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Fly Easy For Business: Top Tips

Business travel is not always easy. Constantly looking for cheap flights, sleeping in flights and sticking to the devices can easily derail your entire routine and make you cranky.

Read on to clutch most helpful travel tips to make sure your business travel is stress free and productive:

#1 Snub Off The Germs

Airplanes are an easy place to catch viruses and bacteria to make you feel sick. Snubbing off the germs is simple; just carry a small tube of bacitracin and a bottle of hand sanitizer. As soon as you enter the flight, sanitize your hands before you touch anything and put a dab of bacitracin in both of your nostrils. This will help ward off the evil.

#2 Bring The Noise Down

To bring the noise down in the plane, you do not need bulky and expensive headphones. Just get some disposable soft ear foams. They are the best solution because of many reasons – one they are very cheap, two they are easy to pack, three they are landing and takeoff friendly since they are non-electronic, four you can sleep comfortably even while wearing them on.

#3 Eat Smart

Eating right at the airport can be simple if you follow below rules:

·         Look where the pilots, flight attendants and other crew members are eating

·         Prefer eating protein over carbs because they will keep you full for longer without feeling heavy

·         Drink bottled water and not soda drinks because they can mess up with your tummy

·         When in doubt, go for chicken quesadilla

#4 Stay Connected

Travel with wireless USB modem. They are a better solution because they can catch any cell signal and can work anywhere. This way, you will always stay in connect with your contacts and documents. It can even help you to book cheap tickets and flights on the go for further traveling.

#5 Clear The Security Fast

First, use the premier line if you have any justifiable status. Second, get into the line that has more of solo male business travelers because they will have lesser accessories than females to discard and they are competitive enough to clear the security ASAP. The line will move fast.

#6 Trounce The Jet Lag

Reset your watch right when you enter the plane if you are traveling through different time zones. Do get some sleep only if it is night at the destination you are traveling to. Eat light and never ever sleep unless it is dark outside even if you are dead tired.

#7 Read On Local Newspaper

When you are in a new place, pick up and read the local newspaper. This will make you look like a locale and you will avoid eyes of many people lurking at you. This will also keep you updated about the local events, weather and other important things.

For stress free business travel, it is imperative to keep a positive attitude. Above that, you also need to acknowledge helpful people during your travel. It is seen that traveler who are kind and polite generally get better services, upgrades and itinerary. So, maintaining a happy demeanor during your business travel is the primary step towards a stress free travel experience.

Kindness and above mentioned tips are not the sole ways to avoid inconvenience during business travel; here is our super convenient website helping you to book cheap flight tickets conveniently and to give you the most expedient start to your business travel. Minimize stress and maximize your productivity with us.

Fall in Love With Food Scene in Calgary

Calgary is the main gateway to Alberta. This beautiful Canadian city is more popular for its mountains, natural beauty scenes and not epic food.

As you catch cheap flights to Calgary, you would have least expectations to enjoy great food. But the city of Calgary would pleasantly surprise you with its impressive food scene.

Here are some of our recommendations… you will ridiculously fall in love with it. Reach over to Simmons building – a space saved with love and a lot of thoughtfulness – for best food experience in Calgary. It is absolutely worthy to buy cheap flight tickets to Calgary and save to relish the epic food this city has to offer.

Start your day with coffee at Phil & Sebastian

A driving smell of fresh beans and newspaper are the things you need to wake up with. Phil & Sebastian is an open coffee shop that will serve you best cup of coffee in whole Calgary.

The coffee shop is owned by two good friends – Phil & Sebastian - who love food and coffee. They both were engineering students but turned into an award winning baristas for their love of coffee.

Phil & Sebastian is an inspiring place to enjoy your coffee with close friends or business peers. You would even love to see the process of coffee making in the open shop.

Satisfy your hunger at Sidewalk Citizen Bakery

This is an amazing Israeli owned bakery shop that serves Mediterranean and Middle Eastern menu. This is a perfect place to fill your tummy with baked goodies after your dozes of coffee.

You can taste innovation blended with tradition in every item they make in house. Don’t be surprised if you indulgingly want to stay here all day long and have a bite of everything available. There is love in all their preparations since they almost make every ingredient (including yeast for breads) by their own.

Lunch at Charbar

An expansive menu prepared with the combination of Spanish, Argentinian and Italian flavors would leave you in wonder. It is a funky place with lots of young crowd and it is also the best place to mix up with locals to know more about the city if you are traveling alone.

The highlights of this restaurant are the dishes prepared authentically over Argentinian woodfire grill. You must not miss trying out their ceviche mixto and delicious pizzas.

At Simmons Building, these three food & coffee outlets are the best place to satiate all your cravings during any time of the day. Not only do they complement each other pretty well but they also serve huge variety under single roof.

Need Options?

For more food options in the city, you may also try the Yellow Door Bistro for a satisfying dinner with perfect menu. It is an eccentric restaurant that is famous for serving best pierogies – a must try local staple food.

For a fresh and hot brunch, land at the Red’s diner which is a local favorite place to dine at before driving out for Rockies. Don’t forget to try their spicy breakfast burritos with a generous drop of guacamole.

Overall, the food scene in Calgary is yet another amazing thing to fall in love with beside the Rockies and natural grandeur. The epic Calgary food is calling – book your cheap tickets & flights right now.

How To Save Money For A Vacation

One thing that often stops you from traveling the world is money. Most people think – they can’t afford a vacation because they have too many expenses. Well, all of us have expenses but there certainly are some expenses that we can easily cut for experiencing the world.

No matter how cheap flight tickets you buy from, traveling does need some money. Here, we are listing our most creative but simple ways to save for the travel fund quickly:

1. Cut Down Your Coffee

Coffee indeed is a daily requirement but it also is an expense that drains out your wallet silently. You may love the smell of coffee at your favorite coffee shop but they love your money.

The daily expense of $5 on coffee sums up to $150 a month and $1800 a year. At this cost, you may buy cheap tickets and flights for South East Asia tour. So, you need to decide between exploring the beaches of Thailand and sipping the hot cappuccino. You may start drinking tea or start brewing at home.

2. Cook At Home

Like coffee, learn to cook at home and skip expensive meals at the restaurants. You may cut down your eating out to once a month. Buy local ingredients and save the leftovers to be used for next meal. You may even learn cooking from the online websites that have easy yet healthy preparations.

3. Get Rid Of Cable TV

Why pay expensive monthly rentals for cable TV subscription when you have a number of legal and free streaming website available for your daily dose of entertainment? Get economic net connections to serve multiple purposes including watching TV.

4. Watch Your Savings Account

While you are saving money in the bank account, you can get your money grow a little more by putting it in a bank account with high interest rates. Look for high-yielding online bank accounts.

5. Subscribe For Travel Mails Or Newsletters

One of the best ways to catch cheap flights to your favorite destination is to subscribe travel newsletter. You will not only be able to get updates but will also get to know the best deals that generally are not available for travelers not in the mailing list.

6. Stop Buying Water

Plastic water bottles are expensive and they are harmful to environment too. Buy a metal water bottle and carry water with you wherever you go. With $1 per bottle every day, it is $365 a year which is the cost of spending one week in France.

Apart from these, you can also adapt other creative ways to add on to your travel budget; for example, you can buy used furniture or electronics instead of buying new or you can sell out the stuff that lies unused in your house and you can even start collecting coupons to purchase groceries and other stuff at local stores.

Cutting down on such daily expenses may sound petite but you can save huge for travel with these simple ways without hunting and exerting yourself in another income source. So, make your traveling dream a reality and start saving today.

Top 5 In-Flight Beauty Tips For Everyone

When it comes to maintaining beauty during long flights, it could be a tough challenge. Especially when you have boarded cheap flights for a long vacation or business tour, you not only need to look your best but you also need to stay fresh & bright.

Here are our best in-flight beauty secrets revealed just in time when you need it most:

Water Is An Absolute Essential

Don’t just rely on the little cups of water flight crew bring with food. Since every person in the flight is leaving out carbon dioxide and the air containing oxygen that is pumped into the aircraft can be dry, you need to constantly keep your skin hydrated.

Try to drink at least 1 liter of water for every 5 hours of flight. Make sure that you always have water handy.

Don’t Pack Heaps Of Beauty Products

You absolutely do not need to panic and pack heaps of beauty products in your flight. In case you are too beauty conscious and cannot pass a day without your deep cleanser, special acne formula lotion or high spf lotion, look for miniature travel-friendly bottles to fill up with your beauty essentials as soon as you book cheap tickets and flights. They are cheap, leak-proof and flight approved too.

Carry Evian Spray & Moisturizer

A little mist on your face during flight can make you feel fresh and skin hydrated. You may simply, fill your small spray bottle with rose water in case you do not want to carry something big.

You can also use hydrating serum to lock the moisture within the skin to avoid the ill effects to dry cabin air. Another effective way to combat dry cabin air is to use enough moisturizer. Do not forget to pack your favorite light weight moisturizer especially during long international flight.

Do Pack SPF

A sunscreen lotion with spf as high as 30 and full protection against harmful rays of sun is absolutely essential during flights. Especially when you are on the window seat, you are closer to sun to need spf. If your flight is longer than 2 hours, do not forget to reapply the sunscreen for extended protection. Do not forget to carry lip balm with sun protection.

In Take Anti-Oxidants

Higher altitudes and latitudes mean more radiations falling on you from sun. You can easily temper these radiations by stocking up on food items that are rich in anti-oxidants. Have green tea, fruits or kale salad to intake anti-oxidants. Avoid consuming alcohol. Look for skin care products enriched with vitamin A,C and E.

If you really want to avoid all these hassles and fly absolutely stress-free, the best option perhaps is to fly at night.

So, as you book cheap flight tickets for your next vacation, you now know what you should be packing for best in-flight beauty care. Don’t fear heat, humidity and high altitudes to damage your beauty; stay calm and book cheapest flights to your favorite holiday destination at

Don’t Fear Traveling Alone: Smashing 10 Common Fears (Part 2)

In the previous part of this article, some of the most common fears of traveling alone were discussed. Read on this second part to know and combat more such fears that pull you back from traveling alone:

Fear #5 I Am Too Shy To Travel Alone

Most people feel shy and awkward to go and ask for cheap flight tickets at the counter or to take the only empty chair on the last table at a restaurant; surprisingly solo travel can really help if you come out of such hitches.

Travelers are friendly and you are sure to overcome your shyness when you travel alone. You will easily find many other solo travelers on the road and it is easy to get in conversation with them. Most of the times, you won’t need to be the first one to start.

Since you are alone, you would definitely need to talk to people and make friends. You will see how a small talk with a stranger in the train or bus leads to a new friendship.

Fear #6 I Would Get Bored

You may think that searching for cheap flights and then traveling all alone would be extremely boring stuff. But, when you set out on an alone travel; there will be no shortage of adventure.

Going to new places, trying new food, meeting new faces would all be so much fun that you would not want to take a break from it. Some random things may putt you off but will give you a memory to cherish later.

Fear #7 It’s Preferable To Travel As Couple Or In A Group

No, traveling in a group is not at all necessary. Traveling alone gives you an opportunity to discover who you really are. It even enhances your ability to tackle things on your own since there is no one to pass the responsibility on when things are not right. You are also free to do things that you want to without anybody else stopping you.

Fear #8 I Am Not That Brave

Even if you are not that brave, we still recommend you traveling solo. It will let you trust your abilities. You can start off traveling in a group to gain some confidence before setting out alone.

Fear #9 I would Get Homesick

Homesickness is not completely unavoidable. To feel better, make regular calls to your friends and family. Do remember that you have come out traveling to see new places and meet new people. Do take pictures of your family members with you to ease the situation.

Fear #10 What If I Run Out Of Money Or Return Early?

If you plan early, you would not run out of money. Budget your trip well before leaving home. You will obviously miss your loved ones but you must appreciate the experience of what you are going through and your traveling lifestyle.

Even if you return back home earlier than you had initially planned, you will at least have a taste of how does traveling alone feels or you will be more confident to start traveling alone again.

If you are now excited enough to start traveling alone and discover yourself, book cheap flight tickets to your favorite destinations right at

Don’t Fear Traveling Alone: Smashing 10 Common Fears (Part 1)


Don't fear traveling alone

If someone asks you to catch cheap flights to your favorite destination and travel alone, would you say “Yes!”?

People (especially women) have many fears associated with traveling alone; for example, fear of being bored, scared or homesick etc. These fears may hold you back from exploring the world alone. Here, we try to smash 10 such fears. Read on…

Fear #1 Solo Traveling Is Not Safe

It is absolutely safe to travel alone. Safety must always be your top priority whether you travel alone or in a group. The best way to come out of the fear of safety is to be well prepared for everything before you step out to travel alone.

Be aware and be smart. Traveling is no different than staying at home. You just need to be aware of the surroundings and act accordingly. Try to adapt to the place you are visiting. Collect as much information as you possibly could about the place even before you book cheap tickets and flights.

Maintain an acceptable behavior and stay away from obvious upsetting stuff like wearing inappropriate dresses or getting intoxicated.

Fear #2 Can Single Women Travel Alone?

With complete knowledge about the place and right preparation, even single women can travel safely. Remember, millions of single women travel the world every day.

Just be aware of the common issues of the place you are visiting and be ready to face unlikely situations. If you follow the local cultural norms and stay alert, single women too can experience the enjoyment and benefits of traveling alone.

Fear #3 My Family Won’t Approve

Your family loves you and they may be worried for you but they would surely understand your desire to travel. Your family unconditionally wants you to be happy but they may get afraid that you won’t be able to handle thing all alone.

Ask your family politely to trust your abilities and intelligence to strike things on your own. Assure them that you have done deep research and you will keep yourself safe from any possible harm. For rest of the no-sayers, do not consider their opinion.

Fear #4 It Would Be Lonely

Being alone is the biggest fear people often face. Everyone have their own lives and if you keep waiting for your friends, cousins or family members to join you on your voyage, you might end up waiting forever.

Just get on with the fact that as you travel, you will make new friends on the way. You may have dinner with new friends staying in the same hotel and the next day, you may find yourself surfing with few more recently made friends on the beach. Trust us, when you travel alone, you make new friends on the road.

These are the 4 most common fears to take you away from traveling alone; more of such fears and ways to combat them follow in the next part of this article.

If your fears are one of the above and if the explanations have inspired you enough to get started for alone travel, book cheap flight tickets to your preferred destination right now and live a whole new experience.