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Buying Cheap Flight Tickets? – Avoid These Common Mistakes

Booking cheap flights is not as simple as visiting few websites and grabbing the best deals. It takes careful planning and whole lot of experience to get the desired air tickets at best price.

If this is your first time that you are trying to book flight tickets and you do not have the required experience of doing so, fret not! We have you completely covered to get you the best deals and saving your money from blowing away on expensive tickets.

Practically, there are many ways or tricks that can completely wreck your chances of buying cheapest air tickets. We are listing here some of the quickest and safest ways to get cheap air tickets for your journey:

Looking For Deals On Weekends

Everybody works hard throughout the week and it is only the weekend that is left free to pour yourself out over numerous travel websites looking for the best deal of air tickets. Well, that’s what weekends are for – finding air ticket deals and barbeque!

Over the weekends, you may get lucky with your barbeque but getting cheapest air ticket deals on weekend is a hard luck. If you simply want to blow your bucks, put them in the barbeque instead of tossing them over the costly air ticket deals on weekends.

So, which is the best day to shop for cheap air tickets? –Tuesday is the answer!

This is because traditionally, Monday is the day when most of the airlines and travel websites launch their fare sale offers. Thus, Tuesday is the best day when websites would have shown up with their best pricing to meet up the competition. Tuesday is the right day to hit the jackpot for cheap flight tickets to your favorite destination.

Flying On Friday Or Sunday

Airlines spend a huge amount of money just to know when majority of people do like to fly. Though it may feel convenient, Fridays and Sundays are the expense wise the worst days to fly.

Most people love to fly either on Fridays or Sundays to maximize their vacation time but if you are looking for cheapest airfare deals, you better fly on weekdays. Since airline companies know that you love to fly on Fridays & Sundays, flight companies charge you more on these days. It may be your best days to fly but you will be paying way more.

Thus, it is predictable that if you want to fly cheapest, fly on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Above were two of the most common mistakes that we make while booking flight tickets to our favorite destinations. The next part of this blog will reveal some more mistakes. Till then, you can book flight tickets at cheapest rates here and enjoy expedient services.