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Tips To Hit Cheap Flight Tickets Online

Be it for a vacation, business meeting, education or a simple visit to your friends, booking cheap flight tickets is quite an exercise. Here are some practical tips to help you hit cheap flight tickets online to Vancouver or any other city:

1. Keep Your Travel Dates Flexible

Being flexible with your travel dates can help you hit the cheapest tickets. The best way out is to book early with space to fix your schedule. For example, if you are planning to go out for a weekend, you can try booking tickets for early morning flight on Saturday instead of booking loaded and expensive flights of Friday night.

2. Select Low Cost Carriers

Most popular and heavily visited online flight booking websites are not the only websites to find cheap deals. There are plenty other websites like this one that could get you flight tickets at best price. This website gets you lowest price guarantee along with price drop guarantee.

You can also try comparing the flight charges for smaller airports near your final destination.

3. Choose Your Route Wisely

If it is within your comfortable driving distance, you can find deals for nearest airports. It is always beneficial to try and adjust your travel plans according to the price difference of flight tickets. Again, booking early is the key so that you have enough time to schedule your plans well.

If you have planned to purchase 2 one-way flight tickets, it is recommended to check the flight ticket cost for both the cities. Similarly, if you are flying to city A and then flying back from city B, and if direct flight tickets to city B is cheaper, consider a change in your travel plan.

4. Know Your Budget

Before you start looking for flight tickets online, it is a good idea to know how much you can spend on flight tickets. It is even better to first look for affordable flight tickets before planning your trip.

5. Know When To Book

Do not book flights earlier than 3 months before the scheduled departure date. In fact, it is observed that flight activity and fare management normally starts 8 weeks before scheduled departure. Airfares are higher on weekends and they can rise each day when there are just 14 days left for departure. 

Airfare discounts are generally offered around 3 PM on Tuesdays, So, it is good time to look for cheapest deals. You can also try searching the prices for 1 passenger and 2 passengers. At times, the airfare for a single passenger is lower than half the airfare of 2 passengers. So, in this case, you can book 2 single tickets to save some bucks.

The cheapest travel days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Travelling on major holidays like Christmas can be cheaper as most of the airlines offer festive discounts.

6. Check The Baggage Fees

Additional baggage fees can remarkably increase the final ticket price. So, check the baggage fees before booking flights.