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Best Places for Dating Ideas in Vancouver

Best Places for Dating Ideas in Vancouver

Usually while planning dates or romantic trips we like to stick to our own city. It is because we know about every great dating place of that particular destination. But why not try something new by visiting a few of the best dating places around the world. Today you are going to read about a city that has fantastic locations for dates and is also one of the busiest towns of the country. Vancouver is situated on the West Coast of British Columbia and is also known for its ethnically diverse culture.

Apart from its film industry, Vancouver has a lot to offer in the form of natural terrains, art collections, theatres, beaches and even live music. It is an ideal destination for a romantic getaway with your partner. Also due to its popularity with couples, you can easily find cheap flights to Vancouver throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the city is from April to October.

To help you plan the perfect dates or romantic outings while you are in Vancouver here is a small list of locations that we have created.

1. Eagle's Bluff

In case you are a fitness freak and also want to experience the spectacular views of the city then hiking at the Eagle’s Bluff is worth a shot. These amazing rocky slopes are situated above the Eagle Harbourin West Vancouver. It offers one of the most magnificent and surreal views of the city from its highest point. While you are at this dating location, you can even appreciate the beauty of its natural surrounding. Also one can easily find hiking gears in the shops located at the starting point of the trail. It means you will not have to go hunting for gear before planning your date.

2. Whistler Bungee

If you want to try something extreme on your date, then make it a point to visit Whistler Bungee in Vancouver. It has been nominated as one of the most adventurous activities by the locals and can offer you the adrenaline rush you crave. Also, unlike individual bungee jumping, Whistler has couple packages where you can jump off the bridge with your partner. It is located south of the city and is only a fifteen-minute drive from the central part. Over the years this bungee jumping attraction has encouraged many couples from all over the world to book their cheap flight to Vancouver.

3. Telus World of Science

Are you a science lover who likes to know how everything came into existence? Then this dating place is perfect for you. The Telus World of Science is a non-profit organization which is situated in Quebec Vancouver. The attraction focuses on various science-themed events and activities. It can be the ideal way to spend your day and learn more about the universe at the same time. Here couples can also engage in various science-related movies and shows which target different age groups. It is a somewhat unusual and exciting location to take your significant other.

4. Hawksworth

Fancy dining dates are something that every couple experiences. If you want to make it a little more interesting, then you can also visit a steakhouse that offers excellent food and ambiance in a single location. One such restaurant is Hawksworth which is located in Rosewood Hotel Georgia. It is known for its north-western cuisine an extensive array of wine. The restaurant is also one of the most preferred dating locations for the locals. However, it is a bit more expensive than others which means saving while booking your cheap flights to Vancouver can come in handy.

5. Vancouver Aquarium

Taking your partner for an underwater dive without getting wet is now possible. We are talking about Vancouver Aquarium which is located in Stanley Park. This location has various under aquarium tunnels that can give you a magnificent view of how the sea looks. It makes for one of the most surreal places to be in the entire city. Some of the most popular exhibits that you can find in Vancouver Aquarium include Pacific Canada Pavilion, Arctic Canada, and The Wild Coast. Also, there are multiple eateries within the park making it easy for you to grab a quick bite or a cup of coffee.

6. Vancouver Zoo

If you and your partner love animals then make it a point to experience the local wildlife by visiting the Greater Vancouver Zoo. It showcases one of the most extensive collections of animals that you can find in the entire country. The park is spread over 120 acres of land making it possible to spend your whole day without getting bored. Also, there are different exhibits dedicated to each species so that you can see them in their natural habitat. The management also conducts guided safaris so that couples or groups can get real insights about a particular animal species. So for your next trip book your cheap flights to Vancouver to see these exotic animals in their natural environment.

7. Storm Crow Tavern

Another dating place which is different from your usual fine dining restaurants is Storm Crow Tavern. It is an eatery which is known for its nerdy themed ambiance, food, games, and drinks. Here couples can enjoy a competitive match of board games like Jenga over a few rounds of beer. Also, this restaurant is the only one to host screenings of science fiction movies and that too on a large screen. It is a great place to release your inner player over a friendly match with your partner.

8. Off The Grid Waffles

If you and your love interest have a sweet tooth, then you must visit Off The Grid Waffles while you are in Vancouver. It is one of the most trending dating places in the entire city and is attended by hundreds of couples each day. Also Off The Grid Waffles is known for its gourmet concoctions of this Belgian delight that you cannot find elsewhere. The quaint little cafe is located on Kingsway Street and usually, opens around 3 p.m in the afternoon. The waffles served here are so popular that people from all over the country book their cheap flights to Vancouver to have a taste.

9. Iona Beach

In case you prefer a more romantic and subtle date then a long walk on the Iona Beach is an excellent idea. The beach is one of the most beautiful out of all the waterfronts that the city has to offer. Also, it is considered to be an ideal place for picnics and hiking. In case you want to ride a bike instead of a simple stroll then you can find rental shops near the beach itself. It is also way less crowded than any other dating locations in Vancouver.

10. Univrs VR Lounge

For those couples who are techies and love to be in the virtual world rather than the real one, the Univrs VR Lounge is a dating paradise. It is known for conducting various virtual reality games where couples can compete with one another and spend quality time together. In other words, this dating location is ideal for pairs who are addicted to virtual gaming.

We bet after knowing about all the exciting dating places available in Vancouver you to want to visit the destination as soon as possible. So without wasting any time further make sure that you book your cheap flights to Vancouver immediately.


Best Places for Dating Ideas in Calgary

Best Places for Dating Ideas in Calgary

No matter how much relationships are tied down to virtual assistance, there is nothing that you can trade for an ideal date. You maybe into a relationship for a long time or simply trying to speak up about your feelings – a perfect date in Calgary could be all that you need. We have added some of the best places you could choose, but first you must check the cheap flights to Calgary, and then make bookings for your date.



Starting off with the patent – going out for coffee never gets old. The ‘ideal first date’ is still about meeting at a café. When in Calgary, you must taste Kawa’s coffee treats. They have fabulous matcha lattes and exclusive beer. Kawa hosts live jazz shows in the evening and warms up your date a little more.

2.Paper Street

If your date loves to eat, you must take her to Paper Street. This place exhibits a laidback charm of the city, but has a touch of international street-food traditions. The ‘buttermilk fried chicken waffle cone’ is a must try for everyone who’d like to taste unique street food delights.

3.Broken City

Calgary hosts quite a lot of standup comedy events. You could opt for Yuk Yuk's or The Comedy Cave. You will also find events according to days – for example, Broken City hosts Monday Comedy Night, but the days can change for another week. When you book the cheap flights to Calgary, make sure you make booking for such dates too.

4.Boomtown Pub & Patio

Meeting up for a drink can also be a classic idea. You could like the upmarket for wine tasting or perfect cocktails, or you could also go for a group date at a public sing-a-long. If you’re dating out during the summers, you must go to a patio.

5.Sandy Beach

We could give you a list of summer date ideas in Calgary, but what’s better than hitting the beach? Two of you can learn kayaking from the University of Calgary’s Outdoor Centre or embrace the sunshine at the Sandy Beach. It is also ideal for group dates if you’re traveling with more friends in here. Don’t miss out on booking the cheap flights to Calgary in advance.

6.The Locked Room

If you’re bored with the most common and casual date nights, you could choose to get to an escape room in Calgary. Imagine being locked up in a room with your partner and solving a mystery to escape. You will have to solve problems and puzzles together, and that can help you understand each other well. You will need advanced bookings for this, so do that after you have booked your cheap flights to Calgary.

7.Olympic Plaza

There are two types of dates for people in the winter months of Calgary – something that helps you hide from the cold and something that lets you enjoy the cold. You could go skating at the Olympic Plaza and gulp up hot chocolate. You could also want to stay indoors and snuggle up with your loved up as you watch snowfall from your hotel room. Make sure you book your cheap flights to Calgary before winter sets in.


Art lovers could head to the Bert Church Live Theatre at Airdie. The stage also has renowned people performing music and acts all through the year. As you plan your cheap flights to Calgary make sure you also have the tickets booked for the shows you’d like to see here. The auditorium fits in 377 people and uniquely lets everyone interact with the performers.

9.Telus Spark

Every second or third Thursday of the month, the Telus Spark puts up a special Adults Only Night. You get to experience interactive sessions while you sip through drinks. It is not just date-friendly, but also lets you get closer to your partner where you’d like to discuss biology with her in detail. It helps the relationship strengthen, as you get to show how concerned you are about each other’s well being.

10.Frank Lake Conservation

People often like dates that are filled with quietness and tranquility. If you too want to come out of the busy streets, you might love to visit the Frank Lake Conservation area in Calgary. People who have never tried bird watching will be surprised to see how peaceful a nature park can be.

You can hire binoculars and spot more than 190 species of birds in the lake. This lake has been listed as one of the important bird zones in Canada as per Duck’s Unlimited. The shallow lakes inhabit the prairie grasslands of Southern Alberta and add to the beauty of the environment.

11.Griffith Valley Ranch

If you’ve ever imagined kings and queens dating out on a horseback, here’s your chance to live the moment! Go through the rugged terrains at the foothill of Rocky Mountains in Calgary. You must check out the Griffith Valley Ranch on coming here. The area has over 4,500 acres of forest land, with valleys and plenty of streams.

For more than four decades, the Griffin family has provided several horses and allowed riders of
all levels to hire them. You can take up annual membership or hourly rides with your date, and go on unguided tours. These bookings must be done in advance, like you book the cheap flights to Calgary.

12.The Classic Soda Shop

The Classic Soda Shop at Marv has the right soft drinks that you should taste on your visit to Calgary. As you go inside Marv you feel like walking into a 50s movie set. The place will give you an essence of retro styles that you might have had heard of, till now.

You will be greeted with doo-wop tunes on a jukebox, watch the servers help you in the uniforms of the 50s, and gaze at the walls covered with stickers and posters of singers who played at that time. The soda shop is tucked away in the core of Black Diamond, and you will get floats, sundaes, banana splits and sodas here.

13.The Blues Can

The Blues Can is another place to get some live music. It is located in Inglewood and has performances every night. They also have ‘live blues jam’ on Saturday afternoons. Since this place brings in touring acts from all across the globe, you need to stay updated to know what to expect and when.

14.New Orleans Creole Cookery

If soft tunes are more of your thing, you could eat at the New Orleans Cajun Creole Kitchen. They serve you authentic Cajun delights, as you can sway at the soft beats. The songs here will have words that you’re probably struggling to convey.

Calgary has something to serve for everybody, and they can also be opted for, according to the season you travel here. From the sandy beaches or the icy cold times, from the rugged terrains to the nature park, there is something for everybody. You know what your partner would love the most – all you need to do is book the cheap flights to Calgary, book your date, and let the rest do the talking.

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How to prepare yourself for long-haul flights | Things to keep in mind

How to prepare yourself for long-haul flights

Have an unbearably long flight ahead of that dream vacation, you spent months planning? You might want to check out a few pointers/ things you should keep in mind for a comfortable (and happy) journey.

Boarding a long flight ahead of that dream vacation can sure be a daunting task. And yet, amid the humdrum of pre-bookings, packing and the excitement of sailing to the unknown shores, this aspect of a journey is often left out, unattended. One of the most underrated parts of your vacation, long flights can leave you tired, jet-lagged and sleep deprived if not planned out carefully.

Yes; you read that right. A little pre-planning and overhand preparation before setting off on your adventure trail can go a long way in lighting up your mood, relaxing your body and ensuring that you have a great day ahead. However, if we left you wondering where to start from, fret no more! We already have it covered for you. Take a look at some of the most frequently given bits of advice from the experts, before flying the skies.


Pre-planning ensures you board your flight well-equipped and stress-free. This especially comes handy if you are an anxious traveller.

     Sleep is important

If you intend to catch up on your forty winks on the flight itself, you might be in for a rude shock. With limited space and amidst crying babies, you don’t really get a chance. A better option, though, is to travel well rested and avoid a bad jet lag later.

     Take a look at your travel documents

Take some time to sort out all your travel documents you might need for the journey and save yourself from that last-minute anxiety.

     Pack right

Check the weather conditions of the place you are headed to and pack accordingly. Play fair between must-haves and wants. Learn to travel light.

Book the right Airlines

A bad flight experience may leave you tired, unhappy and irritated. Especially if it’s a long one. However, a little look into the matter can leave you kickstarting your vacation on a good note. Here are the things you should keep in mind before deciding on your air carrier.

     There should be ample of legroom

If it’s a long flight, your primary task is to make sure you are at your prime comfort level. Legroom, though small, is one such aspect that adds up to your ease in a major way. Try comparing legroom measurements offered by different flights as well as the seat width and prices.

     Choose your own seat

Most airlines allow one to choose one’s seat while booking the flight. Avoid booking the seats at the back of the plane.

     Check the food

While most long-haul flights offer a great deal catering to a wide range of preferences, it is always a good idea to pre-check with your airlines if you have any special requirements.

     Be aware of the flight’s restrictions

It is a better to be aware of the baggage weight restrictions and other such restrictions than paying a hefty fee later.


Remember, comfort is the key. Try and get an upgrade whenever possible.

Know your Needs

You need to be well equipped for a good in-flight experience. Here are the things you should consider carrying - neck pillows, chewing gum, eye masks, noise-cancelling headphones, travel toothpaste and a toothbrush, earplugs, your own blanket and pillow, and some sanitary wipes to keep clean. If you have any other special requirements, like specific medical prescriptions or some homemade snacks, add them to your bucket list.

Health Check

A long-haul flight requires you to sit at the same place for an insanely long interim of time. And if you are not prepared for this, it might take a toll on your health. Research has shown that long flights often pose the risk of dehydration, sleep deprivation and deep vein thrombosis. The good news is, you can easily ward off these risks by keeping a few points in mind.

     Keep hydrated

As mentioned earlier, long flights tend to leave you dehydrated, and the only solution to that is drinking enough water or electrolytes at regular intervals throughout the journey. Try to avoid consuming any alcoholic beverages.

     Avoid the risk of DVT

DVT or deep vein thrombosis is the formation of blood clots in deep vein for insufficient physical activity or being in the same position for an extended period of time. For a flight running for more than 4 hours, the risk is more than just apparent.

Try getting up and walking around the aisle at regular intervals. Flex your leg muscles and do some body stretches to increase the blood flow. If you are prone to this, you might want to consult your doctor and take along some compression stockings or blood-thinning medicine with you.

Look for good flight connections

We understand you might be looking for as little travel time as possible. And why not? When heading for a good stress-buster holiday, who wants to waste away those extra pockets of times on mundane stuff?

And yet, it is often advisable to leave a humble time interim between your two flights. Aiming for tight flight connections often leaves one with little room to collect and secure all the luggage, clear the customs, grab a meal(if needed) and freshen up. Nevertheless, it is important to decide on a connection that gives you enough time to board the second flight smoothly.

Ease away that Boredom

Your long flight means over five hours of nothingness and monotonicity, shackled to a single corner. Sounds boring? How about jazzing up your journey?

     Check out the airline’s entertainment options

Several airlines provide their travellers with in-flight connectivity along with some good movie options and reading facilities. Do a little homework, and check in advance the facilities provided by your airlines to make that long flight more endurable.

     Carry that book

Reading is a great way to pass away some of those blank hours with ease. Invest in some good page turner, whodunnit novel or better still, re-read some of your favourite ones. Alternatively, one can spend the time browsing through your favourite magazines and newspapers.

     Take along some of your e-gear

Electronic gadgets like laptops, tablets or a Kindle reader make for some great time-pass.

Dress Right

How you dress, play a major role in framing up your in-flight experience. This should not really come as a surprise when you’d be wearing the same dress for up to seven hours. When deciding on your clothing, here’s what you should keep in mind.

     Avoid wearing jewellery

Your jewellery will not only set off the security alarm but can also become irritating to wear in the long run. A better option is to save them for flaunting on your vacation.

     Choose your footwear wisely

Trust us; you don’t really want to run around, clacking on your 4-inch heels, whilst boarding your flight. Try wearing some comfortable close-toed shoes instead.

     Wear comfort clothing

We are talking about loose, layered garments that allow proper ventilation, sans belt and tightly fitted stockings. Dress according to the climate and remember to carry that extra sweater in case it gets cold.


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Five cheapest European destinations from Canada

Five cheapest European destinations from Canada

Thinking about a Europe tour? Start from here! Here’s a list of five of the most affordable, pocket-friendly destinations in Europe that every Canadian should consider visiting for a budget trip. 

Stunning skylines; colourful streets, accentuated by a rich culture; snazzy pubs; interesting people; fantastic architectural marvels; and a history that is enough to make you scrunch up your glasses and take note.

No. This is not an exaggerated attempt to describe a dream vacation. We just described a budget-friendly Europe tour. Or to be more precise, a melange of quintessential experiences that you might live through if you happen to plan an escapade across the Atlantic. But if your bank balance is what’s stopping you from packing your suitcases and setting off, allow us to change your mind by introducing you to some of the cheapest European travel destinations every Canadian should travel to.

If this gets your attention, we advise you to hold on fast to your seatbelts and check out a few pocket-friendly options. Beware, it’s a fancy ride ahead!

Fly away...

The idea of a Europe tour may come across as a bit too pricey, but if your mind is set and your bags packed, it’s a great idea to give it a try. The good news is, you, as a Canadian, can gather the choicest of the experiences in a number of European cities while sticking to your budget. The Canadian dollar is pretty strong and the flights, comparatively cheaper. Take a look.

The city of immigrants: Lisbon, Portugal

It won’t be wrong to list this one as the cultural capital of the world. This beautiful city presents a kaleidoscopic milieu of cultures, cuisine, people and experiences. The best part? You can easily afford to pick up on the Lisbon trail.

The city is famous for its cobbled streets, food, nightlife, rustic buildings with cute steeped slopes and friendly people. Once here, don’t forget to check out Castela de S Jorge, a ruined Moorish castle atop a hill; take a stroll around the Alfama district; get a panoramic view of the entire cityscape atop the Miradouro de Santa Catarina, against the soothing tunes of bohemian music; hop on a tram and tour across the city; have a stress-busting session at the Guincho beach, overlooking the Atlantic ocean; and get a taste of its famous custard tarts.

The Paris of the East: Budapest, Hungary

You may leave your footprints on the entire continent of Europe, but the one place that will definitely steal your heart is this one. Budapest, with its sophisticated elegance and superior allure, promises to make you want to visit the land, again and again.

The city is decorated with pristine water from the river Danube, and an afternoon spent sailing through the river while gazing at the city’s gorgeous architecture is a match made in heaven. Interestingly, the culturally rich city still shows remnants of the glorious Turkish empire, that once thrived here, blending beautifully with the city’s modernity.  

Other must-dos include a walk down the Chain bridge, soaking in the hot waters of the Széchenyi’s Bath, wine tasting at the Faust Wine Cellar, visiting the Buda castle and trying out the fantastic, local cuisine( particularly, the pastries!).

An Exotic cultural mix: Kiev, Ukraine

There is no denying the fact that this Ukrainian city presents a unique, harmonious fusion of modernity and antiquity, existing together as one. What one might not know, however, is that this wonderland also happens to be one of the cheapest European holiday destinations for Canadians.

From its vibrant, bustling bazaars, interspersed with the local charm, to its quiet churches and verdant parks laced with a soothing ambience, Kiev proudly claims its contrast in a vivid display of both, sobriety and allure.

Once here, don’t forget to pay a visit to the National Chernobyl Museum, Andriyevsky Descent (a popular commoner’s market), St. Sophia Cathedral, the all unique museum of miniatures, and the Independence square. There is so much to do here that you might run out of time; so plan accordingly. Needless to say, if you are planning a visit here, you are going to make some of the best memories of your life, and you will be left amazed!


Bulgaria’s Pride: Sofia, Bulgaria

Reflecting a fine Ottoman style, the second oldest settlement in Europe is a land offering a plethora of delights, ranging from well-designed museums and galleries to parks and churches. This cultural paradise features some of the best architectural wonders, orthodox cathedrals and historical anecdotes, a virtue that not only stems from its colourful past but also from its rich diversity.

Once here, ditch the cabs and take an on-foot tour of the entire city, relishing the gothic buildings of the medieval times as well as getting a taste of the delectable local cuisine. The place is surrounded by Vitosha mountain allowing one to go for a mini trek as well. Also, don’t forget to pay a visit to St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia's Puppet Theatre, art galleries, and the most fascinating of all, the National Archaeological Museum. Bulgaria is known for its traditional dolls, and it is absolutely mandatory to splurge a little on one to take back home.

The Historical marvel: Krakow, Poland

If you take pride in calling yourself a history buff, well then, this place is just about right for you to spend a budget-friendly vacation in. From amazing medieval architecture to the bleak reminders of the second world war, this place seems to have put every significant piece of human history on proud display.

Some of the must-dos, here, includes a quiet stroll along the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial, an exciting shopping expedition at the Main Market Square, an idyllic time spent inside the realms of the gothic-styled St. Mary's Basilica, and the Polish Aviation Museum, a famous haunt of the aviation enthusiasts. Probably the most famous spot of the city, however, is the Oskar Schindler's Factory, a prominent spot where the Jews hid illegally to escape the Nazi torture.

Excited to travel! Check out our deals on cheap flights and pack your bags for Europe.

Best Places for Dating Ideas in Toronto

Best Places for Dating Ideas in Toronto

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about dating ideas is taking our special someone to a fancy restaurant and a movie afterward. However, this approach has long been obsolete. The new age adventurous couples want something more out of their lives. That is why it is essential to show your real side on the first date itself.
More and more places all over the world are now offering a bunch of activities that couples can enjoy together, and Toronto is no different. Whether it is the beautiful beaches, adventure sports, or live music one can experience everything while they are in the city. Apart from this Toronto also offers different attractions for first-time visitors making it one of the most popular destinations.
Therefore, we suggest that you book your trip to Toronto if you want to take your partner on a special outing. To help you narrow down the best places for dating in Toronto here is a list of 10 locations that we have put together.



Taking your date to a bar might be right and tested, but it is also such a cliche. Instead, you should try spending your time at game zone like SPIN. It is one of the most popular ping-pong bars in Toronto which is also known to be very popular with the youth. After enjoying a friendly match with your partner, you can even grab a few drinks or a quick bite at the bar. The best part about SPIN is that it is open until late night and also has private music events that can be attended by paying a nominal fee.


2. Edge Walk

If you and your partner love adventure, then this place is perfect to go on a date. Edge Walk is located at the CN Tower which is a 356-meter high building. Once the participants reach the top of the building, they are harnessed to the edge of the roof so that they get a 360-degree view of the city. In case you are looking to try something unique then this is the best place to visit. Also, Edge Walk is situated on the highest building in Toronto and is the only one to offer a full 360-degree hands-free walk. This reason itself is enough for most couples to book their flights to Toronto each year.


3. Pursuit OCR

This dating place might sound like a somewhat unusual choice, but it can get you in touch with your inner kid once again. Pursuit OCR is a 10,000 square feet obstacle course zone which can be an exciting place to take your significant other. It is an indoor adventure zone which has various activities to offer. It also includes the only adult ball pit in Toronto. Due to its popularity, one can easily find passes to Pursuit OCR without prior bookings. The zone is open until 11 pm daily giving you enough time to enjoy to your heart's content.


4. St. Lawrence Market

In case you want to keep your date simple and also want to experience the city at the same time then you must visit St, Lawrence Market. It is one of the most prominent marketplaces that you can find in the city. It has more than hundred plus vendors or stores to showcase. In other words, St. Lawrence Market has multiple bakeries, cheese shops, artisans, and butchers to offer. However, the highlight of the market is the iconic 200-year-old Victorian architecture that can make anyone wish to explore the St. Lawrence Market instantly.


5. I FLY

Have you always wanted to try skydiving but are afraid of heights? If so then we have the perfect solution for you in the form of I FLY Toronto. It is an indoor skydiving zone that defies gravity and is a wild place to take your date. The great thing about this dating place is that it offers an authentic experience but that too in a safe environment. I FLY offers custom packages for individuals, couples, and even groups. It means you can now enjoy a real free-fall experience that too with your partner.


6. Second City

What better way to impress your date then by making them laugh. The ideal place to release your inner comedian while you are in Toronto is at the Second City. It is theatre located in Mercer Station which has comedy events on a weekly basis. Not just that but the Second City also offers comedy or improv classes, that you can join if you want to be a part of the events yourself. These shows are usually scheduled on Mondays and Fridays every week. So the next time you visit Toronto make sure that you reserve your tickets for the event as well.


7. The Royal York

If you want to leave a lasting impression on your date, then take them to the high tea at the Royal York. It is a five-star hotel situated in the central part of the city and is known for hosting the best high tea gatherings. The sophistication and elegance of the place can be seen in the array of dainty pastries and sandwiches which are served at the Library Bar. Also, the hotel has a quaint little rooftop herb garden which is ideal for taking a stroll with your love interest.


8. Gone Sailing

Toronto is known for its beaches, and it is almost impossible to be away from water while you are in the city. So if you to want to be near one then try adventurous watersport with Gone Sailing. One can either opt for a passenger sailboat tour or rent a yacht for the day depending on their budget. Also, there are team building programs and sailing sessions provided to every participant to make sure that they are safe. While on tour the couple can also take a dip together in the fresh waters near the Toronto Islands. We bet this is making you think about how to plan your trip to Toronto as soon as possible.


9. Art Battle

Are you and your date artistic once then try your luck at Toronto's Art Battle? It is a friendly painting competition that has a total of three rounds. It is the best way to either be a part of art or painting competition yourself or just watch others from the audience. Art Battle Toronto has everything from friendly competition, beautiful paintings, to cocktails that to all under one roof. The event is usually held in the Great Hall on Queen Street in West Toronto.


10. Distillery District

Last but surely not the least, if you want to take a quiet stroll away from the hectic life of the city then you must visit the Distillery District of Toronto. The entire district is filled with designer shops, art galleries, and boutiques that can offer you a great variety to shop. You can also experience the charm of the distillery buildings made with Victorian architecture. To take your partner on a trip of a lifetime, make sure that you visit these exciting dating places while you are in Toronto.

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You can also read the article on our website

Top 20 Cheap flight deals and how to book these deals with screenshots

Top 20 Cheap flight deals and how to book these deals with screenshots:

Have you been searching for cheap flight tickets for your upcoming trip? You have come to the right place. Nanak Flights is one of the best Canadian travel agency offering affordable airline tickets. Whether you are traveling to Canada or any other destination in the world, we can offer you the most affordable deals on air tickets. Thanks to our tie-ups with all major airlines, we can offer you with best flight deals even on last minute flights.

To make the most of our discounts for October and November here is a list of the top 20 cheap flight deals available on our site. All fares are searched on Oct 10, 12pm EST and are subject to change based on seat availability and changes by airline.

1. Toronto to Vancouver

Book your air tickets from Toronto to Vancouver on 16th October 2017 at a fantastic price of CAD 883. The flight returns on 19th October 2017 giving you round-trip flights without any additional charges. It is the cheapest flights that you can find online for these destinations.


2. Toronto to Calgary

In case you want to visit Calgary from Toronto then the cheapest tickets are available on 15th of October 2017. The return tickets are on 18th October 2017 giving you a complete two-day halt. The total cost of these flights is CAD 884 which no other ticket booking portal will be able to beat. 


3. Toronto to New York

People traveling to New York from Toronto are in for luck as the lowest flight tickets are just CAD 287. The departure of the flight is on October 16th whereas the return is on October 19th, 2017. In case yours is a business trip then these short-halt flights are perfect for your requirement.


4. Toronto to Chicago

The fastest and the cheapest way to reach Chicago from Toronto is by booking a flight ticket. Our flight deals are set at an amazing price of CAD 516 making it extremely reasonable. The flight departs on October 15th, 2017 and returns after two days on October 17th.


5. Toronto to Delhi

Cheap long-duration flights are usually not comfortable, but that is not the case with us. By booking our Toronto to Delhi flight flights, you will be able to receive an exclusive price of CAD 980. Since it is a long duration flight, the departure date is November 6th, 2017 while the return is scheduled for 22nd November 2017.


6. Toronto to Mumbai

Another extended duration flights is from Toronto to Mumbai. The departure date of the flight is November 6th while the return is on November 23rd, 2017. The cost of the flights is CAD 941 which is the lowest for a round-trip deal between these destinations.


7. Montreal to Ahmedabad

Airline ticket flights from Montreal to Amsterdam tend to sell out fast due to their popularity. But with Nanak Flights you can book your flights at a nominal cost of CAD 1003. The departure date of this particular flight is on 25th October 2017. However, to allow you a comfortable stay the return ticket is of 14th November.


8. Montreal to Delhi

Montreal to Delhi is one of the busiest flight routes between the two countries. That is why it is usually difficult to get a reasonable price on airline tickets. But with Nanak Flights you can book a return tour flights for these destinations at just CAD 904. The flight will depart on November 7th, 2017 and will return on November 28th, 2017.


9. Ottawa to Delhi

Ottawa and Delhi are both popular tourist destinations which is why we have included them in our cheap flight deals. The flight from Ottawa to Delhi departs on November 2nd, 2017. Its CAD932.The return ticket is on November 21st, 2017 giving you a good 20 day period to enjoy your stay in Delhi.


10. Toronto to London

In case your next trip is to London from Toronto then book a tour flights on November 1st, 2017 through our website. The flightsisbeen priced at CAD 729 and includes a return ticket of November 10th 2017. This deal can also be found in short halt flights.


11. Toronto to Paris

You can also book a ticket to Paris from Toronto this season to experience its charm. The total cost of the flights is CAD 958 which is the lowest compared to other online booking portals. The flight departures from Toronto on November 3rd, 2017 and returns from Paris on November 12th, 2017.


12. Toronto to Rome

If Rome is on you must visit list then book your cheap flights from Toronto on November 6th, 2017 to get the lowest price. The return ticket has been set for November 13th, 2017 giving you enough time to stay in Rome. The flights are affordably priced at CAD 896.


13. Montreal to Barcelona

Now you can book the cheapest ticket to Barcelona from Montreal on November 7th, 2017. Under our exclusive deal, the flights are priced at CAD 824. The return has been scheduled for November 14th, 2017.


14. Montreal to London

Another busy airline route is from Montreal to London. Our round tour flight departs on October 15th, 2017 and returns on 22nd of the same month. The cost of this fantastic flights is set at CAD 910. Visit our website to know more about this fabulous deal.


15. Vancouver to Delhi

Flying to Delhi from Vancouver is not that expensive after all. With Nanak Flights, you can book an air ticket flights of 5th November 2017 which is priced at CAD 785. The return of the flight is scheduled for November 25th, 2017. Also, there are various departure timings available on our site for your convenience.


16. Calgary to Amsterdam

In case you are planning to visit Amsterdam from Calgary in October then book your tickets for 16th of this month. You can acquire the flights for CAD 1266. The return date for these flights has been scheduled for October 25th, 2017.


17. Edmonton to Dublin

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18. Toronto to Manila

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19. Toronto to Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most famous travel destinations in Asia which is why it is included in our cheap flight deals. Book a ticket from Toronto to Bangkok for November 14th at a fabulous price of CAD 993. The inclusive return ticket is on November 29th, 2017.


20. Vancouver to Beijing

Last but surely not the least, is our cheap flight ticket flights from Vancouver to Beijing. The offer price is CAD 788 for a round trip. The departure is scheduled for October 18th while the return is on November 01th. You can check the prices for the corresponding days by visiting Nanak Flights website.

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Srinagar Travel Guide. Find 5 days Travel itinerary to Srinagar, India

Five-day itinerary for Srinagar trip

They say that if there’s a paradise on earth, it exists as Kashmir. And why not? This gorgeous locale truly captures nature’s true magnificence, alleviated with the most pristine waterfalls, clear lakes, glittering snow-kissed mountains and an aura that dares to seduce you with its majesty. No wonder, Kashmir’s summer capital, Srinagar, is one of the best travel destinations in the country, offering the choicest of the experiences with its delectable cuisine, bustling bazaars, and shimmering streams, all illuminated by a vibrant culture that speaks volumes of the quiet, soothing land, laced in rare delights.

So, if you have got a week to spend, we have got an exciting plan, tailor-made for you; squeezing in every last detail so that you don’t miss out anywhere on the ‘fun-factor’. Read on!

Travel Diaries

Srinagar provides a wide range of amusements, from its historic gardens to the colourful bazaars, buzzing with tourists in a bee-like frenzy atmosphere. The aura is not only exciting, but also an absolute delight to imbibe in. We intend to spice up your holiday by running through a trail of these mini-adventures, aligned to experience Srinagar in its exact hues.

Day One

After a hefty ride to Srinagar, we suggest you kick off your day with a big dose of some peaceful solace and a soothing, happy environment.


Head to Shalimar Bagh

Located on the right bank of Dal Lake, this 15th-century garden or ‘bagh’ makes for a great place to saunter around and explore. Housing lush, green gardens and a bubbly stream running right through the garden’s centre, this one is a must visit.

Take a stroll in Nishat Bagh

Built by Asif Khan for his sister, Nishat Bagh is a terraced garden set against the backdrop of a stunning, snow-capped Himalayan range.

Visit the Indira Gandhi tulip memorial

A tulip garden is boosting several rare varieties of tulips.

Spend the evening exploring the Polo view market and Bouleward road

We bet you will find a reason to loosen up your purse strings as you sift through endless varieties of dry fruits, ethnic wear, carpets, embroidery, et al.

Day Two

Spend your day exploring Kashmir’s meadow of flowers, Gulmarg. A short 1.5 hour ride away, this heavenly hamlet is well known for its rich flora and fauna as well as winter adventure sports. A mecca for ski lovers and snowboarders, this one has been rated as Asia's seventh best ski destination.

Once here, don’t forget to take the iconic Gulmarg Gondola, one of the highest in the world reaching up to a whopping 3,979 metres. Also, pay a visit to the Maharani Temple or the Shiv Temple of Gulmarg. Standing atop a high hill, this one presents a gorgeous view of the entire valley. Head back to Srinagar by evening.

Day Three

No trip to Srinagar is ever complete without witnessing the majesty of its houseboats, lined up in a beautiful array of perfection.

Try the houseboat experience

Hire a houseboat and spend your day exploring the waters. The Dal lake at Srinagar is more like a mini hamlet set in water, with its own shops, public gardens, schools and hospitals.

Although ‘floating’ on a little steeper end, these shops sell a variety of Kashmiri handicrafts, pashminas, wooden souvenirs and carved furniture pieces to buy from. Hop on a Shikara ( a small Kashmiri boat) and sail around the entire width of the lake.

The idea is soothing, but the experience is just divine.

Get an auspicious air

Pay a visit to the famous Shankaracharya temple. Built-in 371 BC, this historical marvel is a significant pilgrim site.

Spend the night on the houseboat’s deck gazing at the stars as the blackened water plays with the dim lights coming from adjacent houseboats.

Day Four

Located just 85 km away, the hill town of Pahalgam makes for a great day-trip. Pahalgam is famous as the base camp for the Amarnath pilgrimage. Besides this, this city is home to a vast diversity of flora and fauna, encompassing several rare species such as Hangul, musk deer, serow, et al.

Visit the Kolhoi Glacier

 A hanging glacier, Kolhoi serves as a significant tourist spot amongst the alpine lovers.

Check out the Betaab valley

Remember the fantastic background scenes from the movie ‘Betaab'? This is the place you were looking for! The pristine, clear-blue waters and the mountain backdrop are enough to send one running for their cameras.

Stay the night at Pahalgam. The valley is lined with the choicest of resorts offering a great view and an excellent service.

Day Five

Start early and head from Pahalgam to Sonmarg. The golden meadow, nestled amidst the tall Himalayan peaks, once served as a gateway for the ancient silk route. Now a significant adventure spot, Sonmarg makes for a great site to visit if you intend to perk up the fun scales. The mostly snow-covered site has several trekking and river rafting trails to give you an adrenaline rush.

Revert back to spend the night at Srinagar, lying just a 1.5-hour drive away from here.

Day Six

Bid adieu to Kashmir’s cultural capital and catch your plane/ train. If you have a little time to spare, we suggest you stroll off for a bit of shopping trip down the Lal Chowk and stock up on dry fruits, fresh spices, Kehwa (Kashmiri tea) and papier mache to surprise your relatives and friends.


The city offers its travellers a variety of accommodation services suiting all kinds of pockets and comforts. From homestays and houseboats to adventure resorts, one can choose any kind of lodging as your heart desires.

If you are looking for an excellent bedroom view and willing to splurge, we suggest you rent a room closer to the Lake than the city centre. Similarly, when looking for houseboats, the ones moored near or in the Naina lake come at a hefty price but offer a solace that is hard to find on the front.

We suggest, you place your best bet and choose accordingly.

Best time to visit

While the valley receives tourists throughout the year, the best time to step out and explore the city is from April to October, when the weather is excellent, and the flowers are in bloom, painting the entire landscape in bright, colourful shades.

If, however, you seek to witness Srinagar in its snowy glory, the months from October to March make the best cut.

How to reach

Srinagar, being a favourite tourist spot is well connected from the rest of the world via air as well as by road.

The Srinagar air terminal, Sheikh ul Alam Airport, is an international airport lying just 15 km away from the city centre. Currently, the trains Jammu Tawi and Udhampur connect a major part of the country with the city.

Jammu, itself, lies a 7-hour drive away from Srinagar.

For Canadian travellers, you can either go to Delhi or Amritsar airports to enjoy Srinagar trip.

For more information on Srinagar travel guide click Srinagar Travel guide



10 Best Canadian Kids Friendly Winter Vacation Destinations in 2017

10 Best Canadian Kids Friendly Winter Vacation Destinations in 2017

High altitude, humongous mountains, close proximity to Arctic ensure Canada remains snow clad for the better part of the season. However the hostile weather with extreme cold does call for mystic appearance and an unprecedented winter experience. The wealthy country has few of the finest resorts of the world providing for uninterrupted service during winters and provides the warmth of home away from original home.The East as well as the West coast are dotted with multiple places of tourist interest that will enthrall your child and the kid in you equally.


Your kids are surely going to have a great time at Granville Island and Stanley Park in Vancouver. The park is humongous, nearly 1,000-acre in size. Take your time to explore the fun aquarium, outdoor water park, joyride on the miniature train, sprawling play grounds and much more. You may be interested to take the challenge of a walk across the 450-foot-long Capilano Suspension Bridge. Treat your taste buds to the delectable sea food the eateries at city's market area prepare. Blue Water Cafe and Raw Bar and Rodney's Oyster House are some of my recommendation to explore food scene of Vancouver.


Winters get excruciating cold in this mountain hill area however a stay in one of the resorts of the mountain slope shall ensure you get all the amenities of safety and enjoy frolic with children. There are powdered steep and snow clad mountains all around, allowing you to take a skiing lesson with family. the Whistler Blackcomb Mountains is well known for the acres of land it comprises along with other facilities. Gondola, skiing, golf course; you name it, you get it. Winter experiences a lot of snowboard competitions as well. Explore wildlife and resources with the local whose outdoorsy spirit doesn't die down even in the cold!

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a wonder to watch for travelers transcending age barriers. You as well as your kid with be in the grip of equal awe while gaping at the marvel of the nature. The river falls a deep 170 Feet waterfall with a mammoth speed of 20 to 30 (and up to 68) miles an hour. Soak in the mist around the fall created by the steep descend. The roar of the falls can be heard from miles away. Do not forget to wrap your child in the colorful poncho before nearing the massive water-force. Click multiple time as you follow the water's path downward, boats, platforms and observation decks stand on the way. Most international major food chains are dotted on the main street of the small town, catering to innumerable tourists coming every year.


Head straight to the famous Toronto Zoo with your kid for some unprecedented amusement. The Zoo houses few of the rare wildlife of the world in compatible temperature. The Ontario place too is gonna be a hit with your family. The Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum is the place to head for if your kid is a budding athlete. The big city is cosmopolitan in nature and skyscrapers dot the downtown with streets ever buzzing.  The culture is diverse in the city. Appreciate the same while experiencing a gourmet dining affair in one of the many foodie enclaves (China town, Korea town, Indian Bazaar etc).

Québec City

Québec City is the capital of Québec province, Canada. It is immersed in the old school charm of French legacy. The city is quintessentially known for its cultural riches along with cobblestone

streets, soaring cathedrals, French pleasantries, fresh oven baked bread, pungent cheese, creamy cafe lattes and buttery croissants.The 400 year old city is a UNESCO world heritage sight with magnitude of offerings that includes house bakers, bistros and boutiques, European painting and much more. To your entertainment, there are plethora of activities awaiting like festivals, walk-able streets, museums, cafes and restaurants. Also secure a few of the most prized dining experience with your family from the French era with generous helping of hearty stews, meat pies, specialty chocolate etc.


Banff will transport you to a Swiss village with Skiing and other enchants of the snow capped mountain at ease. Your kids would love to take the skiing lesson particularly designed for beginners, at the start of the winter season. The Canadian Rockies near the southeastern border of Banff National Park, Canada's first of its kind is home to few of the spectacular lakes and scenery. You can also watch astounding wildlife from the area. In Banff, as an explorer with family you will find it relatively easier to end the day in the comfort of a luxury hotel. The freestanding limestone pillars are known as the Hoodoos and make for excellent hiking choices. You may also want to try skiing down Mount Norquay or "scramble" up the face of the Stoney Squaw Mountain, even bike along the scenic Healy Creek. When in Banff, do try the bison meat platter at your heart's content.


The multifaceted city of Montreal churns out the real essence of diversity. A winter vacation here with family ensures happy memories of lifetime. The 18th-century structures seamlessly merges with the 21st-century skyline i this juncture of old and new world. Shop for exotic clothing for India, France or Portugal and head to gorge on exquisite French pastries. Do try the Montreal-style bagel, sweet Sesame seed roll. Few of the day's itinerary would be to take you through world-class museums and bustling shopping malls. The boulevard Saint-Laurent is the perfect place to hang out with a cup of cappuccino. Montreal's downtown St-Denis is known for a bustling nightlife extending till the wee hours of the morning. You may secure your kids at the resort while heading out to explore the pubs in the area.


It is hard to find the traces of old Calgary, the a Rocky Mountain outpost for the mounted police, the Canadian cow town it used to be until early 1900's, before discovering oil under the land. The skyline changed fast. Now the city of Calgary is shimmering with office buildings. The city these days hosts the Winter Olympics. The ideal location near snowy Rocky peaks also ensures steady tourist footfall. Do shop the the quintessential Calgary emblem, leather boots and wide-brimmed hats.


The snow clad landmass is famous for families traveling from across the globe with a never dying attraction of winter activities. Do book you day for the Fat Cat Children's Festival, Maple Fest and more kid-friendly events that frequent kid friendly activities and arrange for cross-country ski at various resort trails for the families. There are amazing natural scenery around the corner. The winter may not let you paddle board and kayak at Okanagan Lake however a gondola ride through the mountain slopes will stun you.


Canada's capital, Ottawa is located in southeast Ontario near the Québec border. The city offers an wide array of choices for a traveler from exotic nightlife to the tranquil calm of a family. coolness is the way of life in here. Indeed a  political and cultural hub, Ottawa marvels the out-of-towners. The downtown has plenty of jaw-dropping architecture, state-of-the-art museums, funky boutiques and fantastic snack joints, can be explored at ease while wayfaring. Indulge in ice skating along the Rideau Canal and we guarantee you will come back to the city multiple times as your favorite winter spot!


With the list above we have tried to capture the best of Canadian resort stay experience during winter, More of importance has been assigned to ensure there is no dearth of service standard and amenities provided to the guest. If you were thinking only summer is the time to book one holiday, think again and pay a visit during the cold. Canada is breathtaking in winter for all the good reasons.

For more information read the full article here



Top places to visit for street shopping in Delhi

Top places to visit for street shopping in Delhi:

They say ‘Dilli Dilwalo ki hai’; well indeed it is. Filled with warm-hearted people this city is a celebration in itself. The people are ever charming and complete Fashionistas. The super trendy Delhi girls are complete shopping maniacs, and you cannot blame them entirely, can you? With such street shopping locales, anyone would turn into one. These markets will make your every other shopping bargain look terribly high I bet.

Sarojini Nagar Market, South West Delhi

Every girl in Delhi has been here, trust me. If you are one of those girls saying that shopping is not my thing then try out this place. It can turn any dull shopper turn into a shopaholic in no time. With the collection of most overwhelming trendy clothes at prices like never before you cannot help but end up in Frenzy. You get tops here at price of Rs 20; yeah that’s right cheaper then Lays chips! From clothes, apparels, jewellery to footwear everything you may need is here and all at incredibly low prices. The cherry on the cake is despite being so cheap; bargaining still works here. Yay!!!

Janpath and Tibetan Market, New Delhi

One of the historic markets in Delhi, the Janpath market refers to the shops lined up along the Janpath road earlier known as the Queen’s way that links Lodhi road to Connaught Place. One of the most versatile markets in Delhi this place has over hundreds of shops selling a plethora of goods, garments and merchandise that are mostly youth-centric. You find a lot of tourists here as there are shops selling beautiful handicrafts serving as ideal souvenirs, but beware as the shopkeepers tend to hike up the rates for tourists always resort to bargaining. You can finally end your little shopping endeavour with its Tibet market filled with authentic goods from Tibet. They sell everything from apparels to handicrafts all with a distinctive flavour of Tibet.

Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi

To us outsiders, this is only an enticing place that we have seen and heard of in movies, but to Delhites, it is favourite shopping destination that they move to for every other shopping emergency. The enormous market is flooded with people at all times. It is your answer to everything from wardrobe makeover to home redecoration. Chandni Chowk is just a magical place with anything and everything, in and out from where no one returns unsatisfied. And the best part is that it has age-old segregated zones for each type of commodity like Katra Neel for fabrics, Bhagirath Palace for a lighting fixture, Dariba Kalan for silver jewellery, etc. So this makes it easier to shop or may be difficult to choose.

Delhi Haat, Pitampura

What is better than a market that offers guaranteed new collection every 15 days! It is an all year round food and craft festival. This open aircraft bazar in South Delhi run by the Delhi Tourism is one stop destination for us tourists letting us free to witness a unique good old traditional village shopping. Each artisan gets a stall for a period of 15 days which ensures changing variety every fortnight. Unique handloom and handicraft merchandise are demonstrating a genuine craftsmanship of artisans from all states saving you all the travel time. Your ethnic wear hunt is sorted when you have so many options from all over India in everything from Clothing to jewellery. Also if you are redecorating look no further to find exquisite décor for your home or office effortlessly and save all the fuss.

Daryaganj, Old Delhi

Part of the old Delhi, Daryaganj book market is for all you ‘Book Keepers’. If books are your weak spot and they are all the treasure you own then look no further you have already found your Sunday spot. This weekly book market comes to life every Sunday starting from the Delite Cinema along the Asaf Ali Marg to bring you countless books in all languages and every genre for every purpose. There are novels, storybook, magazines, educational books and textbooks. The market gets filled up with book lovers and students as the day progresses, so going early is advisable for best finds. Some books are just mind-boggling; where you couldn’t help being greedy. But splurge as much as you want, these books are available at extremely reasonable rates and are ready to adorn your study room. Besides street vendors, there are a few shops also that sell books at per kilogram rate.

Paharganj, New Delhi

Paharganj market is yet another multi-dimensional shopping locale in Delhi that is closest to the New Delhi Railway Station. With an immense variety in everything from clothes to bags, this place is only for hardcore shopaholics who are used to bargaining and can make their way through the messy, chaotic market. A lot of stuff here is to attract tourist; you find decorative wall hangings, cushion covers, jewellery, scented candles and incense sticks adorned with innate Indianess. With best of bargaining, you will find excellent stuff here all you have to do is find your passion for shopping.

Laajpat Nagar, South New Delhi

Located in central Delhi one of the oldest markets in Delhi Laajpat Nagar market is meant for heat warming wallet-friendly shopping sprees. With the enormous range of ethnic wear, it is the ultimate shopping destination during festivities. The market is embellished with all kinds of the Indian clothes from kurtas to lehengas in every colour possible on both sides. One of the exciting features of this market is the street side Mehendi-walas that will decorate your hands with henna in no time on the spot at all periods of the year.

Phew, that is a lot of shopping for a day. Delhites, if only I were lucky to be blessed by the Shopping god like you all are. I think I am going to move to Delhi now!

We also offer cheap flights to Delhi and tour packages to Delhi.

Five things you must carry on your flight

Five things you must carry on your flight

Whether you are an intrepid jet-setter who cherishes those millions of butterflies in the stomach that comes with flying or the panicky tech-atheist who would probably think that the aeroplane is missing phalanges; doesn’t matter!

The following five things you must carry to make your flying time easier and shall be on top your packing list.

 The Snack Attack

 Well after time; if there is something that is unstoppable and uncontrollable then that would be cravings and hunger! These hunger games know no bounds of time or place. It just comes and leaves you unsettling, devoid and empty. And it is even worse when this happens in the middle of nowhere, on a flight! Of course, you could resort to the expensive, insipid airline food that they had affectionately packed hours ago but that won’t make for the flying experience that you were promised, will it? So to avoid all that keeping a handy little snack or maybe not so little is always advisable. It will be an answer to your sudden, unlikely cravings and would help in any sort emergency hunger crisis like flight delays and baggage claim issues if any. After all, you don’t want to be jet lagged and hungry at the same time right! If you don’t use it in flight, you would always have a little extra something to munch on later.

 Warm Extra Something

 Now I know you have restrictions and all on hand luggage and you probably still have to stuff the souvenirs you bought from the airport the last minute; but carrying a shawl, scarf, sweater, jacket or anything like that while boarding will always be in your favour. Because it is most unlikely that your body will completely adapt thermally while on the plane. And you don’t wish to be shivering while you are the only one wide awake thinking about how comfy you would have been if you would have got that favourite sweatshirt of yours. So this little piece of cloth that you packed just because mom said so will cosy you up a little and lead your way to that desired state of repose, and help you get some good sleep. Ultimately you use your precious time in napping and not thinking of ways to kill time.

Alas! Boredom Kills

Just as smoking kills; boredom kills too especially when you are travelling all alone. Suddenly that long history class in college starts seeming attractive while you are just waiting and waiting. Waiting is quite an integral part of travelling by flight; waiting for customs clearance, waiting for boarding, waiting for baggage claims and so on. All this waiting and no entertainment make us dull very dull. So to safeguard yourself mentally carry some time killing stuff that will keep you entertained. Be it an iPod with a couple of playlists or some Friends episodes in phone or at least a book you just saw at the airport bookstore grab it before it is too late. That is going to be your saviour when you start thinking that your only chance to escape this boring flight is to jump off. But don’t be all tech-nerdy about it and miss out on the alluring views from above.

 Manage your Medicines

Well, this one goes beyond flights. Always, always carry your necessary medicines everywhere. Keep it handy; keep it safe but don’t miss them. With all the big stuff to pack, you tend to forget the little important ones, so the first thing to do is pack medicines. If you are likely to incur altitude or motion sickness then carry medication that will get you through the flight to avoid it altogether for you don’t want to be that one passenger whom the rest of the people would blame for their discomfort. Any other medical aid that makes up for your comforts such as ointment or Aspirin for a headache and nausea; inhaler and tissues if you are suffering from cold, etc. are a must. Now I am not implying for you to look like a pharmacist though and the flights are probably having all the essential medication these days, but as they say, precaution is better than care. And you don’t want to start your travel with a bad flight experience, do you!

Freshening up essentials

Well, this is really necessary for those long; really long international flights, when you are stuck in one place for at least a day. All the tiredness starts appearing on your face from your sore muscles, and all you want to do is find a horizontal surface preferably a bed and sleep, but that is not possible as you still have to deal with customs and checkpoints. So whatever it is that you need to get your spirits high; be it fresh wipes tissues, mouth freshener, deodorant, perfume or even a set of extra clothes don’t hesitate to carry it. It will only better help you combat the jet lag and not just freshen up your body but also re-energise your mind when you feel neat and clean.

 Quick Tips-

       Eat chewing gum to stay away from the long-lasting ear blocks happening due to air pressure.

       Tie a small distinctive coloured ribbon to your baggage that will make identifying it easier.

       Carry a set of a notepad and pen while travelling abroad as you would have to fill out some forms.

       Wear the most comfortable set of clothes during international flights for the so-called ‘Airport look’ is just a thing for celebrities and there is nothing more trendy than being comfortable.

Lowest Pricing on Flights
We partner with many airlines and travel suppliers to help find you the best prices for all flights booked through us. you can get free quote for any flight by email or by calling our toll free number 1 (855) 722-9977. you can also book cheap flights by using our easy online booking tool.

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