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Current Travel Trends To Follow

We all are living in an unsettling time. Losers win, down is up and right is left; travel world is no exception. Traveling is no more just about booking cheap flight tickets and hopping from one popular destination to other.

Travel world is growing manifolds and here, we have plucked best of the current travel trends to follow and stay abreast with everything wonderful and everything luxurious about traveling:

1. Fast Connectivity

With new age technology and fast traveling options, it is very much possible to reach anywhere within 24 hours. Low cost regional carriers can help book cheap flights to measure the world.

Further, airlines have added over 10,000 new routes during last 10 years with top class airports. This means that world is actually getting smaller and traveling around the world cheaper.

2. Seeking Adventure

People have a mundane life routine and that is why they seek an adventurous holiday. In the era of reality TV, people are no longer satisfied with just a regular cruise tour or night at a beach vacation. They are now more adventurous and seek participatory experiences.

Fortunately, travel industry now is full of tremendous options to satiate need of the adventurous breed. Global Scavenger Hunt and rickshaw rally of Southeast Asia are just the starting point of the adventurous ride. Such competitive adventure activities test your caliber against best in the world.

3. Easy Online Tickets

Whenever you need to travel, simply go to to book cheap tickets & flights for your favorite destinations. The best part of this website is that you can book tickets 24X7 and yet get best deals. In fact, online booking is the future of buying cheapest air tickets. If you have never tried it, you are missing a great fortune. At Nanak Flights, you can even get cheapest tickets with price drop guarantee.

4. Backlash On Luxury

Luxury would no longer be the must-use declaration about traveling. Coming years would not be much about full marble suits or gold plated interiors; it would rather be focusing on much rare, precious, important things that are connected to the emotional values. Like excursing sea shore on a bike, a guided hike or bespoke personalization of hotel rooms.

5. Importance Of Experience

Travelers now thirst for exceptional experience over acquisition or owning something. Buying an expensive designer handbag from a destination doesn’t matter much for travelers now but getting great experience and posting about it does.

People love to tell and hear stories and coming years would be more about creating, living and sharing travel stories.

“Simplicity” is definitely the term travelers of the world be seeking. Luxury would slow down and the unburdened feeling of amazement when you see something truly spectacular would take over the whole travel world. Small things are now big and underrated cities will become popular.

With these current traveling trends at your side, get ready to measure the world in style and boast it all over. For cheapest flight booking, just click here.

How To Control Business Travel Expenses (For Companies)

Business traveling means great luxury for privileged few – getting out of the regular office schedule, flying first class, staying in nice hotels, having amazing food, socializing with clients and having an incredible experience.

Companies now spend over boards to keep their staff and clients happy. Despite of online meeting and marketing platforms, business travel has never lost its vitality. A face-to-face interaction is really important when it comes to finalizing an amazing deal. So, here we suggest smart ways to save business travel expenses and yet have your hand over that ground breaking deal. With no surprise, it starts with booking cheap flight tickets:

The 3-Way Strategy

Other than cutting the bonuses, thankfully there are some better ways to control business travel expenses:

1. Book hotels, cheap tickets & flights in as much advance as possible

2. Get the risk management policy in place

3. Have an effective process for trip approval

The Pro Tips

As you use above incredibly effective business travel cost saving strategies, following tips will prove useful:

·         When other airlines are offering great deals, it is only smart to ditch your favorite airline. You can even use your company credit card to catch frequent flyer discount.

·         Avoid hopping from one hotel to another. Once you find a hotel that is absolutely perfect for you in terms of price, comfort, services and location, just stick to it. Remember, hotels need business from you and they would happily add a few extra perks if you give them consistent business.

·         Plan stay in a hotel with a star less than normal hotel. You would be amazed on how much you can save by doing this without compromising much on services/facilities.

·         Using a company credit card for business traveling is not only convenient but it also is smart; like, you can get up to 10% discount for frequent flying in place of 6%  without the card and possible 15% discount on hotel bookings.

·         Stay prepared for unexpected things to happen on the go and your staff may need to make some arrangements in such situations. Have a report back process in progress so as to see if their arrangements fit into your budget.

Keep Things Simple

Simple and clear policies help everyone. Having your business travel system in good place would require decision making, regular reporting, proper documentation and cooperation from both – the company and the traveling staff. So, travel processes must be simple but effective.

Have A Functional Platform

Most of the current travelers make bookings on their mobile devices. That is why it is absolutely necessary to ensure that your traveling system works on office platform as well as on mobile devices and that they are interlinked.

Above tips and suggestions can really help companies to save some hard earned dollars on business traveling. If you want to save even more, book cheap flights with us for all your business travel as we offer lowest price guarantee along with price drop guarantee.

How Not To Get Robbed While Travelling

Getting robbed while traveling is quite a common instance especially when you are visiting a new country for the first time. As you book cheap flight tickets for a foreign country, safety of your belongings must be your top priority.

For not getting robbed while traveling, you of course need luck with combination of being highly aware of your current surroundings and not wandering alone at unknown places. There are a number of easy precautions that you may take to largely enhance your chances of having a safe and trouble free travel. Here are our top recommendations that ensure your returning back with all your belongings:

1. Money Belt

Tourists can easily be spotted as the one looking confused, looking everywhere with wonder and one with a big camera. These types of people become an easy target for thieves. Pocket pickers are so expert to quickly clean out your backpack or pocket that it will leave you amazed.

The best way to stay safe from these pocket pickers is to use money belts. Just zip in your cash, passport and credit cards in the money belt and fit it under your clothes. These belts are concealed and they are not too uncomfortable. Money belt is the cheapest thing that easily fits around your waist and keeps your cash and important items safe.

2. Fake Wallets

You can even fake out to fool on thieves and keep your wallet safe. You may buy a fake wallet even before boarding cheap flights from your home country. Simply pack it with some old (inactive) credit cards, a few dollars and some old stuff.

In any unlikely event when the robbers try to rob you, just hand over this fake wallet to them. They won’t stay any further with you to look for the real wallet. Brilliant! Isn’t it?

3. Suitcase Lock

Do not forget to buy a lock for your suitcases before leaving home. Look for a TSA approved lock with digital combination. Such locks would be good enough for unsavory folks to search for other lock-less bag.

A TSA approved lock is really important here as airport officials can easily open it with special code if required.

4. Choosing Accomodation Smartly

Your first effort must be to avoid any accommodation that looks suspicious. Being aware is important if you are booking room in a hostel because hostels generally have shared rooms with people of all types. It is an easy place for pickers to walk away with your belongings.

At such suspected accommodations, use suitcase lock compulsorily or use lockers if available. Thefts can even happen in a 5 star hotel room, so, do use in-room safes and do not leave your stuff scattered all over the room.

When you book cheap tickets & flights for a vacation, make sure that you don’t look very flashy. Don’t bling that ring and do you really need ipad on your trip? Being aware is the key.

Just book cheapest flights to your favorite destination with us and enjoy the holiday without any fear of being robbed.

Revealing Best Kept Secret Travel Hacks (Part-2)

Continuing from the last part, here we are listing some more secret travel hacks that could save you a good fortune. While planning a vacation, as you book cheap flight tickets, these hacks would come handy. Let’s start with some packing hacks:

1. Keeping The Smell Away

The inevitable air plane smell that seeps into all your clothes can easily be tackled by just placing a dryer sheet in between the layers of clothes. This will keep your clothes smelling fresh even after weeks. Also, pack handy pouches of detergents so as to easily wash clothes in the hotel sink yourself rather than paying for the laundry services.

2. Packing Smartly

Your life would completely be changed after you discover the utility of packing tubes. These tubes may simply look like zippered contraptions or small packing bags but they work wonders to compress the clothes and free up some space in your carry-on bags.

Besides this, they are also an amazing packing accessory when it comes to keeping things organized. Simply roll your clothes and pack in the tube or stuff it up with useful things such as toiletries, shaving tools, medicines or other small items. Thus your clothes an belongings will remain safe from any type of spill.

3. Put On Pashmina

This hack is especially for ladies. Pack pashmina shawls in your travel bags. They are not only highly fashionable but they also take less space and cover cold quiet efficiently. Pashmina is a very versatile piece of garment that can be used differently to suit your traditional or modern look.

You can use it to cover your head at a religious place or use it as a blanket in the plane or just as a scarf etc. It can also be used to cover delicate items such s camera, glass perfume bottles etc while traveling.

4. Change Exchange

As you land from your cheap flights at your destination and get the currency exchanged at a bank, they usually give you big bills. Get them broken ASAP. You would not only need change for paying the bus fare or tipping the waiter but it will also come handy when you fall short of a few dollars while purchasing something.

This can even save you some money as it is much better to handover change than to nagging over a few dollars and finally giving up big bill.

5. When In Trouble, Tweet It

Have you ever tried calling airline services about the problems you face? It’s quite frustrating. Instead, try tweeting. It is a fantastic way to catch the attention and get your issues solved whether it is about delayed flights or changing the flights. The response on social media is usually faster than any other medium.

So, now when you are fully equipped with our best kept secret travel hacks, don’t wait to book cheap tickets & flights to your favorite holiday destination with us and enjoy the bestest vacation of your life.

Revealing Best Kept Secret Travel Hacks (Part-1)

“Journey is more important than the destination” – this quote is often used philosophically but anyone who has traveled knows how downright painful a journey can be. You get to deal with security regulations, packing chaos and exasperating efforts to book cheap flight tickets.

Here are some of the best kept secret travel hacks to make your journey less painful and a whole lot fun:

1. Join The Member’s Club

If you join the loyalty programs cleverly or get the credit card with great bonuses, you could actually be traveling for much less or for free. Yes it’s true. In fact, this could be the best way to travel when you are on a tight budget.

For example, many hotels give exciting offers under their welcome or loyalty programs such as free breakfast or upgrade or free 3rd night!

Get smart with your finances and sign up for credit cards with minimum or no annual fee with great sign-up bonus. This may set you for flying first class for much less.

2. Choose The Best

Most national and international hotel chains guarantee best rates. This means they will beat or at least match the lowest price advertised anywhere. This can help you to get 10 to 25% discount and if you are lucky enough to find a good intercontinental hotel, they may not only match the lowest price but may also give you third day free.

Similarly, we at Nanak Flights also offer lowest price and price drop guarantee on cheap tickets & flights so that you save money for other activities you love on your holiday.

3. Watch Your Timing

Timing is your key to success, not only in life but also for booking cheap flights to your favorite destinations. Correct timing can save you loads of money even before you reach the airport.

You can avoid spending a lot by not booking holidays during peak months, school breaks and festivals etc. This would mean less crowd, attentive staff and best off-season offers. For most holiday destinations, off-seasons are from March to May and from September to November.

4. The Technical Hacks

While searching for hotel bookings, websites use cookies to track your browsing. So, as you search and revisit a site for comparison, the price may rise. To come out of this sticky situation, set your internet settings as “private browsing” and not “public”. If the website sends you a notification about allowing cookies usage, just click on “don’t allow”.

Also, keep deleting the browsing history and temporary files from your computer. This way, you can avoid paying more by just looking at the website. This will ensure that the IP address of your system is not being registered.

These are all tried and tested ways to save some serious money and grab great deals. So, next time you plan a trip, make sure that you use all these travel hacks that are little known.

A Few More Useful Travel Apps For Your Smartphone

Traveling must be fun and not stressful. While you can easily book cheap flight tickets with us, there are many things other than just tickets to be taken care of during a tour.

Earlier, we have had some posts talking about most useful mobile apps while traveling and here are a few more to be added to your smart phone making your journey a pleasant experience. Take a look:

1. Google Translate

This app is for travelers who are more serious about learning the local language of the place they are visiting. This app is most useful when you need to quickly translate words for day-to-day travel activities.

The best thing about this app is that it is extremely easy to use – just hold the phone camera up to a sign, menu or any text, Google will translate it for you instantly. So, this is an essential app if you are traveling to a foreign country.

2. Time Out

When you are in a new place, this app will help you with ideas of great things to do. Time Out app includes all major cities of the world. It has Amsterdam, Singapore, New York and every other exciting city you can think of.

The app covers pretty much everything from restaurants to bars and live events to tourist attractions – you will surely find something that would interest you. The app even allows booking table at a restaurant or show tickets. You can also create a customizable travel guide with this app.

3. Splittr

There are quite a few mobile apps to help you split your bills but Splittr stands out of all. It is the best app for travelers because it has a simple platform that also allows sharing the total cost between groups. As you book cheap flights, hotel rooms and taxi etc, just keep entering the expenses and rest everything would be done by the app.

It can even store the information about who paid the bill. It is a great app for long travels and multi-country trips. It supports many currencies without you having to manually convert them.

4. LiveTrekker

This app creates a wonderful digital journal of the places you travel. It is the best app to look back at your travel through an interactive map. It tracks your journey as you move with a red line on a map and marks up exact route you take.

It even monitors the altitude and speed of travel. All these features make it a perfect app for adventure travelers. It is also a good app to look back at your travel routes and it becomes more fun because you can even add pictures, texts, videos and audios making it just like a multimedia diary that is sharable too.

In order to make use of all these amazing mobile apps, you first need to book cheap tickets & flights to your favorite destination. Nanak Flights is always up with best deals and price drop guarantee. So just get your mobile loaded with these apps and enjoy unforgettable time.

Really Useful Travel Apps You Must Have On Your Smartphone

We all travel for fun and work. Successful traveling needs proper planning ahead of time. Doesn’t matter if you have booked cheap flight tickets to travel alone or in a group or with family, new age mobile apps can really help taking stress out of the whole traveling experience.

Apart from keeping you highly organized, following useful apps are utterly important to enjoy traveling without worrying about route maps, expenses, currency and other such nasty travel nig-nags. Here are our top recommendations:

1. Citymapper

If you have been using Google maps, Citymapper would bring a playful change. It has way more detailed journey information and planner as compared to Google. Even better, Citymapper has real time cycle routes, Uber integration, departure details and disruption alerts.

This app is free and is available for Android and ios platforms. It is currently covering over 30 (rapidly increasing) cities worldwide.

2. Tripit

It is just like your smart pocket size travel agent. It pulls on all your travel information together from confirmation emails of cheap flights, hotel room and car etc. It assembles all the information into a single itinerary.

Just keep forwarding your mails to the app and it will do the rest. It even makes it easier to share your travel plans with others and that places it as a very handy app while coordinating a group tour.

3. Duolingo

With more than 70 million registered users, Duolingo is a well-designed language learning mobile app. It is a fun app to learn basics of any language although it doesn’t replaces interactive tuitions to completely learn a language.

Designed like a game, Duolingo helps you enhance your vocabulary and grammar before you head to a foreign country.

4. XE Currency

When you need currency conversion, XE Currency is the app to look at. Besides simple currency conversion, this app is also adorned with many business oriented features like historic currency chart and rates of precious metals.

The best part is that it even functions offline with last updated rates and that it can convert all currencies of the world.

5. App In The Air

This smart and very straight forward app is what you need for flight tracking. With best airport and airline coverage, App In The Air keeps you constantly updated with flight status even when you are offline.

It also helps you manage your time at the airport by dividing the entire process into 4 stages – check in, boarding, take off and landing. All this and more would help never missing a flight. This app can also work in coordination with the above mentioned Tripit app to import all the travel information about flight and hotel bookings.

So, next time when you plan up a travel, don’t forget to get above mobile apps on your smartphone. As these apps take care of every chore related to your journey, all you need to do is to book cheap tickets & flights with us for your preferred destination and enjoy the trip.

Travel Inspiration For People Over 50 Years (Part -2)

Your age must never stop you from what you always wanted to do and be. Traveling especially is a thing that people generally associate with age. If you too are over 50 years and always wanted to travel with no bounds, the perfect time to fulfill your long-awaited dream is right now.

Even if you are 50 +, just book cheap flight tickets to your preferred destination and we will help you make it absolutely memorable and successful. While previous part of this article has inspired you tremendously to step out and see the world, this part here would help you make most of your travel escapade:

Book Homely Accommodations

Travel industry has grown manifolds and cheap hotels & hostels are easily available now. Look for a hotel that offers comfort and could take care of all your special needs. A private room will get you the required privacy along with wi-fi connection, cable TV connection and attached bathrooms.

If you want, you can also book rooms that have functional kitchen to help you save food cost on your tour. You can also choose to stay in the comfortable dorms that have AC, fridge and free breakfast. Stay in the mixed or only female dorms for total comfort at reasonable price.

In case you have booked cheap flights to Canada for enjoying hiking, skiing, mountain biking or other adventures Canada has to offer, choose a hotel near the mountain so that you save the local travel cost and time.

Know Your Limits

Trekking or walking up a mountain may sound exciting but it needs hard work. But at the same time, do not pull yourself back from some fun just because you are little old.

Initially, you may join a group tour but don’t stick with it forever. Feel free to explore the new city your way. It is not always necessary to travel for 6 months or more. You can travel near your home town for short period and can always return back home. Slow traveling is fun too.

If you have limited budget, pick your destination wisely. To save some travel fund, you can rent your garage or cut out lavish expenses. You can even choose cheap hostels to relax at night while traveling.

Be Ready For Cultural Shocks

Different sights, people, smell, food, air and water can feel overwhelming in the beginning. The local life style and traditions can sometimes shock you utterly.

Just take your time to adjust and understand your surroundings. After some time, if you still feel that things are not happening, don’t be scared to move on. Remember, with every challenge you face, you become a better traveler for the next time round.

Traveling after 50 can be exciting when you know what you are doing and what to expect. Age and money shall never hold you back from traveling because it is now way more convenient and cheaper than you think. Just book cheap tickets & flights to your favorite ravel destination with us and let the world amaze you even after 50 years of your life.

Travel Inspiration For People Over 50 Years (Part -1)

You are over 50 years of age and you just have been travelling according to your children’s recommendations. This article will inspire you to book cheap tickets & flights for your favorite destination and see the world with a whole new perspective.

Why 50+ Is Right Time To Travel?

Everyone leads a different life but you will still find more than one of the following reasons appropriate for you to consider traveling when you are already 50 +:

1. Your children are now big enough to seriously manage things on their own

2. You are now financially stable

3. You now have much experience and life skills to put on a test

4. You are a better communicator now and know how to deal with sticky situations

5. You have sought after skill that you want to offer to different countries

6. You simply want to explore the beautiful world

7. Traveling now is much cheaper, safer and comfortable than ever before

8. You want to challenge yourself and gain new experience

9. You no more need to please your parents or children

10. You may have aching back or knee but you are still fit to settle health issues with medication

You think you are 50 and you have seen it all….take a pause and think again! Just find a good reason and step out to see, taste and experience new things.

Where To Go?

Earlier than now, you have been making plans according to your kid’s recommendations and booking cheap flight tickets to their favorite destinations but at this point of age, whole world is your oyster. In case you are facing some difficulties in selecting a perfect destination, just think of the place you always wanted to visit.

Reading some good travel books, online blogs and looking at pictures can also inspire you to select your destination; but do not see too much or make a rigid travel plan. Seeing too much can confuse you and making rigid plans can snatch away the real essence of traveling and living new experiences.

Traveling in 50s can be a bit tiring so give yourself some time to recover before reaching out to another destination. Travel slowly and enjoy everything that comes in between.

Do your research well. See where can you get peaceful sleep, print the maps and know things that you could do. But remember, avoid planning too much. Start simple and keep evolving as you travel.

Still looking for some inspiration? Well, according to surveys: the number of travelers above 50 years of age is increasing every year by 10%. And another travel survey has revealed that 4 out of every 10 50+ travelers are visiting amazing destinations they never thought they would when they were young. Next part of the article would have you inspiring further and sharing tips for a successful travel experience even after 50.

So, what are you waiting for? Just get the cheap flights booked right away with us to the place you always wanted to travel at best possible rates.

Tips For Avoiding Rental Scams On A Vacation

Right now is that time of the year when everyone is making arrangements and booking cheap flight tickets to enjoy at a beach or a mountain for a long awaited vacation. This means that it also is the time for guarding yourself against many rental scams.

The most common technique fraudsters often use is to put fancy ads for reasonably priced vacation rentals. They do so by stealing photos and description of properties listed on the legitimate rental websites. Or, they may even post ads for the properties that are not available on rent.

You need to be very careful while selecting vacation rentals because there can even be ads of made up properties that are totally non-existent. While common sense is the best protection against any such scam but here are some more ways to avoid these ruses:

1. Before you payout any amount, make sure to check the property yourself or ask a local resident to check it for you. If you cannot reach the place, search online for the given address, names and numbers in the description. If you find property up for sale (not rent) or displays non-existent address or shows it to be a non-residential property, stay away from it.

2. Before booking cheap tickets & flights to your preferred destination, copy the whole description section of the vacation rental property and paste it on a search engine to see if it has been copied from another location. If the search reveals something suspicious, consider it coming from a scammer.

3. Check for street level view of the selected property using map feature of the search engine. An aerial view can help identify the bona fide properties.

4. Do not limit your conversations just to emails. Talk over phone directly with the landlord or the agent. Although there is no guarantee that the person at the other end is not a crook, but you need to be wary.

5. Do not pay entire rental amount upfront via wire transfer or prepaid cards; these are the preferred payment options of scammers. Using credit card can be a better option as then you may have recourse.

6. If you are renting vacation property for a long duration, check the proof of ownership. In case you are dealing with an agent, make sure that he is authorized to rent the property on owner’s behalf. Also check the owner’s details.

7. While hiring vacation rentals, only consider reputable websites such as or

There definitely are many options available for renting vacation property and while you look for best deal, it is easy to fall prey of scammers. Give yourself a pause if you feel something is wrong and don’t feel tempted to book a property in hurry just because an offer is ending.

Now that you know how to steer safe out of the vacation rental scams, you can book cheap flights to your favorite holiday spot with us at and enjoy stress-free.