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A Walk Through The Woods In Fort McMurray

Not many people catch up cheap flights to Fort McMurray for a short touch-and-go visit. This little notorious Alberta town mostly has people spending long vacations, enjoying in the most lavish malls and liquor stores.

No matter how many bad things you might have heard about Fort McMurray, one thing that could never be taken away from Fort McMurray is that it is incredibly beautiful. Especially if you take cheap flights to Fort McMurray in late May, you can experience the glorious summer at its best. The natural grandeur would simply get you captivated to take a walk in the woods to find yourself in a completely different world.

You would walk among the sky soaring black spruce and the opulent jack pines. This is not just a flyover forest that most people easily dismiss as a strip of green; it is rather extensive woodland with historic stomps which is also a homeland to numinous creatures.   

The great Canadian boreal forest is known to house about a quarter of the entire wetlands in the world. It is also a home to five billion birds of different species and the carbon sink of this forest is twice as effective as any other tropical rainforest. It is easy to get mesmerized by the sweet song of birds, filtered light through dense leaves and organic aromas fusing into you.

As you keep walking uphill, the spruce seems to be transforming into fluorescent greenbelt of finely trimmed lawns. Follow the way between the ranch homes and you will enter a maze of tightly packed homes. On a normal day, you can see people of mixed community performing their routine tasks at the urbane bakeries, supermarkets and schools etc. This is quite a pleasant scene here in Fort McMurray that is often not much talked about.

The multicultural people of FortMcMurray form a harmonious workforce to develop this city to become next Calgary or Winnipeg which earlier were frontier towns now transformed into a real and happening cities. With completely developed economy, Fort McMurray depends on its diversified industries. The Government plans to make this town a global model for sustainable living in the North. All these steps together with natural beauty and sumptuousness make Fort McMurray a perfect place to spend some happy times with your family and loved ones.

The best thing about planning a visit to this fast-developing town is that cheap flights to Fort McMurray are easily available and since it is transforming to be an ideal place for living and holidaying, it provides ample and comfortable staying options.

Fort McMurray and its opacity are truly inspiring and it forces you to enjoy its magic. You might have heard that the traffic in Fort McMurray is terrific or that there are just too many liquor stores but there also is a greener side of the city which is beautiful and watch worthy. So, pack your bags to enjoy an invigorating walk through the woods in Fort McMurray.

5 Misconceptions About Fort McMurray That Are Totally Wrong

Fort McMurray is a beautiful place in Northern Alberta City. Fort Mac is a popular name of this city as called by local residents and the main occupation here is oil sands production. Although, Fort McMurray is full of positive energy, there are certain misconceptions in the minds of people who have never been here before or are boarding on cheap flights to Fort McMurray for the first time. But, once you reach here, you will discover the true Fort McMurray spirit in vibrant communities, picturesque surroundings and many fantastic things-to-do. Here’s breaking some of the most common misconceptions attached to Fort McMurray:

Misconception #1: There Only Are Rig Workers

Fort McMurray is a city of young and happy families. If you think you will see a city crawling only with men, you are absolutely under a fallacy. The median age of local residents is about 31 years and more than 100 babies are born here every month. So, it is a decent, safe and friendly place for families with lots of things to be enjoyed as a family unit. There are many businessmen and then there are fine artists too.

Misconception #2: It Is Freezing

This misconception of yours will whack away as soon as you step in the city out of your cheap flights to Fort McMurray. You might have always thought that North means cold …right? The Alberta’s weather is unpredictable and you need to come prepared for both – hot and cold. You could get hit by warm wind on a day in January while next day, it might be snowing. Thus, it has a temperature to let you enjoy throughout the year.

Misconception #3: There’s Not Much To Do

Think again! There is more than 130 Km of wonderful trail within this city and there are enough reasons to go out and stay out. You can enjoy snowshoeing, snowmobiling, skiing, ice fishing and much more. You can even spend hours gazing the starry skyline under a canopy. To keep you and your family busy with incredible activities, there also are public libraries, running tracks, climbing walls, racquetball courts, splash parks, playgrounds and many skating rinks making sure you burn off your energy enjoyably.

Misconception #4: It’s Only About Food

You will be surprised to see the splendid dining scene in Fort McMurray. There are authentic pizzerias; many urban cafes and fine dine restaurants with delicious meals and quality preparations. You can enjoy best of the seafood and bison short ribs here along with fresh soups and sandwiches made with freshly baked breads.  

Misconception #5: It Lacks Good Places To Stay

It is easy to find a bed & breakfast hotels in Fort McMurray with cozy settings. You can also find some house with open kitchen and spacious guest rooms to stay with your family. For a single night stay, get a deal at any of the facilitating motels.

 The comfortable and well connected cheap flights to Fort Mac Murray will give a great start to your trip with your loved ones. If you are looking for friendliest people and great adventure, head to Fort McMurray.

In Company Of Nature – Fort McMurray Parks & Trails

Fort McMurray was initially known as McMurray which is an urban city with all the modern facilities to make life expedient. In spite of developed areas and sophisticated populace, Fort McMurray city still has its foundations strongly bound with nature. You can experience the nature’s grandeur as soon as your cheap flights to Fort McMurray land you here.

Expansive Trail System

The city of Fort McMurray has expansive 400 hectares of beautiful parks. The local residents and the visitors both can enjoy at these parks and other natural trails. Even if your cheap flights to Fort McMurray are in transit, you can spend some relaxing time in 130 kilometers of natural trail system.

Fort McMurray offers a great opportunity to be in companionship of nature. You can walk, hike or bike in and around the parks. The natural and expansive trails are carved through the forests.

Beautiful Community Parks

Community parks of Fort McMurray are modern and equipped with many entertainment options such as basket ball courts, soccer fields, beach volleyball spaces, concessional parks and water play parks. These parks offer enjoyment for everyone throughout the year.

There also are outdoor and indoor hockey and skating rinks along with incredible outdoor skating rink of Borealis Park which has lush green surroundings.

Birchwood Trails

The wonderful Birchwood trails and an outdoor green gym offers great enjoyment options. Situated in the Con Creek Valley that is between Timberlea, Thickwood and Dicksenfield, this trail provides ample space for a relaxed walk or a healthful run. During winter months, you can also enjoy cross country skiing.

An outdoor gym runs along the outer side of the Birchwood trail to help you follow your regular fitness regimen. Each well equipped station at the gym has everything that a modern gym has. The best part about this outdoor gym is that it is available for everyone all of the time. You do not need any membership card and you can work out here for hours.

Abasand Hikes

This is an old oil sands plants and it is the first such plants in Athabasca region. It is a unique experience to discover the geological profiles of marvelous oil sands across the Horse River Valley.

Crane Lake Trail

About 30 kilometers north to Fort McMurray, Crane Lake Nature Trail is a beautiful place for bird watching. This area is popular for inventive reclamation efforts made by Suncor Energy. The Crane Lake expands in a total area of 19 hectares which is a reclaimed land. This trail also offers great wild life viewing opportunities along with bird watching.

Wood Bison Gateway

If you truly love nature, you will love Wood Bison Gateway even more. A giant sculpture of Wood Bison herds stand here that is carved in stone. This is an amazing 4 kilometer trail spread across 50 hectares of reclaimed land. You can visit this trail to see many types of landscapes like wetlands, grasslands, spruce forests and jack pine forests.

Overall, Fort McMurray has an incredible range of parks and trails to offer easy walks and moderate hikes in nature’s lap. You can book cheap flights to Fort McMurray right now to enjoy the natural magnificence that is well preserved here.