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Best Multiple-Day Hikes Of Canada - 1

Canada undeniably is one of the richest places in terms of natural beauty and it also is a popular destination for people who love hiking. Many tourists from all across the world book cheap flights to Canada and enjoy short trails that can easily be completed in couple of hours. But this article is about serious hikers and die-hard fan of nature who are interested to explore Canada through multiple-day hikes.

Here are our suggestions for the best multiple-day hikes in Canada as an effort to direct crazy hikers to the right path:

The Juan de Fuca Trail In British Columbia

This is an ideal trail for people who could spare out 3 or 4 days for hiking. This 29 miles long trail has many access points; this means that this trail can be hiked in sections. The trail lies between port Renfrew and Jordan River.

While walking on this trail, chances are that you also get to see whales, black bears, cougars, seals and bald eagles. There also are many stone beaches where you can halt for some time and appreciate the nature.

The West Coast Trail In British Columbia

This beautiful 45 miles trail is spread across Bamfield and Port Renfrew. This trail is special because hikers get to hike beaches as well as the lush rainforests.

It is a busy trail and about 8 thousand people hike it every year. While booking cheap flight tickets to Canada for hiking this trail, make sure it is not already too crowded. From start to end, covering entire trail may take 6 to 8 days.

The Montario Trail, Manitoba, Ontario

Located at the border of Manitoba and Ontario, Montario trail is 41 miles in length. A major section of this trail lies in the Whiteshell Provincial Park of Manitoba. This trail may be a bit difficult for beginners in hiking since it is full of enormous bogs, rocks, lakes, streams, marshes, beaver dams and thick forests. ONLY experienced hikers should step out for this trail.

The Fundy Footpath Trail In New Brunswick

You will need about 4 days to hike this 25 miles long wonderful trail. It is spread along the Fundy shore from Fundy Trail Park to Fundy National Park. This trail is bit rugged and hikers need to be careful about the cliffs and slippery rocks.

People who are planning to hike here must also have pretty good knowledge about tides because there are some areas such as Goose River that can only be crossed during low tide.

Boreal Trail In Saskatchewan

This trail takes hikers through the inspiring beauty of Saskatchewan Provincial Park. Boreal trail is approximately 74 miles long and is filled with everything best from Mother Nature. Entire trail is marked for the hikers but there are possibilities for hikers to take an off-beaten path and explore the back country.

So, just get the camping gears packed with best of your hiking boots and lots of drive to push you through these amazing trails in Canada. These are just a few of many other multiple-day hikes in Canada that will be covered in the next part of this article. For easy and cheap tickets & flights to Canada visit