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Excellent Vegetarian Restaurants In Montreal -1

People who are watching their weight or who are more conscious about their well being prefer vegan or vegetarian food. These two old world methods of having meals have now taken a prominent place in the mainstream of culinary world.

If you are a vegetarian and have cheap flight tickets booked for Montreal, you have got many options to enjoy your favorite food. Plenty of Montreal restaurants are extremely popular for serving delectable vegetarian and vegan food. Have a look at our recommendations:

1. The Green Panther

It is completely a vegan and organic café located at 4 different locations in Montreal – Mackay Street, Mount Royal Ave. E, Viateur Street W and Rue Saint Denis. They have a special focus on using recycled, organic and vegan materials wherever possible. It is an ideal café for people who would like to engage into a conversation while having food in a quiet atmosphere. The smell of freshly baked vegan food would get you mesmerized unceasingly.

All their locations are bright and airy. On your visit here, try out their home-made carrot cake for a quick snack with coconut milk chai. Some other of their must-try specialties include traditional falafel platter and green salad served with fresh vegan bread. This café even has options for lacto-ovo vegetarians.

2. Lola Rosa

It is a popular vegan and vegetarian restaurant at 545 Milton and 4581 Parc in Montreal. They also serve gluten free meals if you need. This restaurant has it all to satisfy even a hardcore vegetarian. This restaurant has a homely atmosphere with an extensive menu. Their absolutely must-try dishes are homemade lasagna, cheese stuffed mushrooms, vegetarian poutine and vegetable curry with cheese curd.

It is a comfortable place to enjoy happy meals with family and close friends on a wooden dining table while having friendly talks. Do not miss visiting this cozy restaurant when your cheap flights land you in Montreal.

3. LOV

This is a newly opened restaurant right in the heart of the city at Rue Saint-Jacques. The best thing about this restaurant is that they serve organic wine and beer with delicious vegan and vegetarian food. LOV carries a botanical garden theme all over and same is reflected in their menu. LOV itself stands for Local, Organic and Vegetarian.

The sleek dining room here is adorned with hanging wooden seats. Special vegetarian lunch prepared here by expert chefs would even appeal to most meat lovers. Their most loved dish is the celery steak with crispy poppy seed and quinoa caviar. Along with food, do not miss tasting their wonderful cocktails and organic beers. Order gnocchi-de-casa from their menu that is made with buckwheat, sweet potatoes and basil pesto for a totally satisfying experience.

With so many beautiful restaurants serving great vegetarian food, it’s a party for you out there in Montreal. So, get your cheap tickets & flights to Montreal booked with us and enjoy the feast along with family. Some more popular vegetarian restaurants of Montreal are covered in the next part of this article.