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Keep Saving On Cheap Flight Tickets

Everyone loves to go on a vacation but it is hard to find someone who truly loves planning for a vacation. It is most unloved job that requires planning of the travel dates, deciding budget friendly destination and toughest of all - arranging cheap flight tickets.

We here have pointed out a few practical advices to take the worry out of the vacation planning and help you keep saving on cheap tickets to your favorite vacation spot.

As you plan a vacation to one of the most visited place like Vancouver for example, following are the common (but critical) questions that might come to your mind while trying to book tickets online to Vancouver, let’s find the answers and saving opportunities in them:

Question #1 Which are the best days of the week to book tickets?

It is apparently considered that booking flight tickets in mid of the week (on Tuesday or Wednesday) get cheaper fair but in reality, it does not make a big difference what day you are booking your tickets. Some of the companies may announce special mid week discounts but then there also are companies that have unannounced sales on other days of the week. So practically, any day is just fine to find best deals on air tickets.

Question #2 Which are the best days to travel?

In case you are traveling through domestic flights Friday is good to depart and Monday is good to return. In case of an international flight, departures are usually cheaper on Tuesdays and Wednesdays while returns are good on Monday or Tuesday depending on specific flights you are using.

Saturdays and Sundays are not good for cheap travelers unless you have some emergency. During these days, the airfares are about 15% more than the average.

Question #3 How Early Should You Book?

According to the surveys, if it’s around holidays, it is better to book as early as possible; on other days, 7 weeks before your journey date is the ideal time to book tickets at a cheaper rate. Air fares are generally higher from 11 to 7 days before the departure date. However, the cheapest deals on international flights can be grabbed 11 weeks in advance to your departure date. So planning in advance is always favorable.

The time mentioned above by no means is a hard rule to follow. The price of the air tickets generally drop within this period before it increases dramatically as the actual departure date comes closer. You may need to check multiple times to get the best deal.

Question #4 What are the best months of the year to travel?

January, February and April are by far the cheapest months to book air tickets. If you are kind of a person who only gets time to get away in summers, consider travelling in August rather than in June or July when airfares are comparably higher.

In the past year, a lot of cities including Toronto, Vancouver, Los Cabos, Alaska, Mexico and many other Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad have seen a major drop in average airfare. You can apply above suggestions to book cheap flight tickets to these cities and many other wonderful vacation destinations right here.