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Best 5 Hiking Trails In Canada

In Canada, the line between urban civilization and natural wilderness is loosely defined. One may catch cheap flights to Toronto or Calgary to experience the modern Canadian culture with its roots firmly attached with love for environment. There also are some wonderful hiking trails with natural spaces covered with peaceful forests and clear-water lakes.

The Canadian wild flourishes along the edges of the urban Canadian cities and that is why they are easily accessible whether you have boarded cheap flights to Montreal or Cheap flights to Calgary. So, we are listing here top 5 urban hiking trails of Canada for you to enjoy the wilds without going too far:

1. Milkman’s Lane In Toronto

This trail is located just next to the Craighleigh Gardens Park and it is 300 meters wide crossing through the Maple Tree and oak forests of Don Valley. In old days, milkmen and other local vendors used this trail to bring their goods into the city; now this trail is enjoyed by hikers, dog walkers, cyclists and joggers. A walk through this trail will instantly connect you with many tree species such as black cherry, ironwood and even the endangered butternut. Enjoy a stress-free hike after exploring the busy metropolitan city of Toronto.

2. Mount Royal In Montreal

The Mount Royal rises from the beautiful French-Canadian city to proffer stunning views of its tall buildings and other prime structures such as the bridges connecting Quebec mainland to the island and the giant copper dome of the St. Joseph’s Oratory. The park covers an area of 200 hectare and it is extremely inviting with its quietness and shades all over. Come here in autumn to witness beautiful colors of leaves in brown, orange, amber and crimson hues.

3. The Rideau Canal In Ottawa

You can start your walk on the trail from East of the Ottawa Parliament Building to Dows Lake Southwards. This trail is a chain of lakes, canals and rivers that also hold great historical significance as it was used to transport people and goods in olden days. It offers a continuous hike of 202Kms with paths on both sides and if it is during winter, you can even skate down the icy water.

4. Stanley Park & Seawall In Vancouver

To make most of your trip to Vancouver, take a walk along the 22Km Seawall alongside the waterfront. You will enjoy the majestic mountains and downtown skyline. Along this trail, you can also find the Stanley Park that offers shady trail for some family fun. In case you have time, you can also visit Vancouver Aquarium for amazing display of underwater animals and life.

5. Weaselhead Flats Environment Park In Calgary

This is a natural environment park which is ideal for hiking with family. Along the trail, you will also find forests, wetland habitats and coniferous. It offers a relaxed hike alongside the Elbow River. This is a great place to adventure with kids.

These are just top five (not all) of Canadian hiking trails; book flights and plan your trip to experience the serene Canadian exquisiteness.