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Best Places for Dating Ideas in Vancouver

Best Places for Dating Ideas in Vancouver

Usually while planning dates or romantic trips we like to stick to our own city. It is because we know about every great dating place of that particular destination. But why not try something new by visiting a few of the best dating places around the world. Today you are going to read about a city that has fantastic locations for dates and is also one of the busiest towns of the country. Vancouver is situated on the West Coast of British Columbia and is also known for its ethnically diverse culture.

Apart from its film industry, Vancouver has a lot to offer in the form of natural terrains, art collections, theatres, beaches and even live music. It is an ideal destination for a romantic getaway with your partner. Also due to its popularity with couples, you can easily find cheap flights to Vancouver throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the city is from April to October.

To help you plan the perfect dates or romantic outings while you are in Vancouver here is a small list of locations that we have created.

1. Eagle's Bluff

In case you are a fitness freak and also want to experience the spectacular views of the city then hiking at the Eagle’s Bluff is worth a shot. These amazing rocky slopes are situated above the Eagle Harbourin West Vancouver. It offers one of the most magnificent and surreal views of the city from its highest point. While you are at this dating location, you can even appreciate the beauty of its natural surrounding. Also one can easily find hiking gears in the shops located at the starting point of the trail. It means you will not have to go hunting for gear before planning your date.

2. Whistler Bungee

If you want to try something extreme on your date, then make it a point to visit Whistler Bungee in Vancouver. It has been nominated as one of the most adventurous activities by the locals and can offer you the adrenaline rush you crave. Also, unlike individual bungee jumping, Whistler has couple packages where you can jump off the bridge with your partner. It is located south of the city and is only a fifteen-minute drive from the central part. Over the years this bungee jumping attraction has encouraged many couples from all over the world to book their cheap flight to Vancouver.

3. Telus World of Science

Are you a science lover who likes to know how everything came into existence? Then this dating place is perfect for you. The Telus World of Science is a non-profit organization which is situated in Quebec Vancouver. The attraction focuses on various science-themed events and activities. It can be the ideal way to spend your day and learn more about the universe at the same time. Here couples can also engage in various science-related movies and shows which target different age groups. It is a somewhat unusual and exciting location to take your significant other.

4. Hawksworth

Fancy dining dates are something that every couple experiences. If you want to make it a little more interesting, then you can also visit a steakhouse that offers excellent food and ambiance in a single location. One such restaurant is Hawksworth which is located in Rosewood Hotel Georgia. It is known for its north-western cuisine an extensive array of wine. The restaurant is also one of the most preferred dating locations for the locals. However, it is a bit more expensive than others which means saving while booking your cheap flights to Vancouver can come in handy.

5. Vancouver Aquarium

Taking your partner for an underwater dive without getting wet is now possible. We are talking about Vancouver Aquarium which is located in Stanley Park. This location has various under aquarium tunnels that can give you a magnificent view of how the sea looks. It makes for one of the most surreal places to be in the entire city. Some of the most popular exhibits that you can find in Vancouver Aquarium include Pacific Canada Pavilion, Arctic Canada, and The Wild Coast. Also, there are multiple eateries within the park making it easy for you to grab a quick bite or a cup of coffee.

6. Vancouver Zoo

If you and your partner love animals then make it a point to experience the local wildlife by visiting the Greater Vancouver Zoo. It showcases one of the most extensive collections of animals that you can find in the entire country. The park is spread over 120 acres of land making it possible to spend your whole day without getting bored. Also, there are different exhibits dedicated to each species so that you can see them in their natural habitat. The management also conducts guided safaris so that couples or groups can get real insights about a particular animal species. So for your next trip book your cheap flights to Vancouver to see these exotic animals in their natural environment.

7. Storm Crow Tavern

Another dating place which is different from your usual fine dining restaurants is Storm Crow Tavern. It is an eatery which is known for its nerdy themed ambiance, food, games, and drinks. Here couples can enjoy a competitive match of board games like Jenga over a few rounds of beer. Also, this restaurant is the only one to host screenings of science fiction movies and that too on a large screen. It is a great place to release your inner player over a friendly match with your partner.

8. Off The Grid Waffles

If you and your love interest have a sweet tooth, then you must visit Off The Grid Waffles while you are in Vancouver. It is one of the most trending dating places in the entire city and is attended by hundreds of couples each day. Also Off The Grid Waffles is known for its gourmet concoctions of this Belgian delight that you cannot find elsewhere. The quaint little cafe is located on Kingsway Street and usually, opens around 3 p.m in the afternoon. The waffles served here are so popular that people from all over the country book their cheap flights to Vancouver to have a taste.

9. Iona Beach

In case you prefer a more romantic and subtle date then a long walk on the Iona Beach is an excellent idea. The beach is one of the most beautiful out of all the waterfronts that the city has to offer. Also, it is considered to be an ideal place for picnics and hiking. In case you want to ride a bike instead of a simple stroll then you can find rental shops near the beach itself. It is also way less crowded than any other dating locations in Vancouver.

10. Univrs VR Lounge

For those couples who are techies and love to be in the virtual world rather than the real one, the Univrs VR Lounge is a dating paradise. It is known for conducting various virtual reality games where couples can compete with one another and spend quality time together. In other words, this dating location is ideal for pairs who are addicted to virtual gaming.

We bet after knowing about all the exciting dating places available in Vancouver you to want to visit the destination as soon as possible. So without wasting any time further make sure that you book your cheap flights to Vancouver immediately.