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Best Of Bangkok In Bangalore

Bangkok is a real trove of wonderful experiences. Now, you can experience best of Bangkok in the rich city of Bangalore, India without boarding cheap flights to Bangalore. Best of Thai food, massages, shopping and much more nestles quite comfortably in Bangalore. Let’s discover Bangkok in Bangalore….

The Fashion Fiesta

Many of the world class fashion labels such as Gucci, D&G, Christian Dior, Hugo Boss and Louis Vuitton are available in upscale fashion shops of Bangkok like The Emporium and Siam Paragon. All these famous fashion brands are easily available virtually in every shopping mall in Bangalore. So, you do not need to book cheap flight tickets to Bangkok for splendid Bangkok-style fashion shopping.

For stylish and trendy accessories and clothes, you can check out Tibetan Plaza located off the Brigade road. Right in the basement of Dubai Plaza, the Tibetan Plaza has several shops managed by immigrants from China, Tibet and Philippines. You would not need to make great efforts to find nice clothes, accessories, handbags and other leather products. Although the shopkeepers here can be a bit inflexible but you can still try your chance to bargain.

In here, there also is a Tibetan restaurant with town’s best Thukpas and Momos; don’t miss to bite on while enjoying shopping here.

Authentic Thai Food

Rim Naam is the place you must visit in Bangalore if you want to enjoy authentic and most flavorful Thai food. Rim Naam is best known Thai restaurant in Bangalore as it retains classic Thai cuisine and flavors in its extensive food menu. Try out noodles, soups, salads and special dips with delectable seafood preparations and vegetarian dishes. A lot of food ingredients in this restaurant are directly imported from Thailand.

Fish Spa

Fish Spas are very popular in Bangkok but the Dr Fish therapy is available at Kenko Spa in Bangalore. The Kenko fish spa is a natural way to get pedicure making your feet feel and look good. The therapeutic benefits of the fish pedicure also help to get rid of minor skin allergies such as eczema. The fish will eat up the dead skin for natural exfoliation and to improve blood circulation.

Thai Massage

A lot of beauty and hair therapies along with many other Western style therapies are delivered with natural products at kaya Kalp in Bangalore. You can experience ultimate levels of relaxation and rejuvenation without actually taking long flights to Bangkok.  Thai massages are popular in the whole world to remove stress from the body and muscles. Thai massages can also improve blood circulation and balance your body with mind and spirit.

Buddha Statuettes & Artifacts

The best of Thai craftsmanship is available right in the city of Bangalore. The Sunshine’s Garden Boutique of Bangalore stores excellent Buddha statuettes and garden artifacts to decorate your loved spaces. Check out the captivating Buddha water bodies, sandstone water bodies and mermaid water bodies here.

So, instead of flying to Bangkok, fly to Bangalore and get the best of Bangkok right here.