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Hotspots In Toronto

With tall skyscrapers defining the brilliant architecture, thriving art & culture scenes, delectable dining and entertainment options, Toronto guarantees a good time for everyone. Plenty of sights, snow expanses and amazing terrain mean you can safely book tickets to Toronto for an adventurous holiday.

Toronto boasts an edgy style and it is a city that has beautifully adapted best of the whole world. When you book your flights to Toronto for a vacation, don’t bother to wonder about difference in cultures and lifestyle, just enjoy the city as a whole world put together. So, before you search internet to book cheap tickets to Toronto, here are the top hotspots in Toronto you must know about:

Toronto Islands

There were no Toronto islands until 1858 when a Hurricane created gap between the main city and the new isolated lands now known as Toronto Islands. There are nearly 24 islands spread in an area of 600 acres and there are about 800 artistic communities on these “Jewel-like” islands.

The Toronto Island is a peaceful and kid-friendly place to visit. With little pollution and most photogenic surroundings, these islands have bunch of cottages amidst incredible views and tall maple trees.

CN Tower

The spiky CN tower is just as cool and adventurously iconic as when it was build in 1976. It basically serves as primary television and radio communication tower but a ride in the glass elevators that takes you up to the highest levels of this freestanding 553 meters structure is one of the things that you must do while you are in Toronto.

The views from its observation deck are simply astonishing and to add little more thrill to your visit – try climbing another 101 meters to reach the uppermost viewing area SkyPod.

Kensington Market

This is a multicultural market in Toronto that offers a blasting shopping experience. You can find brilliant baked food, local specialties, farm fresh produces, vintage clothing and everything else you could imagine. Eating in this market is an incredible experience because you can get world’s food cuisine served at a single place.

The streets of Kensington market are full of talented artists, bikers, dealers, musicians and urban hippies. It is a safe market to explore funkier side of this ultra modern city.

The Beaches

The Parklands and the beaches along lake Ontario are the must visit place in Toronto. Alongside the beaches, there are many colorful gardens that are also safe for kids and they can enjoy a lot of activities here.

In case you are planning for relaxing and sunbathing or picnicking with your family, reach out to three most famous beaches in Toronto – Kew, Woodbine and Balmy.

Art Gallery Of Ontario

If you love arts then the Art Gallery Of Ontario has the most excellent collection for you to watch. It includes a vast collection of photographs, Australian Aboriginal arts, first nation’s & Inuit carvings, rare Quebecois religious statuary and a lot of Canadian works from the Group Of Seven and Emily Carr.

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