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Beginners Guide For Hassle FreeTravel To Montreal

Montreal is a lively city with year round activities to be enjoyed by the whole family. If you have your cheap flights to Montreal booked for a family vacation and if you have never been there before, we get you covered with our comprehensive beginners guide:

Staying Options

You get enormous choices when it comes to booking accommodations in Montreal. If you like to stay in the charming old port area, you can consider staying in the Westin Montreal. It’s a great family accommodation especially for kids as they can enjoy in their outdoor pool with glass bottom.

If you love exploring the city, stay in the downtown where you get an easy access to popular museums, restaurants, shopping centers and metro for convenient commutation. You can check out The Marriott Chateau Champlain Hotel which is at a walking distance from city’s main railway station. This accommodation also offers great views of downtown Montreal and Mount Royal.

Family Outing Options

The word “M” does not always refer to the museums, there is much more than just museums in Montreal. And most of the popular museums in the city are kid-friendly with guided tours and special workshops.

You can even take your family for a fun-filled day outing to Espace Pour La Vie in the Olympic Park that has botanical gardens, biodome, insectariums and a newly build planetarium. Unlike any other museum, animals of the biodome are not stuffed and showcased for display from behind the glass; in fact, the biodome takes you and your family through five ecosystems in America with home-grown animals.

As your kids enjoy watching the animals in their natural habitat, your entire planning of boarding cheap flights to Montreal and taking your family for an outing proves to be utterly great.  

Montreal even gives you an immense opportunity to go back to Mother Nature. The year-round botanical gardens named Jardin Botanique houses around 22000 species of plants planted in 10 greenhouses and 20 different gardens. Here, you can even signup for a free guided tour and exhibition of the greenhouses.

Eating Options

When you need instant sugar fixes, head straight to Juliette Et chocolate to choose from a great variety of hot chocolates. While your kids delight on traditional chocolate milk, you can relish on vintage hot chocolate with salad and savory buckwheat crepes for a change.

And when you need to taste best of the poutine in Montreal, you can head to La Banquise in the neighborhood of Le Plateau Mont Royal. This place has more than 30 types of delectable poutiness including bacon, pepperoni, T-Rex, smoked meat and even hot dog. It is also the place to taste city’s best sandwiches and burgers. Open for 24 hours a day, this eating destination also serve lunch and dinner. Some other places to discover in Montreal are Mister Steer’s Milkshake for their steerburger and Suzy Q curly crisp fries.

All the above information will give you a happy first time tour to Montreal. Your kids will surely demand booking cheap flights to Montreal every year for their vacations; and you will be more than happy to take them there especially when you can get great deals on flights just with a click.