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Arriving At Bangalore International Airport For The First Time

Bangalore is the largest city in the Indian state of Karnataka and it is also the capital city of the state. Bangalore is a city graced with beautiful landscapes, educated population, clean atmosphere and most promising professional and business opportunities. No wonder, the city is also known as Silicone Valley Of India for its development and facilities in Information Technology.

A lot of domestic and international tourists, entrepreneurs and students travel to Bangalore. If you are arriving at Bangalore via cheap flights to Bangalore, here is the useful information that would come handy when you need.

The Airport

The city of Bangalore is presently being served with the resourceful Bangalore (Bangaluru – old name) International Airport. This airport is recently renamed as Kempegowda International Airport with newly inaugurated terminal.

Indian international airports like Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi that serves all the cheap flights to Delhi from major cities in the world and many others are all designed to function at par with best design and technical efficiencies. The Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore is classed apart because of its energy and environmental design and best use of technology to serve its passengers. The airport serves from a double floored building with essential facilities available at both ground and first floor.

Arrival At Bangalore International Airport

As your flight lands at the Kempegowda International airport, you are headed forward to the baggage claim area either through the bus gates (with airline buses carrying you from the aircraft to the arrival area) or through the aerobridges. The staff members help you to guide the ways and procedures.

You are welcomed at the arrival lounge with independent baggage conveyor belts for domestic and international passengers, display systems for the flight information and active assistance. After you claim your baggage, you can proceed ahead for the immigration process.

The Immigration Process

There are 18 dedicated immigration counters at Bangalore international airport to quickly complete the process with an average duration of 7 minutes. There also is certain immigration restrictions that every passenger needs to follow and they are:

  • Each passenger can carry 1 laptop
  • Each passenger is allowed to carry the electronic goods that are less than total value of INR 25,000
  • Each passenger is permitted to carry up to 2 liters of alcohol or liquor

Your passport, visa and other documents are checked. Do not forget to present completed immigration form or vaccination certificates if applicable. After clearing the immigration process you can enter the Bangalore city.

Departing From Bangalore International Airport

You can use multiple options of check-in at Kempegowda International airport including:

  • Tele check-in
  • Web check-in
  • Check-in counters
  • Self-service check-in kiosks

For tele and web check-ins, check your boarding pass to have proper seal from the airline counter.

The immigration process is completed before the security check. There are certain items that are restricted on boards such as scissors, razor blades, aerosols, liquid battery, cricket bats and other flammable items etc. You are allowed to carry one handbag up to 7 kilos. In case you purchase any item at the airport after security check, it is allowed on boards.

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Top 5 fascinating Things To Do In Bangalore

Bangalore is a posh and vibrant Indian city with many tourist attractions. This capital city of Karnataka is often called as “City Of Gardens” for the natural magnificence this city nestles. Getting frequent flights to Bangalore from all major cities is as easy as getting cheap flights to Delhi or cheap flights to Mumbai in India.

People of Bangalore are abundantly talented and intelligent who flock around in this city for immense work opportunities it offers. Known for its splendid development in IT infrastructure, Bangalore boasts many tourist places like Nandi Hills and Tipu Sultan’s Palace; if you are looking for unique and fascinating experiences, you must do following things in Bangalore:

1. Go For Hiking At Wonderful Nandi Hills

Hiking at the wonderful Nandi Hills will proffer you an amazing experience that you would cherish for long. The Nandi Hills and Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta provide ample of treasures to be explored while touring or hiking. You may come across beautiful monuments, caves and vineyards.

The bright sunny days are ideal to enjoy the trek. There are many troupes that organize trekking camps so you can enjoy with your family or group of friends. It is a perfect place for adventure enthusiasts. An astoundingly beautiful temple under the rock is what you see at Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta.

2. Take A Tour Of Lalbagh Botanical Garden

The Lalbagh Botanical Garden is a popular tourist attraction in Bangalore. The garden beautifully hosts more than thousand of flowering plant species but what majorly attract many tourists and local visitors is the built in Green House.

The fragrant Lal Bagh Botanical Garden shall not be missed if you are in Bangalore. Avoid visiting the garden on weekends as it gets crowded.

3. Take A Pleasant Walk At The Cubbon Park

This is a happening place with lots of family activities to get involved into. it is located at the main administrative hub of the city. Your walk through the Cubbon Park will surely be a fun experience as you can also enjoy grandeurs of flora & fauna along with a museum and a library.

The great statues of famous personalities also make an attraction here in this lush green park.

4. Discover The Peace At Summer Palace Of Tipu Sultan

If you visit the summer palace of Tipu Sultan with an assumption of visiting another palace, it may completely surprise you. It is a fully furnished palace that is also open for people who may like to spend a day or two here.

The beautiful structures of balconies, pillars and arches are carved on teak wood giving it a distinct texture and elegance. It is truly an amazing experience to be here.

5. Deep Dive At The Aquarium

The Aquarium in Bangalore is ranked number 2 in the largest aquatic reserves in India. It houses a great variety of exotic fishes and you can also enjoy a dive in a separated area. This unusual experience can only be relished in Bangalore.

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