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Eating Like A Local While Traveling

After weeks of searching cheap flights, you finally have booked a trip to your preferred destination. Well done! The fun now begins. You will have plenty of things to think about. Where to stay? What to see? What to shop? And very importantly, where to eat?

Food is an imperative consideration of traveling especially if you are going overseas. Food not only binds people together but it also plays a major role in defining the culture. While visiting a place, eating local food would give you an opportunity to dive into local tradition and be a part of their society.

With a boom in online social mediums and culinary industry, it sometimes get difficult to avoid falling in the traps set for tourists who are unknown to the best local eateries. Even if you check online references, most reviews are written by other visitors and food experts. Plus how would you know that a particularly recommended restaurant has food good enough to suit your palate or kind of food you enjoy?

Here are our top tips on how to eat like a local in a new place and avoid slurping heavily priced margaritas with fried chicken:

Eat With Locals

No other dining experience can match the experience of eating with locals. After eyeing cheap flight tickets, start looking for someone living there who could let you eat with them. This way you will not only get authentic home cooked meal but you will also get a unique experience of local dining customs.

In case you cannot find any personal connection in that area, try connecting with online networks such as that conjoin travelers with local chefs and home cooks who happily agree to prepare meals for tourists at their own homes.

Look Around Local Food Markets

Even if you do not have an access to a kitchen at your accommodation, do not miss visiting the local food market. It will give you an inside view of the local food culture. These markets are full of vendors selling fresh produces, meat, spices and wine etc. they can really help you know the best recipes to cook meals with local ingredients.

When you don’t have any arrangements to cook your own meal, browse the local markets for quick and tasty meals around.

Speak With Strangers

You cannot be shy during travel. Come out of your comfort zone and try speaking with strangers who come across. They will help you know more about special local places to eat. Strangers will prove to be your best and most honest guides.

In case you are visiting a place with no prominent tourist infrastructure, speaking with strangers to know about their favorite eateries can save you.

Do Your Research

There are plenty of online resources that can help you plan a meal on your trip. You may browse the city maps and sort out the places that look interesting. We recommend using more than one resource and take notice of the places that have been mentioned in most of the resources.

Now when you know how to enjoy best of local food during your travel, get ready to explore your favorite destination; book cheap tickets & flights right now at