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Best Places for Dating Ideas in Toronto

Best Places for Dating Ideas in Toronto

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about dating ideas is taking our special someone to a fancy restaurant and a movie afterward. However, this approach has long been obsolete. The new age adventurous couples want something more out of their lives. That is why it is essential to show your real side on the first date itself.
More and more places all over the world are now offering a bunch of activities that couples can enjoy together, and Toronto is no different. Whether it is the beautiful beaches, adventure sports, or live music one can experience everything while they are in the city. Apart from this Toronto also offers different attractions for first-time visitors making it one of the most popular destinations.
Therefore, we suggest that you book your trip to Toronto if you want to take your partner on a special outing. To help you narrow down the best places for dating in Toronto here is a list of 10 locations that we have put together.



Taking your date to a bar might be right and tested, but it is also such a cliche. Instead, you should try spending your time at game zone like SPIN. It is one of the most popular ping-pong bars in Toronto which is also known to be very popular with the youth. After enjoying a friendly match with your partner, you can even grab a few drinks or a quick bite at the bar. The best part about SPIN is that it is open until late night and also has private music events that can be attended by paying a nominal fee.


2. Edge Walk

If you and your partner love adventure, then this place is perfect to go on a date. Edge Walk is located at the CN Tower which is a 356-meter high building. Once the participants reach the top of the building, they are harnessed to the edge of the roof so that they get a 360-degree view of the city. In case you are looking to try something unique then this is the best place to visit. Also, Edge Walk is situated on the highest building in Toronto and is the only one to offer a full 360-degree hands-free walk. This reason itself is enough for most couples to book their flights to Toronto each year.


3. Pursuit OCR

This dating place might sound like a somewhat unusual choice, but it can get you in touch with your inner kid once again. Pursuit OCR is a 10,000 square feet obstacle course zone which can be an exciting place to take your significant other. It is an indoor adventure zone which has various activities to offer. It also includes the only adult ball pit in Toronto. Due to its popularity, one can easily find passes to Pursuit OCR without prior bookings. The zone is open until 11 pm daily giving you enough time to enjoy to your heart's content.


4. St. Lawrence Market

In case you want to keep your date simple and also want to experience the city at the same time then you must visit St, Lawrence Market. It is one of the most prominent marketplaces that you can find in the city. It has more than hundred plus vendors or stores to showcase. In other words, St. Lawrence Market has multiple bakeries, cheese shops, artisans, and butchers to offer. However, the highlight of the market is the iconic 200-year-old Victorian architecture that can make anyone wish to explore the St. Lawrence Market instantly.


5. I FLY

Have you always wanted to try skydiving but are afraid of heights? If so then we have the perfect solution for you in the form of I FLY Toronto. It is an indoor skydiving zone that defies gravity and is a wild place to take your date. The great thing about this dating place is that it offers an authentic experience but that too in a safe environment. I FLY offers custom packages for individuals, couples, and even groups. It means you can now enjoy a real free-fall experience that too with your partner.


6. Second City

What better way to impress your date then by making them laugh. The ideal place to release your inner comedian while you are in Toronto is at the Second City. It is theatre located in Mercer Station which has comedy events on a weekly basis. Not just that but the Second City also offers comedy or improv classes, that you can join if you want to be a part of the events yourself. These shows are usually scheduled on Mondays and Fridays every week. So the next time you visit Toronto make sure that you reserve your tickets for the event as well.


7. The Royal York

If you want to leave a lasting impression on your date, then take them to the high tea at the Royal York. It is a five-star hotel situated in the central part of the city and is known for hosting the best high tea gatherings. The sophistication and elegance of the place can be seen in the array of dainty pastries and sandwiches which are served at the Library Bar. Also, the hotel has a quaint little rooftop herb garden which is ideal for taking a stroll with your love interest.


8. Gone Sailing

Toronto is known for its beaches, and it is almost impossible to be away from water while you are in the city. So if you to want to be near one then try adventurous watersport with Gone Sailing. One can either opt for a passenger sailboat tour or rent a yacht for the day depending on their budget. Also, there are team building programs and sailing sessions provided to every participant to make sure that they are safe. While on tour the couple can also take a dip together in the fresh waters near the Toronto Islands. We bet this is making you think about how to plan your trip to Toronto as soon as possible.


9. Art Battle

Are you and your date artistic once then try your luck at Toronto's Art Battle? It is a friendly painting competition that has a total of three rounds. It is the best way to either be a part of art or painting competition yourself or just watch others from the audience. Art Battle Toronto has everything from friendly competition, beautiful paintings, to cocktails that to all under one roof. The event is usually held in the Great Hall on Queen Street in West Toronto.


10. Distillery District

Last but surely not the least, if you want to take a quiet stroll away from the hectic life of the city then you must visit the Distillery District of Toronto. The entire district is filled with designer shops, art galleries, and boutiques that can offer you a great variety to shop. You can also experience the charm of the distillery buildings made with Victorian architecture. To take your partner on a trip of a lifetime, make sure that you visit these exciting dating places while you are in Toronto.

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