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Amazing Shopping Experience In Calgary

Calgary beautifully and geographically sits in midst of prairies and Elbow & Bow Rivers. The magnificent Rocky Mountain is just a short distance away from Calgary to make a lot of domestic and international tourists book cheap flight tickets to Calgary and enjoy natural surroundings.

 Although there are a lot of outdoor activities to get involved into while you are in Calgary, the weather may not always be cooperating with your outdoor plans. Within the city, enormous amounts of galleries, Opera houses, theatres and other such entertainment venues offer excellent opportunities to spend your holidays within the city.

While you are in Calgary for a short trip, shopping is an amazing experience here. Many of the shopping centers here offer great shopping options to buy souvenir for your loved ones. If you want to have an extraordinary shopping experience in the heart of Western Canada, you can try out following unique local shops:


Twigs basically is a flower shop but there are many more reasons to visit this shop other than just the love for flowers. This store down at Stephen Avenue offers a huge variety of flowers along with many wearable and decoration items. This special flower store is worth your visit for unusual experience.

Lammle’s Western Boutique

Lammle’s Western Boutique is the most popular spot for Western wear shopping. Your trip to Calgary is incomplete unless you splurge into some of the greatest and original cowboy’s gear at this shop. Jeans, chaps and lot more Western influenced outfits and gears are available here. The easiest location for this store is downtown on the Stephen Avenue. Several other stores are also scattered around entire city for convenience of the shoppers. You are sure to find one near the place you are staying.

Blame Betty

This is a spectacular boutique in Calgary. Stylish clothing and other items here largely denote true man’s spirit. Located down on 17th Avenue, Blame Betty offers little edgy and bit different type of clothing options to be tried by you.

Land & Sea

If you wish to purchase house ware & useful gift items, this shop is one must-see shop for you. If you are kind of a shopper who hardly likes anything, this shop will surely get you lot to be loved. The items here are super stylish and little on the funkier side. You can buy here unique gifts for your friends and family members way back to your home.

I Appeal

It is another gift shop where you can find gift items that cannot be found anywhere else. This store specifically specializes in unique gift items. You can easily find something interesting for every single person of any taste or liking.

These are just a few shops mentioned here; there are a lot of other shops around the Stephen Avenue to be explored. In fact this is the best location of the city for amazing general & window shopping experiences in Calgary. Above shops are the best options to start your shopping with. It would not be surprising if Calgary becomes your favorite shopping destination. You can book cheap flights to Calgary here for most amazing shopping experience throughout the year.