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Top 5 things to keep in mind during winter travel

Top 5 things to keep in mind during winter travel

The peak travel season is usually around winters which is why it is essential to plan your vacation according to the city's climate. These harsh weather conditions can make it extremely difficult for travelers to enjoy the holiday and get through with their trip comfortably. However, most of us still do not take this scenario seriously. Although winter holiday trips are delightful but there are still a lot of negatives to the situation. These can include anything from having to stay indoors due to foul weather to delay or cancellation of flights.

In today's article, we are going to talk about top five things that you must keep in mind during winter travel. It will not only allow you to have a more comfortable vacation. But will also come in handy in emergency situations. So go through the entire article to check out these easy winter travel tips and turn your holiday into a more memorable one.


1. Pack thermals

One of the most common things that you need to consider while planning a winter vacation is packing warm clothes. However, these dresses can occupy a lot of space in your suitcase. This in return increases the volume of your luggage as well. One of the best alternatives to this is packing thermals instead of large overcoats and winter jackets. This will give you the same warm feeling without taking a lot of space in your bag. Apart from this thermals are also available in various colours which means you do not have to compromise on the fashion aspect while you are traveling.

The other positive of carrying thermals on your vacation is that they do not restrict your movement like overcoats. We are all familiar with the situation where you cannot move the hands due to the thick winter coat. This can be a major buzzkill especially when you are on a leisure trip. That is why we recommend you to always pack thermals in case you are going on a journey during winters. You can even buy them for your kids if they are accompanying you on the trip as well. It will keep them safe from the cold climate and will make sure that they do not get ill.


2. Check your flight

Another thing that you should always keep in mind while planning a winter vacation is checking the status of your flight. During the summers flights are usually on schedule, and they rarely get delayed due to severe climate. However, in winters the scenario changes, and it is very common for flights to be rescheduled due to fog or storms. That is why it is absolutely essential for a traveler to reconfirm the status of their flight regularly. It will give you a clear idea of what time you need to reach the airport without having to waste your precious hours.

On the other hand, if you have connecting flights then make sure that you check there departure city's weather as well. Because sometimes these flights can also be delayed due to bad climate. This would eventually affect your travel plan as you would have to wait for the flight to arrive before you can reach your destination. These smart and straightforward travel tips will allow you to enjoy your holidays without having to waste your time sitting at the airport. So the next time you have a connecting flight check the departure city's climate to see if there are any delays.


3. Stock up on essentials

One might think that this tip is a little out of place since most of you would be traveling to a location that provides you with all the amenities. However, you should never forget that there are times when you are stuck in a tricky situation like a storm where you might need your daily essentials on hand. For this reason, we insist that you pack a separate bag that stores all your essentials like food, water, blankets, and a first aid kit. These necessary things can be very useful when you are visiting a new travel destination.

Apart from this by carry these necessary things you will also save a lot of money while you are traveling. Imagine you are in the midst of a storm and you have to buy all these essentials. It can not only be a waste of time but also of your hard earned money. That is why even if you are traveling to a location close by you must always carry extra of these things so that you can overcome any unfortunate situation. Also, Make sure there is enough water and food for at least three days for each member of your travel group.


4. Alternate travel options

Like we have already mentioned there are times when a flight can get delayed due to bad weather which is why finding alternative travel options is a must. These can include anything from taxis to trains depending on the location you are visiting. Imagine you are traveling to a nearby place and the flight is delayed for few hours. In such cases, a train or bus ride is a great alternative which can also save you a lot of time.

Not just that but these travel alternatives are also way more cheaper than regular flights. This is one of the reasons why people prefer to opt for these options while planning a winter vacation as they rarely get delayed or canceled. Another benefit of choosing for such travel options is that you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of a location or in between destinations. Unlike flights where you cannot see a thing, a train or bus ride is way more exciting. It is also a great way to reach a particular destination without getting bored especially when you are traveling with your family or friends.


5. Power banks

This is one of the most cliche travel tips that we can give you, but it still comes in very handy irrespective of the weather conditions. Keeping all your devices charged and carrying an additional power bank is an absolute must while you are traveling. They can include anything from your laptop to the phones. These devices are the only way for you to get in touch with other people when you are in a tricky situation. That is why you should always remember to keep your power banks fully charged before leaving the hotel.

Even while traveling from one location to the other you can sometimes require help, and these devices are the only way out. So compromising on the battery is not at all recommended. Also, make sure that you do not waste your phone's power in listening to music or playing games while you are away from your hotel. This can get you in trouble when you need assistance or are trying to get in touch with someone urgently. So the next time when you are on vacation and the climate is uncertain keep your devices ready and close to you.

Benefits of Flights Schedule changes by Nanak Flights

Benefits of having dedicated Schedule change Team - Nanak Flights

A Schedule Change could be defined as a planned change or cancellation of a flight which occurs prior to the day of departure, but can occur up to more than 72/24 hours before the scheduled departure.
Examples - Change of flight times, change of flight numbers, date changes,  routing changes (if you have a plane change in Atlanta, a change might be that you might now have a plane change in New Orleans), discontinuation of all service in a market, seasonal or weather changes etc. This can be inconvenient, as it may cause change of other Land Products and loss to the Passengers.

To handle all kinds of Schedule Changes It is always beneficial to have an in-house Trained Team to get the changes actioned on Time. This becomes all the more important for any last minute changes which are sent over by the Airlines - which could be due to any natural disasters, Aircraft Technical faults, Weather changes etc. Moreover The incorrect handling of schedule changes can result in unnecessary ADMs and Loss to the Organization.

Nanak Flight's Trained Scheduled changes Team is knowledgeable of all the rebooking, reissuance, refunds and cancellation procedures.

The Airlines send all schedule changes through an automated process to the booking. It becomes the responsibility of the booking source [where the booking is made] to notify the customer, acknowledge the schedule change and get the tickets reissued with the correct procedure. Moreover You never know when the Airlines will send changes to the bookings. All of a sudden the status could go upto from 100 - 500 bookings or more. Immediately the Prioritization of actioning queues have to be changed so as to Inform passengers without delays. For our In-house Team this would not be a major task as all team members are trained to deal with this kind of workload.

We at Nanak Flights not only sell cheap flights and Airline tickets, we also ensure that we provide excellent customer service post sales including schedule changes of our customers. We intimate all customers in advance and then work with Airlines to offer them revised flights as per our customer's requirements.