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A Refreshed List Of Best Canadian Destinations (Part 1)

Canada is among one of the most beautiful holiday destinations that is full of natural wonders to surprise you at every step. Here we are taking you to a refreshed tour of Canada’s best destinations. Take a look and get inspired:

Vancouver Island BC

Vancouver Island is the largest island on the West Coast of North America. There is a lot to see and experience in Vancouver Island – the Victorian streets with English charm, surfing vibes, friendly people and lots more. Things in this island are quite laid back and everything has its own pace. You will realize the calm and coolness in almost everything, be it culture, art, people, sports or food.

Vancouver Island is definitely larger than it may sound here but you can easily see it all in a short trip since everything is at an easy driving distance. You can book cheap flights to Vancouver with family for a fun vacation in Vancouver Island. You can enjoy a cruise to explore this fantastic island with family or take part in a relaxed camping tour – the options are endless. Vancouver Island is a paradise for hikers, luxury travelers and for people who love capturing natural grandeur in their cameras. So, it is kind of a do-it-all and see-it-all kind of a destination.


Yukon is kind of a rugged place and it is always full of people from every corner of the world but it’s still worth booking cheap flight tickets and experience this wonder land. It is home to some of the most gorgeous mountain ranges in whole Canada such as Tombsone Mountain Range. Because of the vast expanses of dense bushes and Klondike Gold Rush, Yukon attracts million visitors every year.

 It is a great place where people are fun loving and do not take things too seriously. Like Vancouver, Yukon is also set to offer you great experiences with its bold art forms, quirky towns, funky people and splendid natural beauty. Here, you can easily find gold miners trying hard to strike a hit at gold till late night and people enjoying their time till 1 am. When it comes to enjoy life to fullest, Yukon is just too munificent.

Okanagan Valley

This picturesque valley is ideal for a romantic getaway. This huge valley allures you instantly with warm lakes, mild temperature, beautiful vineyards and much more. The pristine beaches at Okanagan Valley are full of boaters, surfers and kite flyers.

Especially in summers, Okanagan valley fills you up with freshness. The best way to enjoy this valley is to rent a car, a bike or a boat and just lose yourself to discover amazing countryside of Okanagan Valley. Make sure that you carry a good camera to capture loads of memories.

These are just a few places to enjoy a terrific holiday in Canada. Next part of this article will showcase some more Canadian destinations that are often skipped even by entrenched travelers. Till then, just get your cheap tickets & flights booked for Canada at the best price with Nanak Flights.