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All You Need To Know About Canada Backpacking (part 1)

Backpacking is getting extremely popular and a lot of travelers catch cheap flights to Canada for an exciting backpacking trip.

If you are new to backpacking, it is absolutely fine to have many questions in mind. Even entrenched backpackers may have certain queries before setting out their trip to an unknown destination. So, let’s get to answering some of the common questions about Canada backpacking:

1. Which is the best place to start my Canada backpacking trip with – Vancouver or Toronto?

Both Toronto and Vancouver are popular points in Canada to kick start your backpacking trip from but there really is no clear answer here.

The simple way to decide here is to check the availability of cheap flight tickets for Toronto or Vancouver at Nanak Flights. Just remember that Canada is bigger than you think and it may take a great amount of time traveling between the cities when you want to cover all places. Consider traveling at night as then you will have to pay less and you will get more of day time.

2. What is the best time to start the trip?

It depends; like if you want to reach Canadian mountains by winter to see them covered with snow, it makes sense to start at East during summer and make your way to West by the time it is winter. Whether you start from East or West, it doesn’t make much difference as the traveling cost would be nearly same. So, just see what suits you best in terms of time and easiness.

3. Which is the cheapest time to visit Canada?

Canada traveling cost almost remains same throughout the year. However, the rates may come down a bit during fall months from September to October and then in spring time from April to June. This is mainly because most of the seasonal tourism companies (not all) close down for this period.

Summers and winters are always busy (for good reasons) in Canada and you may have to pay a little extra to get bookings for your preferred hostel or hotels. So, this is an important point to consider.

4. What about campervan? Where Can I park or stay?

You can either buy or rent a campervan to travel across Canada. Most of the campervan or RV travelers get on to see the beautiful Canadian national, regional and provincial parks along with other popular tourist places in different Canadian cities. Most of these locations allow some sort of RV camping and it is surprisingly cheap too. It may only cost you about 20-50 dollar per night. Just keep in mind that you may face some law if you tend to park your RV or campervan outside the campground.

Walmart allows free parking for those who need to stay for a short period, resupply their vehicles with essential goods and move to their next destination. So, if you are on a tight budget, this might be an option to explore.

These were just the basic questions you might have before you begin an exciting backpacking trip to Canada. More interesting details and facts are discussed in the next part of this article that you must read as you book cheap tickets & flights for Canadian backpack excursion.