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Alternative Nightlife Scenes In Vancouver

The nightlife scenes of Vancouver are way more exciting than simply enjoying music and getting drunk. In the recent year, Vancouver has emerged as most thriving and developed city in Western Canada. No wonder a lot of tourists gather here via cheap flights to Vancouver for enjoying some of the best nightlife moments.

A typical Saturday night on Vancouver streets flashes with neon signs all over. Jam packed pubs and busy bars in Granville Street are the most popular meeting place of Vancouverites to roll and droll with friends. And just when you feel you have had enough drinks, there are huge numbers of cheap pizza joints doling out best pizza slices.

Besides satisfying mainstream drinkers, Vancouver’s night life has lot more to offer. Here are little off-beat options you can enjoy during your night stays in Vancouver:

Take A Cultural Stride

Before you step ahead for most popular pubs in Vancouver, you can go for a cultural night out. The Art Gallery of Vancouver has regular social gathering usually organized on last Fridays of each month. On specific nights, the domed heritage gallery is transformed into full fledged night club with best of live performances, DJ, bars and of course gallery tours.

A similar type of alternative is provided across the town at Vancouver’s Science World. This is a kid’s friendly geodesic landmark in Vancouver that turns to be an adults-only night spot with eclectic live performances, dances, and complete bars. Another such exciting venue in Vancouver is Biltmore Cabaret – a popular indie music venue in the city.

Enjoy Fresh Brews

Many great watering holes in Vancouver attract niche people to board cheapest flights to Vancouver. There are few classic brewpubs like Steamworks, Green Drinks and Historic Gastown that are ever so popular among local crowd as well as international visitors. These are the perfect place to blissfully indulge in freshly and own brewed beers of the bars.

Several other bars of the city such as Yaletown Brewing Company, The Whip and St Augustine’s are the right places to dive deep into craft beer revitalization of British Columbia. These bars organize special event on specific days of the week. It is recommended to check locally about the various events and special night attractions at such bars.

Meet The Cheerful Locals

On each alternate week, the Cascade Room organizes Name That Tune Night. This is the best place to meet the cheerful local populace and enjoy the amazing quiz trivia. Here, you can also enjoy exciting cocktails for an awesome night experience.

Sip Tea & Munch On Cookies

If sipping tea and munching on tastiest cookies is your idea of spending night in absolute joy, head straight to Letter Writing Club. With tea and cookies, you can also enjoy tips for working on clunky antique typewriters. There also is a small art space to enjoy handmade magazines and other small booklets.

Besides above mentioned alternative night attractions of Vancouver, there are plenty of other activities waiting yet to be explored by you. So book your cheap flights to Vancouver right now to discover some exclusive night fun!