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Little Corners In Canada

Canada is emerging to be the best travel destination for people who wish to enjoy a laid back holidays in midst of all the modern sophistication. To help you decide where to go for your next Canadian vacation, we are listing here some of the best Canadian corners considering easy travel facilities, local activities, entertainment options and landscapes:


Since there are many cheap flights to Vancouver easily available, this city tops our list. Vancouver is the preferred destination for people who love sports and outdoors.  Visitors can spend their days either surfing at the Wreck Beach or skiing on the Grouse Mountain or just strolling through the lush Stanley Park. Plus, Vancouver has a rich cultural scene with many attractions that includes great outdoor markets, museums, local festivals, fashion boutiques and urban play grounds. Your visit to this young city is quintessential when you travel to Canada.


Montreal is an amazing city where the century old architecture is blending with modern skyscrapers. The days in Montreal could be spent shopping in the world-class malls at Boulevard Saint-Laurent and nights in the popular party locations. This multifaceted city is well connected with rest of the world via cheap flights to Montreal and if you visit Montreal do not miss dining at some of the best fusion restaurants here that serve delectable food to complete your trip.


Nestled in the Canadian Rockies, Banff is a tiny mountain town that serves as best destination for luxury travelers and nature enthusiasts. Many opulent hotels offer comfortable night stays when you are tired of skiing or hiking. You can even relish on hearty bison steaks and enjoy relaxing spa therapies in Banff when you seek absolute refreshment. Visit the Banff National Park to explore the wild life in close bonding with nature.


Toronto city with its diversity will literally transport you around the globe and you can experience traveling the whole world by only visiting Toronto. Enjoy shopping at the biggest underground shopping mall in Canada. A visit to the CN Tower will open you to great local shops, restaurants, entertainment hubs and best of nightlife options. The huge expanse of this city lets you explore the Greektown, Little Italy, Little India, Koreatown, Chinataown in a single city– the neighborhoods of Toronto worth visiting.

Quebec City

Provincial capital of Canada - the Quebec City is a common place for tourists to flock. The cobblestone streets, French pleasantries, smell of cheese, coffee and fresh-baked breads can all make you feel like you are in France but you are in Quebec – the UNESCO World Heritage site that also is the birthplace of New France. With strong cultural attachment to its motherland, this city offers many restaurants, to indulge in delicious 3 or 4 course meals.

The word Great is just a beginning to describe the charm and beauty of these Canadian cities that are well preserved by local residents. Besides the above suggested cities, you can also take cheap flights to Edmonton or Calgary that are by no mean a less exciting place. Does this excite you enough? Just get set and go!