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Be-dashed With True Colors Of Bangalore

The city of Bangalore is known by many sobriquets such as “City Of Gardens”, “Pub City”, “Silicon Valley Of India” and many others. Your cheap flights to Bangalore will land you to one of the prettiest city in India. Bangalore is also one of the most liked tourist place in India with salubrious weather all round the year and lively culture to be cherished during your visit.

Bangalore: City Of Gardens

The true colors of Bangalore conspicuously reflect through its pet names. Bangalore city is blessed with streets lined by tall trees and plenty of city parks add to its greenery and hence it is aptly called as “City Of Gardens”.

Although this beautiful city has undergone many developmental changes but it still manages to retain its eternal beauty and green landscapes. The public gardens and parks in Bangalore are well maintained and a lot of domestic & international tourists enjoy the peaceful environment at these parks.

Most popular and visited parks in Bangalore are:

Cubbon Park that is more than just a park as it encompasses wonderful flowering plants, shaded groves, towering trees and boundless expanses of greenery. Well laid walk paths and exotic botanical species attract many visitors. Cubbon Park is the biggest landmark in Bangalore.

M.N. Krishna Rao Park at Basavanagudi locality is the best place for early morning joggers and children to play in the evening. The serene atmosphere with refreshing greens and separate areas for jogging and child playing are the main highlights of the park.

Coles Park located in the East of the city is freshly renovated. This is a disabled-friendly park with wheelchair tracks and easier swings for disabled kids.

Bangalore: The Silicon Valley Of India

Bangalore houses many world class software companies, public sector undertakings, aerospace industries, defense organizations, telecommunication firms, machine tools and heavy equipment industry and many other such business setups.

It is the best place in India to foster business in the agile hyper world. Besides this, since its independence, this city has shown great growth in educational and commercial sectors. No wonder Bangalore is the second most literate metro city of India and known as “Technological Hub In India” or “Silicon Valley Of India”.

It is an amazing experience to spend time in such commercially advanced city. And since a lot of tourists and businessmen travel to Bangalore, there are developed options of staying. You can easily find options from affordable budget hotels to luxurious world class hotels and every other option in between.

Bangalore: The Pub City

The youth of Bangalore knows how to have good times. Nightlife in Bangalore gets vibrant and worth-experiencing with huge numbers of local pubs and bars. The fast pace of days stops to take a halt at these night pubs with live music and entertaining events.

Despite of all the political, economical and governmental changes, Bangalore remains to be one of the most appealing cities of India.

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