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Best Places In Toronto For Buying Unique Gifts

Toronto is not only a great destination for a family vacation but the amazing gift shops here would set you in the true spirit of giving. When you are in Toronto, you just cannot catch cheap flights back home without buying some great gifts for your loved ones.

Toronto has many gift shops that offer great gifting options from eco-friendly items to home décor and personal accessories. Below are our recommendations of gift boutiques to buy unique gifts in Toronto that are way better than regular gift cards.

1. Likely General

Visit Likely General if you want off-beat gifts. This shop has unique prints from locales along with colorful patches, sarcastic street wear and many other gifts with cool factor.

2. Spacing Store

Here you will find everything – decorative pieces, Toronto printed pillow cases, TTC token cuff links and other Toronto themed items. Picking something unique for your loved ones is not at all a difficult task here.

3. Easy Tiger

This place is a must-go when you seek gifts for design-savvy friends. It has a little of everything – accessories, homeware, stationery, apothecary items and much more. It also has gift items for your minimalist friends like mini wallets, mini notebooks and geometrical necklaces.

4. Len Toronto

Looking for some classic gifts? This is the place for you. It has got all the basic gifting items like candles, mugs and cards etc. what make this place special is that they also have unique items with Canadian flavor like maple syrup infused candles, pillow covers with hockey prints, maple leaves printed tea cozies and much more. You can buy stuff from here as a memento.

5. Kid Icarus

This shop has lots of DIY stuff shelved at two of their locations (Parkdale and Kensington Market). These make a lovely gift for kids. You can also find some home décor items and novelty goods here.

6. Labour Of Love

It is a single stop shop that has something for everybody. Drop here for last minute gift shopping before catching your cheap flights back home. You can find fine items here such as gemstone rings, cocktail bitters and beard oil etc. They also have special bridal gift items that are perfect for a bride.  

7. Saudade

Packed with top class homeware articles, Saudade is an excellent spot for buying house warming gifts. Items from this shop are also ideal to be gifted to some special ladies in your life who love decorating their homes. The racks here are filled with designer Portuguese pieces, Claus Porto soaps and candles. It is also a good place to hunt for woven blankets, kitchen items and exquisite ceramics.

At these shops, you are sure to get one-of-a-kind gifts that are rare to be found anywhere else. So, it completely eliminates the chances of someone else doling out with same gifts as yours. Just get the cheap flight tickets booked for Toronto with us and return with something special for your family and friends who are waiting for you to come back soon!

International Travel Made Easy (Part Two)

Nothing could be more exciting if you can bag the cheap flight tickets to your favorite overseas destination. But if you fail to address few important issues related to international traveling your excitement can soon turn into a tedious experience.

In the previous part of this article, we discussed about some of such issues. Read the article ahead to know some more:

Using Google Maps

If you do not have a good sense of directions, it is quite easy to get lost in a new country. In such a condition, you have to rely on your cell phone to access Google maps. If your international data roaming pack is not active, use the hotel wifi system to plot out a route you want to walk on that particular day. Take a screen shot of the maps to be zoomed and used later on. It is the best way to work around.

The Passport Exemption

The expiration date on the passport can actually be quite deceiving. Irrespective of the date you are traveling in cheap flights, the U. S. consider the expiry date printed inside the passport cover. However, many other countries would deny your entry if your passport is expiring in less than six months from the date of travel.

This rule is set for the unexpected conditions where you get stuck in the overseas country for a longer duration than you had initially planned. With six months of passport expiry duration, the country ensures that you would have a valid passport till the time you eventually get back to your native country. If you are a frequent traveler, make sure that you renew your passport about nine months before its expiration date.

Getting Best Deals On Flights

If you have a tight travel budget and if you are not booking flights through your travel department, look around for cheap flight tickets up for grab. Websites like does not only get you cheapest deals but also offer you price drop guarantee. This ensures that if the ticket price drops after your booking, you get price difference returned in forms.

Apart from these, there also are some obvious things that need your attention irrespective of where you are traveling to – overseas or domestic.

1. It is always a good idea to check the travel alerts and warnings before you begin your journey.

2. If you have a friend or acquaintance staying at your destination country, speak to them to know more about weather conditions etc.

3. Keep a printout of the address and contact details of the local embassy handy with you.

4. Always carry an eye mask and earplug during international travel.

5. Carry some key medicines like NyQuil, Advil and others just in case you need them.

6. Set or download a translator app on your phone to help you in times of need.

Keep all these things in your consideration while planning an international trip to have an easy travel and happy experience overseas.

International Travel Made Easy (Part One)

Landing from cheap flights in a totally strange place can sure be exciting. You get to see new places and faces, enjoy local cuisine and explore a whole new world. When you are on a leisure trip, you get ample time to discover the new country but sometimes, you don’t get much time and the only sites you see are the ones visible from your hotel windows when you are on a business trip.

Websites like have made booking international flight ticket really simple and cheap but there still are many things to keep in mind before you begin your overseas journey.

Regardless of what kind of a trip you are going for – leisure or business, overseas journeys are pretty daunting in terms of their long duration, jet lags and tiring procedures. Luckily, there are several ways to make your international travel a happy experience and not something you would never attempt again.

Here are our best tips for international travel:

Collect The Business Card Of The Hotel

As soon as you arrive at your hotel, collect their business card from the front desk. In case you get lost in an unknown place, this card would be a great help to let people know the name and address of the place you are staying in.

There is a large population in every country that speaks and understands English but it always good to have some pieces of information in local language to show to the taxi drivers and locals.

Getting The Money

The legible way to get money or cash in a foreign country is to use the ATM machines. Generally, banks charge a handsome fee for ATM transactions that are out of their networks. To minimize these fees, avoid making multiple transactions. You may take out a good amount of cash right at the airport when you land from your cheap flights.

A word of caution is mandatory here that carrying a lot of cash in an unknown place may invite some risks and then you may also have a lot of unused local currency left with you at the end of the trip. When you plan an overseas trip, consider opening an account in the banks with zero balance requirements and that have options to reimburse ATM charges including the overseas fees.

Stay Alert From Frauds

Notify your credit card company about the countries you are traveling to along with dates of your travel. This way, they won’t shut off your card misunderstanding it as been stolen. Also check the type of card (with magnetic strip or chip & pin) that is fit for the country you are traveling to. Get the preferred type of card to avoid inconvenience.

Set Data Roaming On Your Phone

Set up your mobile phone to avoid international data roaming charges. Many travelers may have an international data and calling plan but you could be charged heavily of you don’t. Biggest amounts can be charged for transmitting data overseas. In case you don’t have such plan, it is better to immediately switch off your phone and use the local communication systems.

These are just a few tips to ensure you have a safe and stress free international travel but there’s more you need to be aware of. Some more of such tips follow in the next part of the article that you must read before booking cheap flight tickets to an overseas destination.