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What To Do in Edmonton With Kids

It’s easy to feel stumped for what to do kids in a city like Edmonton. Alberta’s capital city – Edmonton is a beautiful place with stunning valleys and rivers but children may not be thrilled with the idea of spending their holidays on a riverside.

Our list of things to do with kids in Edmonton has something interesting for every age group. Whether it rains or shines, engage with these fun activities in Edmonton with kids:

1. Visit Telus World Of Science

After comfortable cheap flights to Edmonton, you can take your kids to enjoy at the Telus World Of Science where they can actually walk over a human tongue. Here, they can also gather the clues and go for a chat with a life-size talking robot. These are just a few attractions out of many interactive displays.

This is a huge science & space centre featuring largest planetarium theatre of Canada. The astronomical observatory is not to be missed by both – kids and adults. If kids under 8 years of age are accompanying you, make sure to visit the Discoveryland Gallery which has a play area with interactive exhibits. More information at

2. Have Fun With Dinosaurs

At just a 15 minute drive from Edmonton, the Jurassic Forest is a 40 acre pre-historic park with realistic life-size dinosaurs. There are many dinosaur species like Stegosarous, Albertosaurous and T-Rex etc put up for display. You can enjoy the guided safari tour to see the dinosaurs in action. Explore the ancient remains and discover the trails through an old-growth forest. For more information, visit

3. Take A Segway Tour

A little older kids can enjoy a ride on the segway along the Edmonton’s riverside parkland. It is so much fun that your kids would insist to directly visit this place as soon as your cheap flights to Edmonton land you here. It encompasses a total of 22 major parks and it houses a wide range of wildlife and it also hosts many festivals. There also are recreation centers, zoo and golf courses. For more information, visit

4. Visit Alberta Aviation Museum

This amazing museum has more than 30 historical aircrafts at display. There also are aircraft restoration area, a gift shop and personal objects of popular pilots at display. Your kids who love planes would absolutely love this place. Gather more information at

5. A Ride On The Riverboat

If nothing pleases your kids, take them for fun boat ride. Queen Riverboat is a perfect family-friendly cruise. The paddle boats push off for three days in a week. Check the schedule at

6. Visit The Royal Alberta Museum

It is a great museum featuring everything from prehistoric plant-eaters to pictographs, mountains and prairies and much more. There are special programs for kids with a discovery room that features puzzles, puppets and dress-up costumes for kids. Check the details at

With such exciting kid’s activities in Edmonton, it’s difficult not to book cheap flights to Edmonton for a family vacation. Get best flight deals right here.

10 Key Tips To Follow For A Wonderful Spa Vacation In Edmonton

Edmonton is a great place to spend relaxing times in a luxurious spa when your body and mind get tired of daily life hustles. Unlike any other type of business or family vacation, the spa holiday means close human contact and that is why it is extremely important for you to feel comfortable especially if you are on a spa holiday for the first time.

A satisfying spa holiday is not just about the treatments, it’s more about the entire experience. From finding the right spa that not only meets but exceeds your expectations to getting maximum value out of it like a seasoned spa-goers, we get you completely covered with our 10 key tips for a wonderful spa vacation:

1. You need to keep in mind that every spa may not be equal. While you are selecting a spa, make sure that it matches your personal taste and budget. Your personal mood or occasion should also be considered while choosing the spa – whether it is a gal-pal day in the spa, a romantic getaway or a solo break.

2. If your partner is accompanying you who wants perfect pedicure while you enjoy a facial, select a spa that caters both your interests.

3. To get maximum value, choose a spa that offers lots of extras. Also keep in mind that value does not necessarily come with low priced services. Find out a spa that offers some workout facilities with complimentary sauna or cold plunge pools etc. If you like calming environ, look if the spa has quiet waiting lounge or separate yoga training room.

4. Look for complimentary amenities like ample towels, lockers, beauty products and hair dryers etc. after all, you do not get the cheap flights to Edmonton booked to only drink a cup of herbal tea in a spa; see if your spa offers choice of fruits and other healthy goodies.

5. In most of the spas in Edmonton you can book one treatment and stretch it for the whole day. You can swim, relax and read in the lounge area before or after your treatment.

6. Enquire about the packages before making a booking. Generally, you get better deals when 2 or 3 treatments are booked together.

7. Ask about the treatment duration because mostly, an hour long treatment is just given for 50 minutes while rest 10 minutes are spend in changing the rooms and cleaning up. Look for a spa that offers full one hour treatment with 15 minutes extra for other preparations.

8. Choose a spa whose theme goes with your mood and make sure that the philosophy of the spa is set so that you do not experience a harsh re-entry into the real world.

9. Always remember that spas are not “one size fits all” kind of a treatment. Every treatment at the reputed spas can easily be accustomed to your specific need and preference. To fetch maximum value, tell the therapist what you want and let them know if you do not like something.

10. Last but most importantly, ensure that the therapists of the chosen spa are well qualified and experienced. You can check the online media reviews of the spa you are planning to visit or you can ask your friends who have been there before.

Hope above tips will enlighten and inspire you to book cheap flights to Edmonton and spend a refreshing spa vacation there. You can get best flight deals right here.

All About Edmonton

Besides being the capital to the Alberta Province of Canada, Edmonton is a cool and laid back city. Cheap flights to Edmonton connect rest of the world with this beautiful city that is very serious about its artistic and cultural legacy.  The marvelous museums with many art galleries offer great options for daytime escapades while the entertainment theatres and music venues provide exciting night fun. The city also offers green band of lush parks and impressive shopping scenes. Here are the most useful travel tips so that you make most of your trip to Edmonton:

Best Time To Visit Edmonton

Since cheap flights to Edmonton are easily available, you can practically plan a trip at any time of the year; however, the best time to be in Edmonton is during summers. The summer season revamps the Edmonton city from June to August. It can really be warm in Edmonton during this time but it is not at all unpleasant.

Summer is the time when outdoor markets are bulged up with fresh produces and open air theatres and concerts can be enjoyed. A great line of festivals such as Folk Music Festivals and Fringe Theatre Festival can also be enjoyed during summers. If in case you are visiting Edmonton during winter, do not forget to bring woolens to warm you up however this city is not as chilling as other Canadian cities. During winters, you can rejoice many winter & snow sports.

What Not To Miss

The Art Gallery Of Alberta showcases thousands of spectacular historical and contemporary art works that should not be missed. The West Edmonton Mall will offer indulging experience for all the shoppers and fashion lovers. And the designer jewelry and technology will charm you instantly.

For nature lovers, there is much to explore in river valley parks that also provide hiking, camping, biking and canoeing facilities.

Edmonton Cuisine

The food scene of Edmonton is exceptionally vibrant and offer multi-cuisine choices. Local food has a strong existence of Italian cooking and the best restaurant to taste Italian food in Edmonton is certainly The Little Italy. The Edmonton food also has an influence of Neapolitan cuisine. Whyte Avenue is the place where you can head to try bold dishes with an undertone of Indonesian and Thai cooking. And head straight to Downtown for delicious dishes at classic steakhouse and Chinatown to enjoy cheap takeouts and snacks.

Local Etiquettes

If you are not travelling by cheap flights to Edmonton, it could be difficult to travel by road in Edmonton during winter months; so, you need to be absolutely informed about the city’s weather. Sudden snow storms and icy roads can make driving risky. Edmonton is a very clean city and local residents value their idyllic green space; so, while camping out or hiking, make sure that you take your litter with you or else you could be fined.

The Edmonton International Airport is located 10 Kilometers south from the main city. You could easily get inexpensive and safe taxis from the airport to get around the city. All this information will come handy while you enjoy your Edmonton tour; so, just pack and go!

Best Of Night Entertainment In Edmonton

If your day starts with the night and if you love your nights to be fun filled and entertaining, Edmonton is the place you should be in. Just book cheap flights to Edmonton and we will let you know which places to visit for best night entertainment in Edmonton.

Edmonton has live entertainment, performances and concert happening all around the year. Although the tickets to the big events are generally sold out very fast but you may still get tickets to the smaller events at the door. So, it is easy to plan a night out even in a dash. When your cheap flights to Edmonton land you here, check for following destinations for entertainment at night.

The Starlite Room

This is a popular “adults only” venue with a variety of local events, DJ and concerts. Practically, something interesting is happening here on every night of the week. You need a membership card to be a part of the events at The Starlite Room and that can be bought either at the door or online from the website.

The ARTrey

 If you are in a mood to view the local artworks, The ARTrey is the place for you. The ever changing world of local artwork is displayed here. If you are lucky, you can also get to enjoy some outstanding national and local musical acts.

The Common

This place is more popular for its innovative food that is served here at Gastro Mash Pub but there also are many weekly events. You may enjoy electronic hip-hop or house music act at The Common. Food and entertainment together is the way to an awesome experience.

Garneau Theatre

This is a momentous one-room movie theatre in Edmonton. Head straight away to Garneau Theatre when you just want to relax and enjoy some great metro cinema. It shows a variety of documentaries, local productions, blockbusters, indie films, film festival favorites and other films that are hard to be found and seen anywhere else on a big screen. There are monthly events that showcase cult classics and special film screenings.

The Comic Strip

When your family kids are accompanying you on the visit to Edmonton and you need to entertain them all, go to The Comic Strip. It is the best place to get some laughs. It is conveniently situated in the West Edmonton Mall to feature best of stand-up comedy from Wednesday to Sunday.

Citadel Theatre

This incredible theatre has six stages. A lot of professional performances are displayed every year. They also have nine annual plays including a variety of book adaptations, famous stage pieces, musicals and more. There also are theatre workshops and community performances on weekends.

There is no limit to the entertainment options for night in Edmonton. No matter what time of the year it is and no matter whom are you accompanied with, there is something interesting for everyone. As most of the mentioned venues only open when they have performances, it is recommended to check the event date and timing in advance or visit their website for more information.  We can even help you get cheap flights to Edmonton with best deals, click here.