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Cheap flights on Emirates


Emirates is a Dubai based airline offering the newest and most modern fleets in the world. With inflight entertainment and exceptional service, Emirates ensures its customers incredible comfort to make their flying experience memorable.


From shower spas and private suites in first class to flat bed seats in business class and custom lighting and extra room in the economy class, you can rest assured of getting the best of the best services with Emirates.


The Dubai airlines offer you ample of room to socialize and relax while enjoying cocktails at 40,000 ft. Contemporary decor and wall embellishments of Dubai’s national Ghaf tree will take you in a different world.

Services provided by Emirates

Young flyers

Emirates gives special attention and services to the children. Toys, goodies, never-ending entertainment, and delicious meals, your children will be spoilt for choice when flying with Emirates. The airlines is also associated with the travel experts at Lonely Planet Kids and hence provide activity kits including educational books, travel-themed bags, creative crafts, and even travel journey, which the kids can take home.   

Emirates Lounges

Feeling exhausted even before boarding the flight? Relax and freshen up at the exotic lounges of Emirates available at over 50 international airports. Gourmet buffets, beauty treatments, rejuvenating spas, and bar services, you get everything you can think of.


The first class and business class flyers also get the complimentary chauffeur-driven services from and to the airport. You will be collected from the hotel/your home for the airport and will be driven to the final destination hotel/meeting/restaurant or wherever you wish when you land at the airport. So, let Emirates take care of your commute while you focus on the more important things.

In the air wi-fi

With the wi-fi in the sky service of Emirates, you stay connected to your family and friends even at 40,000 ft high. Every seat is built-in with onscreen SMS and email service along with a satellite phone.

Popular destination served by Emirates

Emirates offers a luxurious and one-of-a-kind flight experience to a plethora of destinations across the world. Some of the locations you can fly to with Emirates include:


Book super cheap Emirates flights to London, the city of dreams. The city is a splendid blend of architecture with classical beauty and modern majesty in the same premises. However, not just the architecture, London also boasts of acres of green spaces.


The oldest cities in Europe, Rome is called The Eternal City for its establishments dating back to 3,000 years. One of the most sought after tourist destinations, Rome is explored best on foot by discovering hidden and tucked away cafes, bookshops, and boutiques.


You might not find high-tourism standards in Afghanistan, but this factor is what makes the visit memorable. With extremely less tourism, the country makes you feel that you’re probably the first to discover this beautiful wrapped-in-time land. So get your travel gear ready and book free tickets from Emirates to Afghanistan today.


Irrespective of the corner of the world you are heading to, Emirates ensures to make the journey to your destination totally exceptional. You can avail the Emirates discount coupon when booking with Nanak Flights to lighten up your travel budget, yet get the all the top class services.