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Best Places for Dating Ideas in Vancouver

Best Places for Dating Ideas in Vancouver

Usually while planning dates or romantic trips we like to stick to our own city. It is because we know about every great dating place of that particular destination. But why not try something new by visiting a few of the best dating places around the world. Today you are going to read about a city that has fantastic locations for dates and is also one of the busiest towns of the country. Vancouver is situated on the West Coast of British Columbia and is also known for its ethnically diverse culture.

Apart from its film industry, Vancouver has a lot to offer in the form of natural terrains, art collections, theatres, beaches and even live music. It is an ideal destination for a romantic getaway with your partner. Also due to its popularity with couples, you can easily find cheap flights to Vancouver throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the city is from April to October.

To help you plan the perfect dates or romantic outings while you are in Vancouver here is a small list of locations that we have created.

1. Eagle's Bluff

In case you are a fitness freak and also want to experience the spectacular views of the city then hiking at the Eagle’s Bluff is worth a shot. These amazing rocky slopes are situated above the Eagle Harbourin West Vancouver. It offers one of the most magnificent and surreal views of the city from its highest point. While you are at this dating location, you can even appreciate the beauty of its natural surrounding. Also one can easily find hiking gears in the shops located at the starting point of the trail. It means you will not have to go hunting for gear before planning your date.

2. Whistler Bungee

If you want to try something extreme on your date, then make it a point to visit Whistler Bungee in Vancouver. It has been nominated as one of the most adventurous activities by the locals and can offer you the adrenaline rush you crave. Also, unlike individual bungee jumping, Whistler has couple packages where you can jump off the bridge with your partner. It is located south of the city and is only a fifteen-minute drive from the central part. Over the years this bungee jumping attraction has encouraged many couples from all over the world to book their cheap flight to Vancouver.

3. Telus World of Science

Are you a science lover who likes to know how everything came into existence? Then this dating place is perfect for you. The Telus World of Science is a non-profit organization which is situated in Quebec Vancouver. The attraction focuses on various science-themed events and activities. It can be the ideal way to spend your day and learn more about the universe at the same time. Here couples can also engage in various science-related movies and shows which target different age groups. It is a somewhat unusual and exciting location to take your significant other.

4. Hawksworth

Fancy dining dates are something that every couple experiences. If you want to make it a little more interesting, then you can also visit a steakhouse that offers excellent food and ambiance in a single location. One such restaurant is Hawksworth which is located in Rosewood Hotel Georgia. It is known for its north-western cuisine an extensive array of wine. The restaurant is also one of the most preferred dating locations for the locals. However, it is a bit more expensive than others which means saving while booking your cheap flights to Vancouver can come in handy.

5. Vancouver Aquarium

Taking your partner for an underwater dive without getting wet is now possible. We are talking about Vancouver Aquarium which is located in Stanley Park. This location has various under aquarium tunnels that can give you a magnificent view of how the sea looks. It makes for one of the most surreal places to be in the entire city. Some of the most popular exhibits that you can find in Vancouver Aquarium include Pacific Canada Pavilion, Arctic Canada, and The Wild Coast. Also, there are multiple eateries within the park making it easy for you to grab a quick bite or a cup of coffee.

6. Vancouver Zoo

If you and your partner love animals then make it a point to experience the local wildlife by visiting the Greater Vancouver Zoo. It showcases one of the most extensive collections of animals that you can find in the entire country. The park is spread over 120 acres of land making it possible to spend your whole day without getting bored. Also, there are different exhibits dedicated to each species so that you can see them in their natural habitat. The management also conducts guided safaris so that couples or groups can get real insights about a particular animal species. So for your next trip book your cheap flights to Vancouver to see these exotic animals in their natural environment.

7. Storm Crow Tavern

Another dating place which is different from your usual fine dining restaurants is Storm Crow Tavern. It is an eatery which is known for its nerdy themed ambiance, food, games, and drinks. Here couples can enjoy a competitive match of board games like Jenga over a few rounds of beer. Also, this restaurant is the only one to host screenings of science fiction movies and that too on a large screen. It is a great place to release your inner player over a friendly match with your partner.

8. Off The Grid Waffles

If you and your love interest have a sweet tooth, then you must visit Off The Grid Waffles while you are in Vancouver. It is one of the most trending dating places in the entire city and is attended by hundreds of couples each day. Also Off The Grid Waffles is known for its gourmet concoctions of this Belgian delight that you cannot find elsewhere. The quaint little cafe is located on Kingsway Street and usually, opens around 3 p.m in the afternoon. The waffles served here are so popular that people from all over the country book their cheap flights to Vancouver to have a taste.

9. Iona Beach

In case you prefer a more romantic and subtle date then a long walk on the Iona Beach is an excellent idea. The beach is one of the most beautiful out of all the waterfronts that the city has to offer. Also, it is considered to be an ideal place for picnics and hiking. In case you want to ride a bike instead of a simple stroll then you can find rental shops near the beach itself. It is also way less crowded than any other dating locations in Vancouver.

10. Univrs VR Lounge

For those couples who are techies and love to be in the virtual world rather than the real one, the Univrs VR Lounge is a dating paradise. It is known for conducting various virtual reality games where couples can compete with one another and spend quality time together. In other words, this dating location is ideal for pairs who are addicted to virtual gaming.

We bet after knowing about all the exciting dating places available in Vancouver you to want to visit the destination as soon as possible. So without wasting any time further make sure that you book your cheap flights to Vancouver immediately.


Travel to Vancouver(YVR), BC, Canada

Vancouver (YVR)

Harbour Paradise


Vancouver, a bustling west coast seaport in British Columbia, with its location near the mouth of the Fraser River & on the waterways of the Strait of Georgia, Howe Sound, Burrard Inlet, & their tributaries. It’s among Canada’s densest, most ethnically diverse cities. A most popular filming location (for Bollywood, Hollywood etc.), it’s surrounded by mountains, and also has thriving art, theatre & music scenes.

Vancouver International Airport is located on Sea Island in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, about 12 km from Downtown Vancouver

The best time to visit Vancouver is from March to May and from September to November when the weather is mild.

The Local Foods you must try at Vancouver are • Fresh seafood | • Local berries like gooseberries |

• Locally made cheese.


Top Quality Highlights of Mouthwatering Food of Vancouver:

Vancouverites know their city’s culinary scene. Best for fresh seafood, the finest house-made charcuterie, the most delicious taco truck, & the best list of B.C. wines. Vancouverites are entirely capable of having a stand-up argument about which sushi restaurant is the best. Other food joint around the city are given as under with multi-culture flavors.


Afghan Horsemen Restaurant: 1st Afghani restaurant in Canada

Serving Vancouver & the surrounding Lower Mainland for over 41 years. We are pleased to bring you the finest authentic Afghani food in British Columbia, Canada.


ABODE Restaurant: fresh | fun cuisine

Connected to "home" Abode will create quality, yet playful signature dishes.


Wildebeest: Winner of Best New Restaurant & Best New Design


1927 Lobby Lounge:Cozy | stylish venue | for retro cocktails | casual fare

Guests savor the stylish ambience at this upscale location in downtown Vancouver, an ideal venue for reflecting after work, relaxing before dinner.


Al Porto Ristorante: Quaint Italian atmosphere | Steps away from the steamclock in Gastown.


AllStar Wings & Ribs:

Launched in 2003, AllStar Wings & Ribs has built an impressive reputation for “the best wings in the GTA” as well as “truly excellent ribs”. Wing Lovers trek from all parts of the city to indulge in our award-winning recipe which has earned us winner of BEST WINGS AWARDS since 2006!


The American Grille - Vancouver Airport Marriott:

Family oriented West Coast restaurant showcasing only the finest available Ingredients, served in a modern and relaxing atmosphere.


Ancora Waterfront Dining & Patio:

Situated along Vancouver’s picturesque False Creek seawall, Ancora Dining and Patio serves Peruvian and Japanese cuisine while incorporating the traditions of West Coast sustainable seafood.


Top Getaways / Places to Roam in & around Vancouver:


Grouse Mountain:

Just 20 minutes from downtown, The Peak of Vancouver offers the perfect mountaintop destination for a truly rewarding & memorable experience.


Science World:

Ignite your mind & discover the wonders of science with popular, hands on interactive displays | inspirational feature exhibitions | jaw-dropping science demonstrations on Centre Stage | immersive films in the domed OMNIMAX® Theatre and awesome shows in the Science Theatre.


Vancouver Art Gallery:

Highly-acclaimed collection of national & international contemporary art is worth. Don't miss the collection of work by the well-known British Columbian artist Emily Carr.


Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden:

A sanctuary in the heart of the city. This incredibly manicured garden was the first authentic classical Chinese garden ever built outside of China. Walk along the peaceful paths & admire the harmonious elements designed in rock, water, plants and architecture.


Vancouver Lookout:

Located in the downtown Harbour Centre, the Vancouver Lookout, at a height of 130 meters (430 feet), is the perfect place to survey the city and plan - or reflect upon - your day.


Flyover Canada:

It’s a breathtaking, all-ages, flight simulation ride like no other. Take off into a huge dome screen with the latest in projection and ride technology creating a true flying experience, complete with wind, scents, and mist!.


Harbour Cruises & Events:

It provides unparalleled views of Vancouver, and offers a unique and delightful way to experience the city.


Stanley Park Horse-Drawn Tours:

Step aboard one these old-fashioned horse-drawn vehicles and take a relaxed trip through the natural beauty of Stanley Park, Vancouver's number one attraction.


Vancouver Aquarium:

It’s a home to over 50,000 fascinating creatures from the Arctic to the Amazon. Be sure to catch daily beluga whale, dolphin and sea otter shows.


Capilano Suspension Bridge:

The swaying suspension bridge, which stretches 137 meters (450 feet) across a canyon and the Capilano River 70 meters (230 feet) below. Then explore the beautifully lush fir- and fern-carpeted forests via a series of elevated suspension bridges in the Treetops Adventure, and the thrilling Cliff walk.


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The Southern Paradise – Vancouver Island

From North to South, the Southern Vancouver Island expands about 460 kilometers in length. With more than 3400 square kilometers of pristine coastline, the Southern Vancouver Island is nothing less than a paradise.

As you plan and book cheap flights to Vancouver for a vacation, do not miss visiting this popular tourist place which is awarded as one of the top island in North America. It has everything to delight everyone – from lush green rain forests, snow capped mountains, clear beaches, sparkling river to throbbing surf and best weather conditions in whole of the Canada.

The Climate

Spring starts to make its mark on the Southern Vancouver Island by the end of December with beautiful blooms of cherry blossom. Spring lasts by May and summer remains till October. Overall, you can book cheap flights to Vancouver to enjoy the amazing Southern Island at any time of the year.

Activities For Outdoor Adventurists

If you enjoy outdoor adventures, there is a lot to do in this island – like you can enjoy sailing in one of the most protected place. Other things to try here include world class experience of scuba diving, sea or white water kayaking, hiking, cycling, whale watching and lots more.

In your leisure, go for a game at one of the groomed golf courses or simply enjoy laid back fishing during any time of the year or take an exploring eco-tour. No matter what you do here, you are always in midst of best natural panorama in the entire world.

Indoor Activities

If the adventurous outdoor activities are not something you utterly enjoy, your options for entertainment are pretty splendid. There are many wonderful gardens throughout this island where you can spend great times with family.

You may also explore the decent art galleries, craft shops, artisan shops or simply enjoy a fine dinner at the world renowned restaurants or enjoy live theatre and opera symphony. If you want, you can try your luck at one of the many casinos or spend a day exploring the world class museums; the list is expansive.

What To Do In Southern Vancouver Island

Although the Southern Vancouver Island covers a very small area, there still are many things to make your holiday an incredible experience. When you are here, do not miss visiting the Botanical Beach at Port Renfrew; you may enjoy the marine trail across Juan de Fuca plate. There also is a massive tide pool at the beach.

You can also take an excursion tour into the wilderness of the island for best fishing experience. Between Port Renfrew and the magnificent Sooke district, there are many fantastic beaches that are worth visiting for their own distinct reasons but they all have something common – they are all very enticing.

Sooke community is also very popular for its pothole park where you can freely swim in the naturally formed small pools of the Sooke River. There also are many historical sites, waterfalls, cycling and hiking trails for your enjoyment.

If you are booking cheap flights to Vancouver just for a short trip, you might not enjoy all activities that Southern Vancouver Island has to offer. So, why not plan a long family trip especially when flight tickets can conveniently be booked right now.

The Nightlife & Restaurants Of Vancouver

The dining scene of Vancouver has a great influence of its proximity to the fresh farmlands and the ocean of British Columbia. As you book your cheap flights to Vancouver, you would land in a wonderful city whose inspiring restaurants capitalize on the easy availability of farm fresh produces and seafood.

After your cheap flights to Vancouver have landed you here, you can ask local residents to seek advice for best of the fine dining restaurants here. We here, enlist few of our top picks:

 1. Miku

At a short distance from the Coal Harbour marinas, the Miku restaurant faces Canada Place cruise ship terminal. It is an amazing wrap-around terrace restaurant overlooking the water. You can either choose to dine at the terrace or inside the bar or restaurant where you can still view the waterfront through the giant floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

Try their Maki-style rolled sushi or Aburi-style pressed sushi for truly exotic flavors and if you do not like sushi much, there are plenty other options to try out such as the prime rib that has been slow roasted for five hours and served with wasabi brown butter sauce.

2. Hawksworth

Right in the heart of the city, Hawksworth restaurant of the downtown with its recently renovated Georgia Hotel is not to be missed on your Vancouver trip. It serves contemporary Canadian menu prepared with locally/regionally sourced organic ingredients. Even their cooking techniques reflect multicultural Canadian heritage.

You will definitely enjoy their exquisite glazed pork cheek, pan seared scallops and the chestnut agnolotti. They also serve seasonal menu that keeps changing according to what is available fresh from the farms.

3. Teahouse

The Teahouse is one of the rare hybrid restaurants that outstandingly combine great location with even greater food choices. As the restaurant perches on the slope of the Stanley Park, its dining room looks like an old-fashioned English tea parlor.

The restaurant’s large windows give a spectacular view of the outside mountains and waters. The menu once again includes incredible seafood dishes that are well executed. The most popular dish here is the salmon dish with caper lemon sauce and the roasted pacific sablefish with miso marinade. For a change, you can also try fish and chips made of ling cod and super light tempura. They also have delicious deserts in the menu worth saving some room for.

4. HouseGuest

HouseGuest is a European style cool supper club in Vancouver city. The dining room suitably sits on the street level and serves amazing dishes to suit the liking and lifestyle of young professionals and trendy people. Here, you can even enjoy post-dinner drinks with your family or group of friends.

Local Gastown residents gather at this spacious patio on the cobbled streets during summers to enjoy refreshing drinks. There also is go-easy Keefer Bar near the Chinatown that serves spectacular cocktails prepared mainly with whisky. You may also enjoy live music and appreciate local art performers along with your drinks here.

It doesn’t matter what place you are in Vancouver, which restaurant to dine at is always a hot topic discussed amongst local residents. Above information on Vancouver’s top restaurant will surely help you to know where to dine at as you book your cheap flights to Vancouver. To book direct and cheapest flights, just click here.

hereTop 10 Places For Shopping In Vancouver

The shopping scene of Vancouver is so enticing that you simply cannot resist your temptation to indulge into some serious shopping as soon as your cheap flights to Vancouver land you in the city.

Vancouver offers one of the best shopping opportunities in the whole world. For many tourists who land in this magnificent city via cheap flights to Vancouver, shopping rules the first place in their things-to-do list.  Doesn’t matter if you are on a holiday, a business tour or family outing, Vancouver shopping scene has everything to satisfy all – from fashion to household and much more.

So, here we take a dip and list down top 10 places in Vancouver for ultimate shopping experience:

1. Downtown Vancouver & Robson Street

This very popular shopping district has everything from famous brands to international stores. Visit this place for all your shopping requirements for clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, electronics and even books. The department stores at the Robson Street offer eclectic goods for common purposes.

2. South Granville

South Granville is often overlooked over Granville Street Bridge but it offers independent stores and popular chains such as Williams-Sonoma and others. Since it has good number of art galleries, it is also referred as Gallery Row. It is a great place to visit some remarkable home ware stores and clothing boutiques.

3. Metropolis At Metrotown

There are about 400 stores and it is one of the biggest shopping centers. You can take a skytrain from downtown Vancouver to reach Metropolis in just 15 minutes.

4. Gastown

Gastown has great historical value and this place is well known for its interior design. This is the best place to discover independent Vancouver fashion and marvelous home décor items and gifts. The most popular stores here are Inform, Parliament and Coastal People Fine art Gallery.

5. Mainstreet

Unlike Robson Street, Main Street dwells many original Canadian and local Vancouver fashion boutiques. This happening market appeal to people who are interested to find high quality used wares and collectibles.

6. Chinatown

The options in this market is endless from chic Chinese house wares to cheap Chinese imported items, everything is available here. Toys, clothes, jewelry, art works and incredible tea accessories and herbal medicines from the Chinatown are not to be missed.

7. Little India Or Punjabi Market

South Vancouver is home to largest Indo-Canadian communities and Little India is the best spot to buy Indian fashion clothes, jewelry, authentic Indian food, costumes, beaded bags and fabulous fabric.

8. West 4th Avenue

This is a perfect place when you need to buy best yoga wear, snowboarding equipments, baby clothes, house wares, maternity fashion and more.

9. Granville Island

It is the main hub for Vancouver’s foodie and craft community. It has many shops for selling collectibles, craft, arts, toys and jewelry etc.

10. Yaletown

The Yaletown’s brick warehouses were once the industrial heart of the Vancouver but now it possesses trendy clothing boutiques and interior decoration depots.

Most of the top airlines have cheap flights to Vancouver flying frequently to take shopping-sprees to this amazing city. You can book in tickets at best prices right here to spare most of the money for shopping in Vancouver.

Vancouver’s Coolest Evening Picnic Beaches To Explore This Summer

Vancouver is a busy metropolitan city and a lot of people visit Vancouver for business. However, if you are boarding cheap flights to Vancouver for a busy schedule and your family has accompanied you, you still can amuse them after your 9-5 meetings.

The quiet beaches in Vancouver may not be as easy to find as cheap flights to Vancouver but we get you covered with our recommendations. After you are done with your business meetings, just grab your family and take them to a fun-filled evening picnic at one of the following coolest beaches in Vancouver:

The Secret Beach

This beach is located at the west of Kits Pool right along the Point Grey Road and you could take a bike to reach there. You can easily know that you are at the secret beach when you see a large rope swing waiting to be hopped upon. You may need to shuffle the beach a bit to find a quieter place but being here is truly magical all the ways. You can relax on the sand while watching your kids happily enjoying in the water and around.


This spot will become one of your favorites since it offers many activities to be enjoyed with family. You can lie down on a blanket or could enjoy paddle boating here. There also are some good shops along the main market where you can buy stuff to eat and spend happy times with family. Options of fly fishing cast is also available here and this beach is dog-friendly; so, your four-legged friends could also have fun in the open.

Spanish Banks East

Being at this beach, you will feel that you are miles away from the city hassles but actually it is just a 10 minutes drive from the Mount Pleasant to reach this picturesque beach. Here, you are allowed to bring your volleyballs or kites and you are also free to swim in the water. When you are completely exhausted from the long day’s work, you can head to the beach-side concession stands to treat on delicious fish & chips. Your kids can enjoy making the sand castle or a friendly ball match. Just be cautious not to leave your food unattended as crows and seagulls will love to have some feast on it.

Second Beach

It is another beach that proffers many activities for the entire family. There are many trees surrounding the kid’s park, so if it is still sunny for the kids to enjoy, you can just lay a blanket under a shady tree on grass and feast on the food you have packed for the picnic. There also are some concession food stands to buy food from in case you have forgotten. Be careful with kids as there may be some crabs around the water pools on the beach.

Though these beaches offer a great escape for the evenings, Vancouver also has many lively evening activities to get involved with in case you are not very happy with the idea of playing in the sand. So, next time your family wishes to join you on the cheap flights to Vancouver on a business trip, get them booked happily because you know where to take them for best evening hangouts.

Vancouver’s Deliciousness

With frequent cheap flights to Vancouver from all over the world, Vancouver has become one of the prime travel destinations. Besides the popular tourist attractions, the food scene of Vancouver is feasting tourists and local residents alike throughout the year. Here’s a peek into the Vancouver’s deliciousness:

The Fresh Local Food

The abundance of British Columbian’s agricultural legacy and its numerous local farmers and growers make a huge contribution to the local food scene in Vancouver. The local restaurants and food joints serve the fresh farm produces with best of seasonal ingredients. “Farm-To-Plate” could be an infrequent proposition in restaurants at other places but in Vancouver, it’s an ingrained practice.

Best Of Sea Food

From the fresh B.C. waters, Vancouver has tastiest prawns, halibut, clams, cod, trout, salmon and many other varieties of sea food to be served on your plate. For sea food lovers, Vancouver is nothing less than a paradise to party. Many sea huggers travel via cheap flights to Vancouver to participate in Ocean Wise Conservation Program.

Best Of Chinese Food

Vancouver has many strip malls between Chinatown and Richmond that offers exciting Chinese food. To make it even more exciting, the city also organizes Chinese Food Awards for best dishes. A whole variety of Chinese food like dim sum, hot pot, noodles, hunan and much more is easily available here.

Incredible Indian Food

It is not an exceptional scene in Vancouver to see Chinese, Italian, Greek, Thai, French, Japanese and Indian food being served to the diners. Often, you may find all these great cuisines in a same block. Since Vancouver is home to large Indian population, it is not difficult to find authentic Indian food with full variety including butter chicken, dal makhani, naan and stellar snacks.

Delectable Street Food

Vancouver has extremely popular street food served through high-end food trucks. When you want to taste the best of street food in Vancouver, you could get a full egg breakfast, smoked salmon salad, seafood loaded poutine, sandwiches, burgers, cookies, tacos and much more. There also are tours organized to display the incredible street food scene of Vancouver.

The Coffee Culture  

The coffee culture of Vancouver is both – brewing hot and drifting up to Seattle. If you are fond of, you can have best cups of locally-roasted coffee beans at Starbucks awarded coffee shops but if you really want to taste the real kick of java, head towards independent coffee shops and baristas of Vancouver.

Festival Feasts

There are many food focused festivals celebrated in Vancouver that reflect the true love of Vancouverites for their food whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian or vegan. You can also participate in straight cook-offs or dumpling eating competitions and pie making challenge during festivals and special events.

The food scene of Vancouver is focused on being green with high emphasis on sustainability. All the restaurants and food joints use local products and maintain sustainability in their décor, design and treatment of food not eaten. People here believe in wasting less food and that adequately expresses their love for food. If all this excite you enough, you have cheap flights to Vancouver to be boarded right a few clicks away. Happy Eating In Vancouver!

Relax With Spa Treatments In Vancouver

Are you a frequent flyer of cheap flights to Vancouver who loves to travel but hate jet lags? Fret not! We are here with solution in Vancouver.

There is so much to see and experience in Vancouver but sometimes, jet lag can hold you back with its unwanted effects. We are listing here four popular body spas to rejuvenate you after a tiring flight. These places are guaranteed to melt away your stress to let you enjoy your visit.

1. Fairmont’s Willow Stream Spa

In the heart of Vancouver, this spa is a great urban heaven. With about 8,500 sq ft of area, the spa provides luxurious and relaxing treatments for men and women. With breathtaking city views, it is retreat for spa-goers to relish.

The spa lifts the theme – “locally authentic” to offer signature treatments that are specific to Vancouver and its conditions. Treatments can be chosen to match your lifestyle whether you are a local resident or a busy traveler. There also is a personal steam room to relax your body and release impurities. Van Active Body is a highly recommended treatment to boost your vitality with extremely soft skin.

2. Chi Spa At Shangri-La

This is the finest place to relieve your jet lag effects and experience the inner energy (ch’i). From the legends of Shangri-la, this exquisite spa is the place to achieve well being, enchantment and total peace.

This spa is popular because of its traditional Chinese philosophy. You may choose from a long list of treatments but for your fatigued traveler’s feet, Chi Flow Pedicure is the best treatment to try. It will magically enhance the ankle mobility by stimulating internal organs. The natural CHI oils are used to relieve swelling.

3. Wedgewood Hotel & Spa

This is an award winning spa to pamper you after your cheap flights to Vancouver. Huge selections of luxury spa treatments are available here. For an itchy feet traveler, men’s hand & foot recovery treatment is the best. You can relax in Eucalyptus steam room from where you will be taken to a heated bed to work on your fatigued feet and hands.

Various massages are also given here to enhance blood circulation in the organs and eliminate jet lag.

4. Sense Spa At Rosewood

Sense is a perfect spa to go when you seek much needed pampering after a travel in cheap flights to Vancouver. This spa is popular for stimulating your senses and restoring the balance between your body and mind.

It mixes touch therapy and aromatherapy to offer soothing treatments to the travel weary body. Go for Georgian revival massage for a heavenly experience. The sensational hot oil massage along with traditional Swedish massage movements helps in increasing your blood circulation, removing toxins, cleansing body and promoting relaxation. You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while sipping the herbal tea offered after the massage.

In case you do not have an urgent appointment to rush for, it’s worth taking a pause from your busy traveling and relaxing at one of the above mentioned spas. For stress free traveling book your flights at

Cheap yet Chic Trip To Vancouver

Vancouver is exactly like it appears in any glossy travel brochure at any travel agency Brampton. It is a cosmopolitan city in Canada with vibrant surroundings and chilled out attitude. By the cause of this, Vancouver makes a perfect place when you need a holiday trip that is cheap yet chic.

Since people in Vancouver enjoy and value simple things, this place offers you an extensive list of money saving breaks at every step. Let’s start from the very beginning…

Go, Get, Grab!

Many reputed online travel agencies offer flights to Vancouver Canada services on a very reasonable rate. Avoid flights that require transits, instead, catch direct flights to Vancouver for a comfortable and in-budget travel. But cheap flights to Vancouver are just the most primary step for an action packed Vancouver trip without letting your wallet bleed.

When you land in Vancouver, you can easily travel to heart of the city via taxi or bus services that charge very nominal for their frequent and comfy services. Although Vancouver is a very walk friendly land where most of the sought after places are best enjoyed walking; Vancouver still has a network of very efficient bus services and SkyTrain that is an automated train covering all parts of the city. Local reasonable transit fair is applicable but if you want to keep it in the limits of your budget, you can get the day passes made to allow you unlimited access to bus and train services on a flat per day charge.

Staying Suggestions

There are many budget hotels in downtown Vancouver that provide budgeted accommodations surrounded by water. Older downtown Eastside and Granville Street also has some brilliant budgeted hostels but if you like to stay closer to mountains and outside sketchy views Lions Gate Bridge offers an ideal spot in North Vancouver.

Approachable Attractions

There are many attractions in Vancouver that are either free to be indulged ecstatically into or are very much in budget. You simply cannot miss to try:

·         Sunbathing and swimming at beautiful beaches

·         Snowboarding and skiing on three of the local mountains

·         Hiking through mild rain forests

·         Cycling around the infinite waterfronts

·         Kayaking through wilderness

 Some other attractions that invariably attract lots of tourist are:

·         Local Granville Island Market for art and craft and sampling many cuisines

·         Vancouver aquarium for whale watching

·         Shopping at Robson Street

·         Try some exotic treats at Vancouver Chinatown

·         Enjoy the ferry rides through the pristine waters

·         Shop in Richmond at summer night market

·         Visit local breweries for amazing experience

Dining Decisions

You can find eclectic dining options in the multicultural city of Vancouver. Japanese cuisine is what predominantly liked here and you can get a sushi restaurant at every spot. If you want to enjoy vibrant club dining, you can visit pubs and bars in Granville Street and for budgeted dining options, you must explore Davie Street or Denman Street. Many fine dining options are also available at Robson Street and Yaletown.

For a night experience with remarkable bars, night clubs and pubs, Granville and Yaletown offers splendid options with patio venues, fine dining restaurants and classy lounges.

Top Travel Tip

·         If you have time and little extra budget, you must plan a 2-3 days trip to Victoria Island. The ferry ride is truly mesmerizing and there are many other things to keep you joyfully engaged.

·         You can also visit lesser know tourist spots like Deep Cove, Bowen Island, Sunshine Coast, Harrison and Squamish hot springs.

·         You can buy the “Entertainment book for Vancouver” that has many coupons to avail you discounts on travel, shopping and dining facilities.

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