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3 Great Lesser-Known Indian Destinations

Most people are familiar with the cities of Delhi and Mumbai but have never heard of some of the lesser-known Indian destinations that are just as enchanting to visit. Here we give you a sneak peek at three of our favourite cities to visit in India.



Known as the “Pink City,” Jaipur is a stunning Indian destination filled with adventure and culture. Lined with forts, palaces, and temples, this city is fast becoming a more popular destination amongst tourists. Plus, if you love trying new foods, the Rajasthani cuisine is sure to enlighten your taste buds. In fact, it’s been noted by foodies as some of the most exquisite Indian cuisine in the country. Here in Jaipur, there is indeed something for everyone – relaxing in the local gardens, shopping at the local bazaars for handicraft specialties or viewing the unique wildlife at the Ranthambore National Park right near the city.


Ahmedabad, India’s sixth largest city, is known for its religious festivals and mouth-watering cuisine that attracts visitors from far and wide. Tourists flock to the area each year to check out the Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati, which displays the real living quarters of Mahatma Gandhi himself. Ahmedabad is also known for its many beautiful museums, stunning monuments, gorgeous lakes, modern shopping malls, fine dining restaurants, and fantastic night markets.


Known as the “Holy City” in the state of Punjab, it’s the most sacred city in this Western part of India. Located approximately 270 miles northwest of Delhi and close to the border of Pakistan, it’s easy to get to and is worth the visit. Here you’ll find the Golden Temple, which is arguably one of the most beautiful sights in all of India. This golden spiritual and cultural centre for the Sikh religion features a giant holy pool for pilgrims to bathe in, along with a beautiful array of colours and traditional music that plays throughout the complex.

The impressive display of art, history, culture and food throughout Amritsar and many of these other lesser-known Indian destinations will take each and every one of your senses on an exciting adventure.

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Saving For Your Dream Vacation

We all know how it feels when you desperately want to go for a much awaited dream family vacation but you fall short of budget. Planning and budgeting for a vacation gets even more daunting when you look at the price tags. So, does that mean you should stop thinking about the vacation? Absolutely not! We are here to offer you cheap flight tickets to your favorite destination.

But it’s not only about cheap flights; there are hundred other expenses that you will need to plan for. The best way out is to save in advance for your vacation. We are listing here most practical ways to help you save for your dream vacation:

Fix A Price

A vacation can never be successfully planned without money in mind. Honestly examine your finances and determine how much you can save in a fixed time realistically. For example, if you can save $60 per week, you will have $240 every month and $2880 in a year for your vacation. Once you have these figures in your mind and on paper, it is easy to plan without any stress.

If your dream destination will cost you more than what you can save, you will have a clear figure of how much extra you need to save for your dream vacation.

Research Extensively

Planning and budgeting for a vacation is completely pointless when you do not know your destination. So, do an extensive research not only for the destination but also about everything you could – from cab fare at that place to tipping customs etc. Your research will save you from any unpleasant surprises.

Include in your research the accommodation charges, food charges, air fare and cost of activities etc. Plus, also add in extra expenses of travel guides, health emergencies, mobile phone roaming recharges, baggage charges and several other logistic expenses.

Start Saving Right Now

Every dollar that you pay for petite things everyday without second thought actually takes you away from your dream vacations. Be mindful about your everyday expenses. If you look around there would always be a money saving alternative for everything; for example, instead of having a latte for $5, make a lovely cup of drip coffee at home or in place of paying $25 for gym, get involved in a free community event and drop the saved money into the pot for vacation.

The best way to save money is to stop using your credit and debit cards. Withdraw a fixed amount every Sunday from your account and use that amount to meet expenses of the week.

Have Fun Under Budget

While you are saving for your vacation, don’t be devoid of entertainment. Yes, from movie tickets to entrance to the pub, nothing is cheap but you can definitely find plenty of free entertainment options. Look for free events in local libraries, universities, and concert halls etc.

Every single penny that you save will allow you to have a luxurious vacation. It doesn’t hurt to save a little extra than what you had initially planned as you can use this money to have fun during your vacation. To get you started right away, just visit our website to get cheap tickets to your favorite destinations.