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Five cheapest European destinations from Canada

Five cheapest European destinations from Canada

Thinking about a Europe tour? Start from here! Here’s a list of five of the most affordable, pocket-friendly destinations in Europe that every Canadian should consider visiting for a budget trip. 

Stunning skylines; colourful streets, accentuated by a rich culture; snazzy pubs; interesting people; fantastic architectural marvels; and a history that is enough to make you scrunch up your glasses and take note.

No. This is not an exaggerated attempt to describe a dream vacation. We just described a budget-friendly Europe tour. Or to be more precise, a melange of quintessential experiences that you might live through if you happen to plan an escapade across the Atlantic. But if your bank balance is what’s stopping you from packing your suitcases and setting off, allow us to change your mind by introducing you to some of the cheapest European travel destinations every Canadian should travel to.

If this gets your attention, we advise you to hold on fast to your seatbelts and check out a few pocket-friendly options. Beware, it’s a fancy ride ahead!

Fly away...

The idea of a Europe tour may come across as a bit too pricey, but if your mind is set and your bags packed, it’s a great idea to give it a try. The good news is, you, as a Canadian, can gather the choicest of the experiences in a number of European cities while sticking to your budget. The Canadian dollar is pretty strong and the flights, comparatively cheaper. Take a look.

The city of immigrants: Lisbon, Portugal

It won’t be wrong to list this one as the cultural capital of the world. This beautiful city presents a kaleidoscopic milieu of cultures, cuisine, people and experiences. The best part? You can easily afford to pick up on the Lisbon trail.

The city is famous for its cobbled streets, food, nightlife, rustic buildings with cute steeped slopes and friendly people. Once here, don’t forget to check out Castela de S Jorge, a ruined Moorish castle atop a hill; take a stroll around the Alfama district; get a panoramic view of the entire cityscape atop the Miradouro de Santa Catarina, against the soothing tunes of bohemian music; hop on a tram and tour across the city; have a stress-busting session at the Guincho beach, overlooking the Atlantic ocean; and get a taste of its famous custard tarts.

The Paris of the East: Budapest, Hungary

You may leave your footprints on the entire continent of Europe, but the one place that will definitely steal your heart is this one. Budapest, with its sophisticated elegance and superior allure, promises to make you want to visit the land, again and again.

The city is decorated with pristine water from the river Danube, and an afternoon spent sailing through the river while gazing at the city’s gorgeous architecture is a match made in heaven. Interestingly, the culturally rich city still shows remnants of the glorious Turkish empire, that once thrived here, blending beautifully with the city’s modernity.  

Other must-dos include a walk down the Chain bridge, soaking in the hot waters of the Széchenyi’s Bath, wine tasting at the Faust Wine Cellar, visiting the Buda castle and trying out the fantastic, local cuisine( particularly, the pastries!).

An Exotic cultural mix: Kiev, Ukraine

There is no denying the fact that this Ukrainian city presents a unique, harmonious fusion of modernity and antiquity, existing together as one. What one might not know, however, is that this wonderland also happens to be one of the cheapest European holiday destinations for Canadians.

From its vibrant, bustling bazaars, interspersed with the local charm, to its quiet churches and verdant parks laced with a soothing ambience, Kiev proudly claims its contrast in a vivid display of both, sobriety and allure.

Once here, don’t forget to pay a visit to the National Chernobyl Museum, Andriyevsky Descent (a popular commoner’s market), St. Sophia Cathedral, the all unique museum of miniatures, and the Independence square. There is so much to do here that you might run out of time; so plan accordingly. Needless to say, if you are planning a visit here, you are going to make some of the best memories of your life, and you will be left amazed!


Bulgaria’s Pride: Sofia, Bulgaria

Reflecting a fine Ottoman style, the second oldest settlement in Europe is a land offering a plethora of delights, ranging from well-designed museums and galleries to parks and churches. This cultural paradise features some of the best architectural wonders, orthodox cathedrals and historical anecdotes, a virtue that not only stems from its colourful past but also from its rich diversity.

Once here, ditch the cabs and take an on-foot tour of the entire city, relishing the gothic buildings of the medieval times as well as getting a taste of the delectable local cuisine. The place is surrounded by Vitosha mountain allowing one to go for a mini trek as well. Also, don’t forget to pay a visit to St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia's Puppet Theatre, art galleries, and the most fascinating of all, the National Archaeological Museum. Bulgaria is known for its traditional dolls, and it is absolutely mandatory to splurge a little on one to take back home.

The Historical marvel: Krakow, Poland

If you take pride in calling yourself a history buff, well then, this place is just about right for you to spend a budget-friendly vacation in. From amazing medieval architecture to the bleak reminders of the second world war, this place seems to have put every significant piece of human history on proud display.

Some of the must-dos, here, includes a quiet stroll along the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial, an exciting shopping expedition at the Main Market Square, an idyllic time spent inside the realms of the gothic-styled St. Mary's Basilica, and the Polish Aviation Museum, a famous haunt of the aviation enthusiasts. Probably the most famous spot of the city, however, is the Oskar Schindler's Factory, a prominent spot where the Jews hid illegally to escape the Nazi torture.

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