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All You Need To Know About Canada Backpacking (part 2)

As the previous part of this article sets you with great eagerness to explore Canada the backpacker’s way, this part would get you into more detailed information to make your trip a pleasant one. Let’s get straight into it:

1. How much would it cost for a backpack trip across Canada?

It is pretty difficult to tell you the exact cost as everyone is different with different choices and lifestyle to carry.

Backpacking cost in Canada depends on many things like taking cheap flights to Canada and then where would you like to stay in hotels, resorts, couchsurfing or hostels? Would you survive only on noodles and coffee for months or would need lavish meals? So, there are many variables.

The best thing is to make a budget and sticking to it strictly. You might want to budget a bit high because Canada is a beautiful country and just assume that you might want to extend your trip a little further than planned.

While making the budget, here are the key points to include:

·         Getting all the required gears and backpack

·         Travel cost including cheap flight tickets to Canada and local traveling

·         Staying cost according to your choice of accommodation

·         Food and drink cost

·         Tour + parking charges

Do not go on buying compressible microfiber clothes for backpacking. Just go with nice jeans and shirts you already have. Remember that you can always buy required things on the go.

When you have set a budget for your trip, try to go cheaper but be ready for unexpected expenses. If you exceed your budget in the first week, try tightening it up a bit in the next week.

2. What are the best backpacker-friendly locations in Canada?

The best locations for backpacking actually depend on what kind of a backpacker you are. Whether you are camper or hostel backpacker?

For Hostel Backpackers

After saving on your cheap flight tickets, you can save further if you stay in a budget hostel. Interestingly, there are a large number of hostels in Canada whether you want to stay in a densely populated or secluded area. There are city hostels, wilderness hostels, rural hostels and many others in between.

The best places with best hostels are British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta plus every capital city has countless hostels with exemplary services. You can use Google apps to find local hostels or budget hostels in the area you are.

For Camper Backpackers

If you enjoy hitch hiking, sleeping on the campground or in the wideness, Canada is your best hit. Though hitch hiking is considered illegal on several highways of Ontario and British Columbia, there are many people who have hitch hiked from Vancouver to Halifax without an issue. Just remember to follow safety rules.

Backcountry and wilderness camping is legal and quite popular in Canada. Just make sure that you don’t camp on a private land. Talk to people around to check if it is fine at a place to unroll your sleeping bag and relax. Do your research or call tourism hotline before you begin normal camping activities like cleaning yourself or starting up a fire.

So, these are the things that you must know before setting off for a backpacking trip in Canada. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask us in comments. Just get your cheap tickets & flights to Canada booked at and begin an amazing journey.