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Around Bangalore In 24 Hours

If your luxurious or cheap flights to Bangalore have just landed you in the beautiful city of Bangalore and you just have 24 hours to stay in the city, your obvious thought could be – “What can be seen in Bangalore in just 24 hours?”

We have got a whole list to surprise you with pleasant things you can do and wonderful places you can visit in and around Bangalore in just 24 hours or less.  Read on for more details:

Nandi Hills

Just at a distance of 60 kilometers from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is a popular day long outing destination for residents of Bangalore. Because of its pleasant weather year long, Nandi Hills is one of the most recommended places to visit from Bangalore in just a day.

This was the summer retreat of majestic Tipu Sultan and his huge fort can still be seen here. Experience chills by looking down from Tipu’s Drop – a place from where criminals were dropped for death. There also are some historic temples and beautiful garden to relax and have a good time. Be here early morning in summers to witness stunning sunrise.

Kokkare Belluru

Cover a distance of 90 Kilometers to visit Kokkare Belluru village at the Bangalore – Mysore Highway. This small village is heaven for painted storks and spotbilled Pelicans. The birds here are very used to human life and they live freely over splendid trees of the village. The best time to visit Kokkare Belluru village and see the pelicans is between December and January.


Just drive some 1000 Kilometers from Bangalore off the Kanakapura Road to reach Bheemeswari which is a small town standing on the beautiful banks or river Kaveri. The river here is known for its treasures of Mahseer – a fresh water fish that has always excited anglers and leisure fish catchers. Professional anglers from all across the continent visit Bheemeswari for camps and spend months here with a hope to catch a Mahseer. This place offers international standard camping and accommodation facilities with delectable food.

You may take up private vehicles to visit Bheemeswari and the best time for a visit here is from August to February when famous fishes and other breeds are in abundance. The fishes here are just to be angled and not eaten as the fishes are not killed here.


It is a collection of many astounding waterfalls and you may need to hire a boatman to reach the waterfalls and a ride through them. The main excitement here is to reach closest to the gushing waters to enjoy the splash or to get wet under it. You can also observe wonderful rocks here that are carved into eccentric but beautiful shapes by the falling water. Winters and after monsoon months are best times to visit Hogenakkal. Avoid being here in summers as the afternoons get too hot. You may book cheap flights to start early in the morning to keep away from heat.

There are plenty other places like the 400 year old Big Banyan Tree, Janapada Loka, Nrityagram and Ranganatha that can be explored near Bangalore in just 24 hours. Visiting Bangalore and these marvelous places gets super convenient especially when you have flight tickets at best prices available right here.