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Connecting Your Children With Nature: Top Outdoor Activities

Taking cheap flights to your favorite destination for a holiday does not only mean visiting popular tourist spots and capturing every moment. It is also a perfect time to teach your kids about natural surroundings and connect them with nature. Watching birds at the backyard or watching whales come and go– there are many simple outdoor activities that you can involve your kids with in order to make them feel the charm of nature and come closer to it.

While you book cheap flight tickets for the next holiday, ensure full nature fun for our children with our suggested activities. Here are some of the top activities to be tried when you are in a wonderful natural surrounding with your children on your next trip:

Set Up A Simple Birdfeeder

Birds are easy to attract. Make a simple bird feeder in a bowl, fill it with some seeds/grains and hang it on a tree. Your children would be able to see birds come and feed. They can even see amazing aerial acrobats of the birds as they fly up, down, sideways, backwards and forward.

You may even ask your kids to make nectar by mixing one part of sugar with four parts of water. Assign your kids the responsibility to timely refill the feeder. This will evoke a sense of achievement in kids.

Go For A Flashlight Hike

Take your children for a walk through nature during dusk or after it is dark with a flashlight. This could be a fun hike for kids as they could see eyes of birds and animals shining in the dark.

Hold the other end of the flashlight near your chin and shine the light on the path. Since the eyes of insects, animals and birds are reflective, you see them twinkling in the dark. Who knows, they could spot an owl, a spider or a raccoon in their natural habitats.

Make An All Natural Tiara Or Bracelet

Use a wide masking tape roll to make a loose fitted tiara or bracelet for your children. Make sure that sticky side is out. Tie them around your child’s head or wrist and go for a hike with them to a local park or camp site.

Encourage your child to pick up flowers, petals, leaves or other natural stuff to embellish the beautiful all natural tiara/bracelet.

Have Fun With Colors Of Nature

It is so easy to play & have fun with colors of nature. You can make small cue cards leading to a treasure hidden somewhere in the park. Include simple nature related questions in the cue cards to make it more interesting.

 Or, play with colors of the nature. Ask your children to find a natural object of particular color say deep red or purple.

Since it is in their innate character, children would love exploring and learning about natural world. And you as a parent would truly be amazed to see your children having fun and feeling adventurous at a park or during your trip.

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