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Hyderabad, India's new Technology Hub

India is a country undergoing constant development and change, and with this development emerge new centers of economic development. One such city that has drawn much attention in recent years due to both information technology and biotechnology is Hyderabad.

Hyderabad's economy has long foucsed on a strong tourism market, with Lonely Planet naming it the third-best city in the world to visit in 2013, but in beginning in the early 2000's the city took on a new nickname - Cyberabad (Cyber City). During 2008–09, Hyderabad's IT exports reached US$ 4.7 billion, and 22% of the NASSCOM's ( The National Association of Software and Services Companies ) total membership is from Hyderabad, and the development of HITEC City (Hyderabad Information Technology and Engineering Consultancy City), a township with extensive technological infrastructure, has prompted multinational companies to establish facilities in Hyderabad.

HITEC City is home to more than 1300 IT and ITES firms, including global conglomerates such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, Yahoo!, Dell, and Facebook. If you are involved in the IT industry, are in need of IT services, or are interested in the global economy, it is worth paying attention - and perhaps visiting, Hyderabad.

As if being a world-leading performer in the information technology industry wasn't enough, Hyderabad has also emerged as a pharmaceutical and biotechnology hub. In a play on California's Silicon Valley, it is known as the "Genome Valley of India", and has become India's pharmaceutical capital. In 2008–09, Hyderabad's bio-pharmaceuticals exports reached US$3.1 billion. Genome Valley is touted as India's only planned R&D technology cluster, built on investments from multiple firms both domestic and international. As the world changes more and more to focus on technology, spotlights like Hyderabad will continue to grow. Book a flight today and don't miss out.

Entering Hyderabad Through Hyderabad International Airport

The royal semblances and mystics of Hyderabad attract a lot of domestic and international tourists every year. The Grand city of Hyderabad is presently being served by the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport that is situated in Shamshabad. The Hyderabad international airport is newly built and inaugurated in 2008 and it entails all the latest technologies to offer best of the services.

The Airport

The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is well connected to the main city of Hyderabad with an average travel time of 1-2 hours from city center. It serves over 7 million passengers yearly and many cheap flights to Chennai, Delhi, Amritsar and other major Indian cities frequently fly from here. The world class facilities at the airport include in-line machines for baggage screening, multiple immigration and check-in counters and excellent security arrangements.

The Hyderabad International Airport also provides the Visa On Arrival facilities for many countries like Vietnam, Japan, Finland, Singapore, Indonesia and many others. With in-house cafeterias and duty free shopping facilities, Hyderabad International Airport has an integrated terminal for domestic and international flights. All the domestic and international passengers have to pay applicable development fees at the airport.

Custom Clearance

Just like all the major airports in India (for example Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi to receive all the cheap flights to Delhi), the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad too has two different channels for custom clearance:

1. The Green Channel : You go through the green channel if you do not have any dutiable item.

2. The Red Channel: You go through the red channel if you have some dutiable item

Non declaration or wrongful declaration of the dutiable items may result into fines or penalties at the airport.

Immigration Rules

All the international passengers arriving at or departing from the Hyderabad International Airport need to fill the due arrival and departure forms in order to move ahead. Make sure that you carry your valid passport with appropriate visa and other necessary documents like the vaccination certificates etc.

Since you need to pay the user development fee at the airport, make sure that you carry your credit card or enough money to pay. At the Hyderabad International Airport, you have services of money exchange, spa, duty free shopping and wireless internet available inside the airport premises.

Helpful Guidelines

Each baggage is checked before you board your flights and after you arrive at the airport. If you want to reduce the wait period of the security check process at the Hyderabad International Airport, make sure that:

  • Your baggage does not include any prohibited item such as knives, explosives and other inflammable objects
  • Ensure that you clothing, shoes or other accessories does not contain metal
  • One carry-on bag with one personal item is allowed on the flight. The personal item can be a laptop, a camera or a purse

· Do not pack valuable items and jewelry in the baggage booked with the air carrier. Take them along with you in the carry-on bag. Never leave your baggage unattended

  • The screeners can ask you to unwrap any packed gift item if it alarms during the security check

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