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Book Your Cheap Flights To Toronto For Hot Festivals This Summer

Summer festivals of Toronto are the best times to enjoy incredible local street foods, vivid cultural and exciting entertainment. Tourists from all across the world start booking their cheap flights to Toronto right from March and early April to be  a part of these cult festivals but it’s not too late yet. You can still find cheap tickets to Toronto to experience the Canadian way of having fun in summers.

Here are the most popular summer festivals in Toronto occurring in June 2014; however it is advisable to check the local event and festival calendars before booking your tickets to Toronto:

1. Pedestrian Sundays

This is an ongoing festival in Kensington market to fall on every last Sunday of the month. Between clogged streets, you are left to enjoy open music, drum rolls, dancing and art. Last Sunday of each month from noon to 7Pm are fun filled experience in Kensington market. Coming Sundays to enjoy this festival in Toronto are: 29th June, 27th July and 31st August.

2. The Waterfront Festival

Between 20th and 22nd June, the waterfront festival will feature unique entertainment and watery demonstrations. It is expected to have a wine and beer garden at the Sugar beach. You can also experience the aquatic dog show (we are serious) and many other water sports during this fest.

3. World Pride 2014

Toronto is hosting world pride 2014 this year. It will be running from 20th to 29th June with massive street parties between 27th and 29th. There also will be a huge pride parade on 29th June starting at 1 Pm. This is the world’s largest celebration of mass wedding with great party and marriage certificates. It is all set to make a record this year.

4. The Junction Summer Solstice Festival

This is a witchy festival to celebrate longest day of the year – 21st June. From day to night, it will be a DIY culture mixed with blasting music and colorful local art. Pedestrians are allowed to enjoy the festival from Quebec to Indian Grove.

5. Taste Of Asia

You cannot miss this festival if you are interested in Asian culture and arts. On 28th and 29th June, the streets between Gorvette Road and Steeles Ave will be storming with multicultural performances. On-street basketball games, eating competitions and 100,000 visitors wandering at more than 150 street vendors are the major attractions of this festival.

6. Fusion Of Taste

The intersection of Albion Rod and Islington Avenue at Etobicoke will totally be morphed into a street festival on 28th June. From noon until 10:30 in night, more than 100 live performers will demonstrate the real cultural diversity with flavorful food and fine art.

Above are the popular festivals of Toronto to be occurring in June 2014. Stay tuned to the blog to know more about up and coming Toronto festivals in July and later.

So, what are you waiting for? Just get your flights to Toronto promptly booked right now, right here.