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Camping? What Should Go In Your Backpack

Doesn’t it sound exciting to book cheap flights to Canada and trek through the Canadian wilderness?

Well, this whole thing can feel great if everything could just fit in your pocket. Unfortunately, we don’t have inflatable houses yet; so, you most probably will have to go with a backpack.

For camping & backpacking, the big question is – what should go in? Sometimes, filling a backpack is easy but for camping out, you are constantly instructed to be ready for the worst and yet pack light. We get you covered with our list of essentials you absolutely need to pack in your bag for camping:

1. Knife

A Swiss army knife is easy to find online or at a good store near you. It is worth spending a few bucks on it as its functions are not limited just to a knife. It has a small screw driver, scissors, tweezers, nail filer and more. It would be your best buy for camping as well as for daily use.

Knife and little tools that are clubbed together in a Swiss knife can save you from a lot of pain while camping. It can help you in many situations like for cutting ropes or for sharpening sticks. There may of course be better knives but for beginners, a good Swiss knife can be very useful especially when it is easy to use and fits well in the pocket.

2. Compass

Carrying a compass is crucially important when you are camping especially in an unknown place. You do not need the fanciest or the most expensive one, just a simple compass can help you when you need to know which direction you are heading to.

A compass can re-orient you in the right direction when you do not have cell phone networks. If you have never used a compass before, learn through online videos before proceeding.

3. Cordage

For survival in deserted places, a cordage or rope is utmost important. It comes handy for several purposes like binding wood, drying wet clothes, tying the canopy or simply to pull something up.

You can look for handy reflective bracelet cordages to serve as a survival tool. If nothing else, you can attach different gears to your bag with cordage and make it a hammock.

4. Lighter

Keeping dry and warm is utterly important while camping. You can of course work with match sticks or striker sticks but when it comes to picking up something that works every time without much mess, a lighter comes handy.

If you have booked cheap tickets & flights to a Canadian destination that is not at very high elevation (more than 12,000 feet), any cheap lighter would work. But for an elevation more than that, you may need to look for specific lighters.

5. Water

Staying hydrated while camping is crucial. So, work a bit to find suitable water bottle. A good water bottle can help to boil water and to melt snow. Look for a bottle that is light but sturdy and you can clip it on your bag or belt.

For some odd conditions, you may also consider carrying some water purification tablets.

Hope these items will make your camping trip way more enjoyable and memorable. So, when your backpack is filled with all the essentials, what’s the wait for? Get the cheap flight tickets to Canada booked right now. Happy Camping!