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Flight Delayed? Follow Our Advice

Despite of having confirmed flight tickets, frequent travelers often face the problem of delayed flights. Even if you have got flight tickets at best prices, it gets quite a miserable condition to keep waiting at airport and talking up with airport staff and agents.

There may be many reasons behind a delayed flight including inefficiency of staff, climate, technical crash or many others. In some situations delayed flight might not be a big issue but when you have to catch up other connecting flight or need to be at a place on time for important meeting, even a short 30 minute delay can be daunting. You certainly cannot force a flight to take off at the right time but here are some tips that will come handy when you really need:

1. Take Up Earliest Flight

To avoid any situation, it is always recommended to take earliest possible flight. This suggestion is specifically valid for airports where climatic delays are more common. It is better to have many other flights to get to your destination than to board the last flight of the day.

2. Do Not Check Luggage If It Is Not Necessary

In case your flight is delayed for any reason, there are chances that your agent will try to book you into another flight only if you have not already booked your luggage. So, until it is utmost essential, never book luggage plus you will also save time spent for baggage claims.

3. Converse With Counter Agents & Find Earlier Flight

The best way out is to get in touch with the humanly support when your flight is delayed and you are struck at the airport. Try to find out, which flight is ready to take off to your destination and speak with the counter agents to book you for that particular flight. Do not frustrate the agent or counter staff but be friendly enough and let them know that you have to catch the connecting flight.

4. Quickly Get Through TSA

Getting through TSA can also kill a lot of time and time may be the most precious thing to save when your flight is delayed. Try to move with people who seem to be frequent travelers and who know what they have to do. Avoid moving behind kids and people with medical issues.

6. Be Smart

You need to be really smart to reach to your destination timely. Speak to the gate agent if he could help you to get you booked for earlier flight. And if the gate agents are not helpful, try to get in touch with agents in nearest lounge. They are comparatively less busy and thus less frustrated to listen to your problem and find a solution. If you find out that the plane is all set for the take off, be smart and use mobile boarding pass facility to fasten up the process.

7. Keep Names, Numbers And Times Handy

Make sure you keep all the important details handy. Do not waste time tweeting about discount ticket to Vancouver or any other city of your destination. The airlines may not immediately resolve the issue on twitter. So, keep everything in written.

All these tips can immensely save your time. We keep you covered with best advices and it is also very easy to book flight tickets through our online website making it an absolutely stress free experience.