga Pooja is the city of Mumbai. It hosts various community gatherings known as pandals which can be attended by anyone. Travelers can also find cheap flights to Mumbai at this time as it is the peak of the festive season.

Here is a list of the of the top three Durga Pooja Pandals in Mumbai that you must visit.

Powai Bengali Welfare Association

This Pandal is located in Powai and is known for being the most innovative. The highlight of this event is the shrine of goddess Durga which is creatively portrayed each year. People from all walks of life book their cheap flights to Mumbai just to visit this event.


Balkanji Bari

If you want to be a part of a star-studded Durga Pooja, then Balkanji Bari must be on your list. This gathering is hosted by the famous Bollywood actress duo Rani Mukherjee and Kajol. One can not only catch a glimpse of traditional style festivities but also of various celebrities who visit the Pandal frequently.


Shivaji Park- Bengal Club

In case you are looking for a total package while visiting Mumbai for Durga Pooja then the Bengali Club at Shivaji Park is the best that the city has to offer. It is the oldest event in Mumbai which is also known for serving authentic Bengali cuisine.

We are sure after reading all about Durga Pooja in Mumbai you to must be excited to visit the city. So make sure that you book your cheap flights to Mumbai as soon as possible to enjoy the upcoming festival.


Enjoy Festive season in Northern India Navratri, Diwali etc

Enjoy Festive season in Northern India Navratri, Diwali etc

India is not only a land of tourist attractions but is also of various festivals. That is why visiting the country during the festive season is the best chance for you to explore the Indian culture and traditions. One of the best destinations that you can choose for planning your future trip is Delhi.

The city is the capital of India and is located in the northern part of the country. Apart from being known for its rich history, Delhi is also famous for its cultural and festive activities. If you are looking to get an authentic experience of the Indian festive season, then booking cheap flights to Delhi is a must.

Navratri Celebration

One of the most elaborate festivals of northern India is Navratri which is celebrated over a period of nine days. The festival is dedicated to nine different Hindu goddesses, each of whom is worshipped on a different day.

One of the best things about Navratri celebration is Garba, which is a mass gathering and energetic all-night dance party. Due to its popularity, many travelers from all around the world book their cheap flights to Delhi during Navratri.

Diwali Celebration 

Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights which comes in autumn every year. During Diwali, people burst crackers and exchange sweets. The festival marks the victory of good over evil and gives hope to people all over the world.

During the festival, the night sky of Delhi has one of the most beautiful views to offer which cannot be replicated anywhere else, thanks to the amazing firecrackers.

So if you too are looking to experience different Indian festivals then make sure that you visit Delhi during the next season. To make the most of your trip, you can book your cheap flights to Delhi with us.


Nanak Flights Announces Plans to Launch Franchise Opportunities Canada-Wide

TORONTO, Ontario, September 11 — Nanak Flights (, a fast growing travel agency, has recently surpassed 103 million total sales. This hallmark accomplishment, combined with its best performing year to date, has the company planning new ways to continue its growth. Coming off a huge win after receiving TICO certification for wholesale licensing, Nanak Flights has recently decided to expand and offer franchising opportunities to entrepreneurs and business leaders across Canada.


Rishi Kapoor, Founder and CEO of Nanak Flights says “We’re looking forward to expanding our business across Canada and shaking things up by offering high quality customer service and some of the best rates in North America.


Nanak Flights is excited to see more brick and mortar travel agencies selling under their trusted brand. Their affordable franchise fees unlock access to their proven business model, along with the ability to offer cheap flights to travelers using their amazing airline deals.

Franchise owners opening a brick and mortar storefront will benefit from a wide variety of competitive advantages, including:


  • Weekly commission transfers through ACH.
  • Ticketing authority on more than 70 airlines.
  • Extensive training on Airline products by our airline product experts.
  • Insider access to a proven formula.
  • The ability to promote your franchise with our internationally recognized brand.


Franchising offers are limited, interested applicants should contact our office for more details. Please be aware we are limiting Franchise applications to Ontario agencies with TICO certifications, British Columbia agencies with Consumer Protection BC certification, followed by agencies in Alberta with good credit rating. Our preference to agencies with certification helps ensure all consumers purchases are protected by the stringent laws required by provincial consumer protection agencies.


Contact us today to begin the process of opening your own franchise and joining the friendly team at Nanak Flights.