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Unique Picnic Spots In Vancouver

Fruits, sunshine, cheese, sandwiches and good company; who doesn’t like to picnic. And trust us, there’s no better city for picnic than the city of Vancouver.

With no exaggeration, it would be a crime if you are in Vancouver and you do not take time to enjoy an old fashioned picnic at one of the most wonderful picnic spots. If you do not live in Vancouver, it just takes a little effort to plan a short trip and book flight tickets online to Vancouver; you are sure to have a memorable time.

There are many unique places in Vancouver to get together with your family and best picnic pals to have a happy time; sometimes, it is confusing to decide which one to visit, but we are enlisting here top five places to help your decision:

1. Stanley Park

Stanley Park is one of the most favorite picnic spot for locals as well as visitors. Even a kid can suggest you that best place to picnic in Vancouver is the Stanley Park. But finding the right spot in the park can be tricky.       

Practically, your picnic would be great at any spot in the Stanley Park whether it is on a bench at prospect point, on the seawall or at the greenest grass patch of the Rose Garden. We personally recommend exploring Ferguson point with lovely views of English Bay. You can either occupy one of the benches or just lay down a blanket on the grass for a memorable picnic.

2. Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Park

Adjacent to very popular Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden, this public park offers a great spot for picnickers with free of charge delightful views of Chinese Garden. You may sit under the weeping willow trees or you may sit on the rocks that line the path to the park or for a difference, you can take a tour of the park while enjoying flavors of Chinese tea and beauty of imported Chinese Garden.

3. Lonsdale Quay

You will need to take up a 15 minute ride on seabus from downtown’s Waterfront Station to reach this vibrant but quiet market. The shops here are great to pick and pack items for your picnic in the open Sea side atmosphere. You can enjoy several sea side activities with your family here for a refreshing picnic.

4. Granville Island

It is a famous public market in Vancouver to pick up fresh fruits, drinks, breads and other essentials for your picnic. You can sit on the benches to watch False Creek Ferries or you can reach the duck pond to lay back and relax on grass.

5. English Bay

Right on the beach of English Bay, there stands a beautiful statue of Inukshuk – the official symbol of Vancouver Olympic 2010. This is a wonderful place to soak up few hours watching mountains and pristine backgrounds. After all, picnics are to relax. You can also wait here to witness most stunning and romantic sunset.

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