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10 Key Tips To Follow For A Wonderful Spa Vacation In Edmonton

Edmonton is a great place to spend relaxing times in a luxurious spa when your body and mind get tired of daily life hustles. Unlike any other type of business or family vacation, the spa holiday means close human contact and that is why it is extremely important for you to feel comfortable especially if you are on a spa holiday for the first time.

A satisfying spa holiday is not just about the treatments, it’s more about the entire experience. From finding the right spa that not only meets but exceeds your expectations to getting maximum value out of it like a seasoned spa-goers, we get you completely covered with our 10 key tips for a wonderful spa vacation:

1. You need to keep in mind that every spa may not be equal. While you are selecting a spa, make sure that it matches your personal taste and budget. Your personal mood or occasion should also be considered while choosing the spa – whether it is a gal-pal day in the spa, a romantic getaway or a solo break.

2. If your partner is accompanying you who wants perfect pedicure while you enjoy a facial, select a spa that caters both your interests.

3. To get maximum value, choose a spa that offers lots of extras. Also keep in mind that value does not necessarily come with low priced services. Find out a spa that offers some workout facilities with complimentary sauna or cold plunge pools etc. If you like calming environ, look if the spa has quiet waiting lounge or separate yoga training room.

4. Look for complimentary amenities like ample towels, lockers, beauty products and hair dryers etc. after all, you do not get the cheap flights to Edmonton booked to only drink a cup of herbal tea in a spa; see if your spa offers choice of fruits and other healthy goodies.

5. In most of the spas in Edmonton you can book one treatment and stretch it for the whole day. You can swim, relax and read in the lounge area before or after your treatment.

6. Enquire about the packages before making a booking. Generally, you get better deals when 2 or 3 treatments are booked together.

7. Ask about the treatment duration because mostly, an hour long treatment is just given for 50 minutes while rest 10 minutes are spend in changing the rooms and cleaning up. Look for a spa that offers full one hour treatment with 15 minutes extra for other preparations.

8. Choose a spa whose theme goes with your mood and make sure that the philosophy of the spa is set so that you do not experience a harsh re-entry into the real world.

9. Always remember that spas are not “one size fits all” kind of a treatment. Every treatment at the reputed spas can easily be accustomed to your specific need and preference. To fetch maximum value, tell the therapist what you want and let them know if you do not like something.

10. Last but most importantly, ensure that the therapists of the chosen spa are well qualified and experienced. You can check the online media reviews of the spa you are planning to visit or you can ask your friends who have been there before.

Hope above tips will enlighten and inspire you to book cheap flights to Edmonton and spend a refreshing spa vacation there. You can get best flight deals right here.